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Skillful Internal Auditor resume

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Professional Summary

I am an experienced audit practitioner with 10 years' experience in both external and internal audit with good communication skills both oral and written, ability to work in a well computerized environment, Performance-driven, Results-oriented, endowed with advanced practical training in risk management, controls and governance processes, audit planning and execution, I pay attention to detail, creatively identify and resolve issues timely, a strong team player with special leadership skills of managing cross cultural teams and a mature born again Christian.


Inquisitive Audit practitioner driven to add value and promote overall organization system improvements. Consistently build competent teams who can help management in identifying and managing key risks to an acceptable levels and improving governance issues within the ministry.

Dedicated auditing professional with the accomplished ability to work independently and as a team member to successfully support management to achieve ministry or project goals and objectives.

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • Knowledge of GAAP guidelines
  • Risk management expertise
  • Highly analytical
  • Sound Communication skills
  • Quality Leadership 
  • Customer-oriented
  • Thrives under pressure
  • Valued team player
  • Independent worker
In a period of Nine (9) months served in this ministry, below are the great achievements registered.
  • I have built a strong independent and disciplined Partnership audit team that work towards not only achieving evidenced quality audit results but also cultivating relationships with Partners.​
  • I have introduced internal audit processes successfully which have greatly resulted into reducing the expectation gaps between the partners and the Partnership Auditor roles.​
  • This included developing the entry and exit meeting presentation notes or templates detailed overall objectives of the partnership audit, scope, Audit team composition, methodology and reporting timelines and expectations of either parties.​
  • I have developed excel audit working paper templates with clear key features of a standard audit working paper which fosters learning, strategic thinking of audit staff, quality reviews and collection of quality audit evidences and hence reliable audit results and risk rating as opposed to the compliance existing Partnership Audit Tools (PAT).​
  • I have introduced an audit reporting tool template that captures all the relevant features of a standard Risk Based Internal Audit Report with 5 Cs. These are: Condition, Standard Criteria, Root Causes of the condition, Consequence and the Corrective Action. This has greatly improved the timeliness and quality of partners audit responses (from one month to one week), implementation of audit recommendations from one year or so to a maximum of three (3) months. ​
  • Program, procurement and financial processes have greatly improved too. In December 2016, I conducted an individual special review assignment covering a two and a half years period (February 2014 to June 2016) assigned by the Country Director that resulted into a ministry cost saving of UDS60,059 (UGX 220,568,832). ​ ​
  • I have trained Partnership Audit Team in the areas of Audit planning, Analytical reviews, Risk Assessment, gathering of quality audit evidence, reliable audit conclusions, identifying root causes and writing of a quality Risk Based Integrated Audit report.
  • I engaged management to justify the importance of partnership audit team attending the Continuous Professional Developments (CPDs) organized by the professional bodies (IIA) and hence all the entire team were sponsored and attended their first CPD which created a great exposure, professional growth, motivation and quality audit results. 21 CPE hours were obtained by each audit staff.​
  • I prepared a risk based annual audit plan of FY18 submitted and fully approved.
All the above achievements have greatly contributed to ministry and partnership performance in a number of ways which include but not limited to the following:
  • Improved management understanding of managing compliance, operational, financial and strategic partnership risks.
  • Reduction of back and forth movement and validation of the authenticity of audit issues by the Partnership Facilitators before obtaining management responses which was depicting some knowledge gaps on part of the partnership auditors. This process could span for a minimum of 30 days before obtaining management responses.
  • Increased motivation of both staff (Partnership auditors and Partnership Facilitators) and partners and hence cultivating strong ministry partnership relationship.
  • Effective implementation of program activities thereby leading to the achievement of Partnership objectives and ministry strategic goal.
  • Timely and quality management responses to audit recommendations
  • As a Uganda office we piloted the Risk Based Integrated Audit (RBIA) Approach in July 2012. In the entire Africa region, (East and Southern Africa Region, West and Central Africa Region) Uganda office, Internal Audit Department was chosen to pilot the RBIA where I took part.  
  • In this season, I led a team of 12 Internal Audit practitioners from Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Burundi to pilot the RBIA project in Tororo cluster located in Eastern Uganda. This lasted for two (2) weeks and was successfully implemented because great learnings on both the internal auditors and management was registered, henceforth RBIA was rolled out in the entire region
  • I built capacity of different relevant stake holders both program and finance teams in RBIA approach. I specifically trained five (5) clusters (Tororo, Busia, Butaleja, Oyam and Gulu cluster) where each cluster was comprising of a minimum of 30 employees including Program managers.    
  • I performed a quality review of the risk registers in three program clusters by validating whether, clear objectives of core processes were stated and aligned to the ministry strategic goal, inherent risks were derived using appropriate assumptions, sources of risks, expected controls, appropriate categorization of risks.
  • I Performed and completed one In-House investigation of fraud which recovered the organization funds totaling to USD5,000 (UGX17,500,000).  
  • I performed a major RBIA assignment of a Uganda Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (UWASH) Private Non Sponsorship Project (PNS) in September 2012 where the key commendations that were profiled in this Audit Report fetched more donor funding of USD2,000,000 in addition to the existing Budget of USD2,000,000.
  • I led major RBIA normal assignments reviews with significant budgets of USD4,000,000 and above each in FY14 and FY15 and these included Grants , Sponsorship and PNS projects ie Grants - NUMAT, SPEAR, and Sponsorship fundings - Gulu, Mbale-Butaleja, and Busia clusters and PNS - UWASH.  
  • Under my leadership in 2009 and with minimal support from the partner (Chartered Certified Accountant), the firm passed a quality review process conducted by the regulatory body [Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU).
  • Under my leadership roles, 100% of firm clients were saved from incurring monthly and annual tax penalties (UGX200,000, approx. USD57) for late filing of returns (statutory deductions) to Uganda Revenue Authority. This led to a substantial increase in the firm clients from 70 to 301 as they gained confidence in the firm's professional consulting services. This also resulted into increased annual turnover of the Audit Firm by 31%.
  • I trained and built capacity of 11 audit practitioner staff in EXTERNAL audit and consulting practice of which five (5) out of eleven attained greater roles by 2010 in multilateral, parastatals and moderate entities within the country.
Compassion International Uganda Kampala, Uganda Partnership Audit Team Lead 10/2016

