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Career Overview

Reliable United States Navy Veteran with excellent communication, leadership, direct supervision and counseling skills. Trained to use SAS and SSPS. Quantitative and qualitative methodological skills. Ability to interpret, analyze, write and to present data. Good working knowledge of MicroSoft Word, Pages and Social Media. Strong budgeting, administrative, Special Education, and interpersonal knowledge, skills and abilities. Thrives in high-stress professional environments. Dedicated to delivering the highest quality of compassionate care.

Skills Highlight
  • Supervised students, over 60 adult volunteers, two religious program specialists and four ministers
  • Provided spiritual counseling to promote clarity in overcoming and working with life's challenges
  • Completed administrative and stewardship responsibilities with probity
  • Studied Italian, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Latin, Theological German, Theological Greek, Old Babylonian/Akkadian, Egyptology, Modern Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Wrote an unpublished book on Chaplaincy
Professional Experience
Associate Minister 01/2017 to 01/2010 St. Paul A.M.E. Church Watch Care Cambridge, MA
Teacher/Tutor 11/2004 to 03/2008 Kwong Kow Chinese School, Inc Boston, MA
  • Taught Mathematics and English to 4th ­ 9th Grade Special and Regular Education students
  • Worked with academically at risk students and gifted students using technology and hands on projects
  • Performed needs assessments
  • Developed curricula
  • Documented gains through evaluation, and consultation
  • Massachusetts Frameworks and benchmarks
Owner, Educational Advocate and Tutor 12/1999 to 08/2010 GIA ZIA Bostick Boston
  • Responsible for daily business operations including contract negotiation
  • Taught, tutored, advocated for disabled students
  • Developed and designed curricula
  • Networked with academic organizations
  • Conducted research of MCAS, ISEE and SAT materials
  • Developed curricula and taught SAT classes at a BU Wrestling Camp to increase student knowledge, skills, abilities and scores for three years
Associate Minister Senior Pastor 01/1997 to Current Jones Tabernacle African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.)
  • Ministerial staff and support staff to research funding sources
  • Wrote a $2,500,000.00 DOE grant to provide assistive technology to disabled and mainstreamed students
  • Design, develop and write grants for church and children's programming, resulting in greater empowerment
  • Counsel staff, families and students in the Philadelphia, Boston and Cambridge areas
Pastor 12/1991 to 02/1997 Healing Temple Baptist Church Cambridge, MA
  • Preached and completed administrative and stewardship responsibilities with diligence
  • Supervised four ministers
  • Worked with the Phillips Brooks House student organization to teach Beginning Hebrew and Spanish in a project
  • Researched and designed programs to evaluate and eradicate spiritual and physical homelessness through Suffolk and Harvard Universities for field education
  • Counseled students and families in the Boston and Cambridge
Chaplain and Lieutenant 06/1990 to 06/2006 Department of Defense, Navy
  • Taught orientation, stress management and coping skills classes in two training schools
  • Counseled students, families and staff
  • Completed administrative responsibilities independently and by direction
  • Supervised religious education programs such as Sunday school and youth groups
  • Advised leaders at all levels regarding morale, ethics and spiritual well-being
Teacher and Long Term Guidance Counselor 02/1990 to 11/1999 Boston Public Schools Boston, MA
  • Taught Spanish to Advanced Work Class 6th and 7th Grade students
  • Taught Spanish Bilingual SPED/Regular Ed
  • Algebra I Grades 9-11, and Violence Prevention, Grades 6-8
  • Wrote proposals for equipment
  • Supervised and trained student teachers and NIFTE business staff
  • Developed curricula
  • Integrated technology with academic subjects for LAB and Special Education students
Executive Director Staff member 02/1983 to 02/1984
  • Wrote grants ranging from one to five thousand dollars to start the outreach center
  • Developed a OneWrite system, along with staff
  • Designed and directed an outreach center
  • Recruited and supervised over 60 volunteers
  • Developed and implemented policies and procedures with stakeholders, independently and by direction
Education and Training
Master of Education Cambridge College Cum Laude
Master of Education: Higher Education Administration Suffolk University Higher Education Administration Magna Cum Laude
Episcopal Divinity School, Advanced Theological Certificate: Personality, Culture and Religion Boston University School of Theology Personality, Culture and Religion
Bachelor of Science: Liberal Arts Business Management Communications University of the State of NY/Regent's College Liberal Arts Business Management Communications