1. Support the Partnership Auditors in their work as delegated by the Country Director and develop an annual partnership audit plan for the FY by performing the following tasks:

  • Coordinate the travel and audit schedule by allocating audits to the partnership auditors based upon their skill set.
  • Carry out performance reviews of staff on a quarterly basis and provide feedback to the country Director. Conduct staff appraisals of the audit team at end of the FY16. 
  • Approve facilitation for the partnership auditors at least three days before a scheduled trip and review the accountability in not more than three days from the time the auditors return from the field.
  • Follow-up the partnership auditors to ensure that they submit their reports to the audit team lead within the set timelines of 5 working days.
  • Provide leadership to the audit team ie ongoing guidance, inspiration and support or respond to the auditors' queries timely to ensure that they have a conducive environment to achieve the best results.
  • Together with the auditors, ensure that audit reports with appropriate audit recommendations have been shared with the Partnership Facilitators and Supervisors timely. 
  • Communicate the annual audit plan preparations to the relevant stake holders (Programs) & request to obtain the audit universe from the relevant stake holders (Program).
  • Develop a detailed audit plan and schedules for the period (FY17-18) by 30 June 2017. Share the annual audit plan with all relevant stake holders before the start of subsequent FY.
2. Perform 100% reviews of Partnership Audit Reports, binders and Identify staff capacity gaps and recommend or build capacity of the audit Team.
  • Perform the review process of all Partnership audit binders/working papers Perform reviews of partnership draft audit reports finalized by staff. 
  • Provide audit review feedback to staff and 100% reviews raised fully responded to by the responsible staff. Organize and conduct in-house training.  
  • Recommend staff and attend Continuous Professional Education (CPE) Provide timely feedback to audit staff during and after audit file review processes. Perform field work audits with staff and provide leadership and guidance of the assignments
3. Conduct audits in 10 ICPs and produce Audit reports within 7 working days as detailed in the FY17 audit plan by 30th June 2017.
  • Field audit notifications circulated and provided to the Partnership Facilitator (PF) within 2 weeks.   
  • Hold exit meeting with the ICP leadership to discuss the findings· The observations and findings  documented and work papers prepared·  
  • A detailed audit report written by the auditor within five working days upon returning from the field · An appropriate opinion rating assigned for each of the sections ie; ICP Management, Program audit, and CIV audits where applicable. Finalized and quality audit reports with appropriate audit evidences shared with relevant stake holders​
4. Generate and submit monthly and Quarterly summary Audit reports to the Country Director and Senior Partnership Audit Analyst by the 5th and 15th day of the subsequent month respectively. 
5. To conduct or supervise special reviews/investigations as and when directed by the relevant authority.
World Vision Uganda Kampala, Uganda Internal Auditor 01/2011 to 10/2016

1. Developing a Risk Based Integrated Audit plan of all engagement assignments.​

2. To conduct audits to assess the effectiveness of internal controls, Risk Management, governance issues, accuracy of financial records, and efficiency of organizational operations using professional audit standards and practice. Reviewing and examining the financial and non-financial activities which included but not limited to the following:

  • Inventory management.
  • Procurements and disbursements.
  • Travel transactions.
  • Loans and advances.
  • Asset and logistics management.
  • Financial reporting. Gift in Kind (GIK).
  • Human resource.
  • Sponsorship Management.
  • Design monitoring and Evaluation.
  • Field Work visits.

3. To report on audit results and recommendations to management through audit manager professionally in accordance with International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing.

4. Carrying out validation exercises on the implementation status of management and report in accordance with International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing.

5. Reviewing peer Risk Based Integrated Audit (RBIA) reports.

6. Reviewing draft external audit reports before the final issuance to management and Board.

7. Attended Board meetings and minutes were taken, shared and filed. These assignments helped to highlight High and moderate risks which were prevailing at a particular cluster or Grant/project and hence the level of risk or threats to the continued funding and continuity of the operations within the ministry.

HEM Associates Certified Public Accountants -External Audit & Consulting Firm Kampala, Uganda Audit Supervisor Practitioner 02/2009 to 12/2010
  • Selecting, interviewing and recruitment of firm and client staff.
  • Assigning and allocating audit assignments to eleven (11) auditors and audit assistants. Reviewing and signing off all audit work done by audit assistants.
  • Provisional of professional guidance and answering all audit and administrative staff queries. Prepare and present audit reports to the engagement partner for final reviews and issuance.
  • Providing professional advice to firms clients on the overall internal controls necessary for their companies in order to safe guard the company's physical and financial resources.
  • Planning & carrying out a detailed audit strategy to assess whether financial and other transactions of the clients are executed in compliance with established policies, practices principles and budgets as well as in accordance to the accounting standards.
  • Auditing of financial statements prepared by management and hence assisting the engagement partner determine whether such statements give a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the company and of the operating results.
  • Auditing trading profit and loss account which include verifying and reviewing of; all total sales, purchases, and inventories. Auditing of balance sheet items which include; non-current and current assets, non-current and current liabilities, capital and reserves.
  • Auditing of such classes of accounts involve setting out relevant audit objectives and formulating appropriate tests to achieve such objectives there by obtaining the appropriate audit evidence depending on the audit program designed to suit the particular audit client.
  • Carrying out audit of statutory monthly deductions for accuracy, completeness and timely submissions. These statutory deductions include PAYE, NSSF.
  • Carrying out an audit of debtors and creditors by confirming the existence and occurrence of such debtors through an independent examination of source documents and carrying out other audit procedures such as circularization.
  • Attending tax audit with Uganda revenue authority commissioners or auditors on behalf of company clients as well as answering and solving tax queries where necessary
  • Preparation of financial statements from source documents, books of original entry for example sales & purchases day books, cash and bank books to trial balance stage.
  • Daily reconciliation of cash balances by the help of both petty & main cash book for different clients.
  • Reconciliation of debtors' balances by reviewing original invoices and debtors ledgers together with other relevant documents for example goods orders note, goods delivered notes and goods received notes.
  • Reconciliation of creditors balances by reviewing original purchase invoices with creditors' ledgers plus other relevant documents if any such as requisition notes, purchases orders authorized by the purchases head officer.
  • Carrying out Bank reconciliations and this is done by use both the cash and bank books together with the bank statement given a specified period of time.
  • Carry out tax computations mainly VAT and corporation taxes and finally filling these returns to Uganda revenue Authority with in the due dates.
  • I managed a minimum of 30 clients on a monthly basis.
  • Allocating all accounts work for different clients to a minimum of nine accounts assistants daily.
  • Carrying out tax advice to clients regarding value added tax, Pay As You Earn (PAYE), provisional & final returns for both individuals and companies.
  • Prepare and file both provisional and final returns to Uganda revenue authority with in the due dates for a minimum of thirty clients i.e. before the end of the first and last six months of the statutory year.
  • Attend stock takes and advise companies on stock control procedures in order to improve on management's internal controls which in the end help greatly to safe guard company resources.
  • Presentation of management accounts to Directors/ shareholders ready for external audit.
  • Putting or updating the accounting systems in place which are in line with the financial reporting frame work for compliance purposes as the international reporting standards requires.
Education and Training
Bachelor of Science: MBA-IB - Management 2017 Amity University India C/O Makerere University Kampala (MUK), Kampala, Uganda Year of Award: To Graduate on 14 July 2017
Bachelor of Science: Bachelor of Commerce - Finance 2004 Makerere University Kampala, Kampala, Uganda
Certified Public Accountant (CPA) 2018 Institute of Certified Public Accountant of Uganda, Kampala, Uganda Two CPA papers already sat in May 2017 and remaining with two papers to complete the entire course.

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Diligent and driven professional who has achieved success in a variety of roles with increasing levels of responsibility. An effective communicator and team-builder with strong analytical, management and organizational skills.
  • FINRA Series 7 License
  • Certified Internal Auditor
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Goal driven
  • Analytical
  • Reliable
  • People-oriented
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Inspiring team leader
  • Level 4 Certification, Timing and Calculations, USSA and FIS level ski racing. 
  • 3-time Organizer and 2-time Committee Member, U16 Junior Championship Ski Racing Event, Vail, CO. Participants included 160 ski racers and families from 18 states. 
  • Treasurer for The Coleman Company Political Action Committee.
Human Resources Coordinator Oct 2017 to Current
Vail Resorts Vail, CO
  • Assists in annual seasonal ramp-up of on-boarding new and returning employees.
  • Utilizes RPOS, People Soft, Success Factors and intracompany communication to facilitate the hiring process.
  • Practices effective communication skills to assist employees and managers in navigating the hiring process.
  • Completes the hiring process by organizing and On-Basing all necessary documentation.
  • Uses positive and welcoming interaction with all guests (employees) to make their Vail Resorts experiences EPIC.
Registered Client Service and Marketing Associate Apr 2009 to Aug 2016
UBS Financial Services Colorado Springs, CO
  • Created detailed financial performance and forecast reports for current and prospective clients.
  • Coordinated 401(k) participation at several companies including conducting regular employee meetings and reviews, maintaining client documents and monitoring administrative compliance.
  • Performed all aspects of client service.
Registered Client Service and Marketing Associate Apr 1994 to Apr 2009
Citigroup Smith Barney Colorado Springs, CO
  • Essentially performed the same duties as at UBS Financial Services.
  • Managed an Employee Stock Option Program for a NASDAQ listed company.
Senior Cost Accountant Aug 1989 to Apr 1994
XEL Communications Aurora, CO
  • Performed cost accounting and inventory control for a telecommunications equipment manufacturer.
  • Developed a model for pricing products based upon costs utilizing Just In Time inventory control.
  • Made new product pricing recommendations to management.
  • Responsible for monthly closing of the accounting ledger.
  • 2 time Employee of the Month.
General Corporate Accountant Oct 1987 to Jul 1989
Honeywell/Atmel Corporation Colorado Springs, CO
  • Performed all aspects of general accounting.
  • Developed and implemented a plan for correcting the financial records due to manufacturing equipment that had not been accounted for, depreciated or written off.
General Manager - Coleman Country Stores Jun 1985 to Dec 1986
The Coleman Company Wichita, KS
  • General Manager, 2 retail outlets selling products from all the Coleman Co's including camping gear, boats, water skis, knives, air guns and clothing.
  • Employee of the Month for developing and implementing a plan for liquidating excess and out-dated inventory.  
  • Installed a new POS system.
  • Implemented never before practiced inventory control procedures.
Certified Internal Auditor Mar 1984 to Jun 1985
The Coleman Company Wichita, KS
  • Participant in the Management Training Fast Track Program.
  • Conducted internal audits at all divisions and companies under the umbrella of the Coleman Companies.  
  • Audited inventory control, financial (payables, receivables, purchasing) controls and risk management.
  • Uncovered 3 major cases involving financial and/or inventory fraud.
Education and Training
BBA, Finance and Economics Wichita State University Wichita, KS, USA
Hutchinson Community College Hutchinson, KS, USA

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Experienced Internal Auditor resume

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Professional Summary
Business Analyst with more than ten years of experience in business process engineering and software development life cycle, including analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of software applications using both waterfall and agile methodologies *Worked under a PMI based PMO and a formal SDLC process that incorporates a quality control review board gating process *Adept at facilitating communication between stakeholders and developers of a software system *Eight years' experience in accounting in numerous capacities, from internal auditor to controller *Supervised up to 5 employees at once and have been responsible for training of peers on new business programs and computer systems 
  • Agile Project Management tools: Atlassian JIRA & IBM's Rational Team Concert
  • Collaboration tools: MS Office, SharePoint
  • Microsoft CRM
  • Microsoft Project and Project Web Access (PWA)
  • Oracle ERP application (versions 10.7 & 11i)
  • MagicDraw UML
  • TOAD for Oracle §  Business Objects (5, 6.5 & Xi) §  Lotus Notes – both as email and database application. §  Serena Business Manager, PVCS Tracker and Version Manager 
Work History
Serena Business Manager, PVCS Tracker and Version Manager The North Highland Company
  • SharePoint 2003, 2007 and 2010.
  • Oracle ERP application (versions 10.7 & 11i).
  • MagicDraw UML.
  • TOAD for Oracle.
  • Business Objects (5, 6.5 & Xi).
  • Lotus Notes - both as email and database application.
  • A global provider of business and IT consulting services.
Senior Business Process / Project Analyst Jul 2014 - Current
Genera Solutions, LLC
  • Performed as scrum master, senior business analyst; gathered requirements via user stories; managed product backlog via JIRA tool; facilitated project's transition from waterfall to agile development; documented business processes; business rules in matrix; summarized gaps and recommendations for improvements; created change management communications; managed resources responsible for testing and training efforts.
  • Performed as senior IT business analyst on an enterprise-wide digital program to deploy a new website for a large financial services company.
  • Appointed by the client as Lead BA for requirements elicitation, integrity review and QA within the multiple work streams she oversaw, while, at the same time, coaching junior BAs by providing guidance/mentorship.
  • As the appointed Lead BA, she assumed ownership of the requirements for ailing work streams to escalate the quality and delivery of content.
  • Supported the client's agile methodology by managing sprint deliverables (product backlog and user stories with acceptance criteria and story points), leading/participating in sprint forums (daily scrum, story grooming sessions and sprint planning sessions, demos and retrospectives).
  • Also, supported QA/UAT/post-Production defect tracking and resolution.
  • The company was able to reinvigorate their brand by launching this new website that included a simplified registration process, targeted content and robust cross-channel analytics capabilities.
  • Delivered a cross-functional review of a core advertising function for a large national home improvement retailer.
  • The goal of the review was to document the current state of the processes and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Based upon facilitated discussions with the 18 teams involved in the core advertising function, Jill created the current and future state Visio diagrams for the 34 business processes.
  • Performed a gap analysis and provided a summary of recommendations on how to address the high and low level gaps, risks and inefficiencies identified.
  • The company enacted some of the suggested recommendations using internal resources and developed a timeline for implementing the remainder as resources become available.
  • Performed an assessment of the current and future QA capabilities of the North American IT department of a large multinational manufacturing corporation.
  • Participated in over 15 stakeholder interviews, reviewed project documentation and analyzed testing results for a sample of completed IT projects.
  • The results of the project were a list of recommendations and a roadmap for next steps to move from a Test Maturity Model Integration (TMMi) level of 1.5 to mid-2 level.
  • Based on the results of the assessment, the client engaged North Highland to lead an initiative to implement a plan to mature their IT QA capability.
  • 35 million Privately-Held financial services and information Technology Company, formerly a division of Comag Marketing Group.
Process Architect/Business Analyst Jan 2002 - May 2014
  • Managed transition of financial business processes from Coast to Coast Newsstand Services Partnership, a Canadian National Periodical Distributor, to Genera Solutions.
  • Successfully implemented Oracle 11i general ledger and accounts payable modules in 6 months during ownership transition.
  • Gathered requirements for a new process to manage the full change control process related to enhancements and incidents for all CMG applications.
  • Elicited functional and technical requirements and coordinated the unit, system and user acceptance testing efforts for a successfully implemented business intelligence data warehouse.
  • Functional lead responsible for the successful upgrade of Oracle 11i Financials applications processing sales data for over 175,000 sales outlets in the United States and Canada servicing newsstands in 105 countries abroad.
  • Utilized SharePoint to manage projects, meetings and business processes and collaborate with project and process stakeholders.
  • Created project sites with:.
  • Project Deliverables library with version control and approval workflows.
  • Lists to manage project contacts, requirements, tasks, issues and milestones.
  • Repository for Visio business process diagrams.
  • Created and managed IT Departments Master Planning meeting workspace site.
  • Owned PMO SharePoint site and was responsible for managing site's layout, content, security roles and users' access.
  • Elicited requirements using JAD sessions, prototype mockups, job shadowing, and one-on-one interviews.
  • Documented requirements utilizing use case diagrams, business process models, business object models, prototypes, mockups, compatibility tables, business requirements documents and functional design documents.
  • Responsible for requirements, functional design and unit, system and user acceptance testing for projects related to the following:.
  • Oracle ERP application.
  • Data warehouses.
  • Business Objects.
  • MS SharePoint 2003 & 2007.
  • Microsoft CRM.
  • Serena Business Manager.
  • Selectica CLM.
  • Created and assisted in development of multiple document, process and procedures for Project Management Office and Systems Development Lifecycle.
  • Involved in developing an enterprise-wide business object model (BOM) and documenting business process models (level 0 through 5) and the supporting use cases.
Data Control Analyst Dec 2000 - Jan 2002
Eaton Corporation
  • Administered retail incentives program worth over $17 million.
  • Converted retail incentive programs from Excel spreadsheets to custom Oracle application A publicly-held power management company with annual revenue of $22 billion and customers in 175 countries.
Plant Controller Sep 1996 - Dec 2000
Dana Corporation
  • Managed accounting and human resource functions of a $10 million manufacturing facility with 100 employees.
  • Led multiple transitions at the facility, such as implementing Oracle 10.7 manufacturing and financial systems and a change in ownership A Fortune 500 company that supplies powertrain components to customers worldwide.
  • Annual sales equal to $6.8 billion.
Internal Auditor Sep 1994 - Sep 1996
  • Developed MENTOR program - intent to facilitate new employees' integration into the Internal Audit program.
Accountant Apr 1992 - Oct 1994
Dana Corporation Milwaukee, WI
  • Participated in implementation of new ERP system.
  • Responsible for training documentation for accounts payable module.
Bachelors of Science: Accounting Marquette University Milwaukee, WI