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Professional Summary
My passion in ministry is Preaching the Word of God for the glory of God. In Acts 6:4 the Apostles stated "But we will devote ourselves to prayer, and to the ministry of the word. Ephesians 4:11-12 says "He gave some to be Apostles, some prophets, some evangelist, and some pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ." Based on these verses, I believe that I am called, first and foremost, to preach the word of God prayerfully and faithfully. My heart beats for souls to come to know the Savior and live for him in Holiness. I am committed to Expository preaching, preaching through the books of the Bible verse by verse. In doing this you get the word of God, not the opinion of the preacher.
  • Budgeting and finance
  • Team leadership
  • Staff development
  • Strong verbal communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Theologically Conservative 
Work History
Interim Senior Pastor 07/2016 to 01/2018
Covenant Baptist Church Lanham, MD
  • Planned and conducted worship services, wrote sermons and worked with key church leaders to carry out church mission.
  • Oversaw administration and management of all areas of ministry.
  • Provided pastoral care through visitation, counseling, and prayer.
  • Led outreach initiatives to reach out to inactive or new residents in community.
  • Officiated special services such as weddings, funerals, and baptisms services.
  • Maintained open lines of communication with church members by writing content for church newsletters, bulletins, and worship services.
  • Raised congregational awareness of needs and the contributions of youth to the church.
  • Supervised associate pastors and staff leading education, youth, pastoral care and older adult ministry programs.
  • Worked with stewardship to promote responsible biblical stewardship.
  • Trained members to Evangelize
Young Adult/Assistant Pastor 10/2011 to 07/2016
Heritage Community Church Waldorf, MD
  • Teaching Young Adults weekly the word of God (ages 16-25).
  • Introduced special outreach programs to Board of Directors in effort to increase The Church interest in evangelism and community service.
  • Created Gospel centered programs that played a role in the church growing from 25 members to 212 in two years, making the Church a Multi cultural and multi generational congregation.
  • Led Bible Study.
  • Preached on assigned Sunday morning and evenings
  • Worked closely with Budget committee and Held staff meetings to speak about the vision of the church and auxiliary ministries.
  • Conducted Baptisms, weddings, and Eulogies.
  • Created an interactive classroom atmosphere to maintain student interest and facilitate learning in Sunday School (pre K-8th grade).
Deacon 10/2008 to 10/2011
Jericho Baptist Church Landover, MD
  • Taught in the Church Bible School Biblical Theology.
  • Counseled the Youth and Young Adults of the Church.
  • Served Communion.
  • Led Prayer Ministry.
High School Diploma: 2008 Charles Herbert Flowers High School - Springdale, MD
Bachelor of Arts: Theology 2017 Luther Rice College & Seminary - Lithonia, GA
Master of Divinity: Expository Preaching 2022 The Master's Seminary - Los Angeles, CA

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Knowledgeable and proficient in management processes. Dependable leader who brings management experience and a willingness to take on added responsibility to meet tight deadlines.
  • Community relations Budgeting
  • Sound judgment Strategic thinker
  • Labor relations and negotiations Workforce planning
  • Operations management
  • Crisis and emergency communications management
  • MS Office
Air Traffic Manager 05/2017 to Current Federal Aviation Administration 5900 MESSER AIRPORT HWY , AL
  • Developed a new BHM/TCL opposite direction operations plan in accordance with FAA Order JO 7210.3, Facility Operations and Administration for both departure and arrival aircraft.
  • Developed new Letters of Agreement with Atlanta ARTC Center for Tallagega race procedures.
  • Developed in concert with NATCA, new Letters of Agreement with Memphis ARTC Center on procedures for Memphis arrivals/departures transitioning to and through our airspace.
  • Spearheaded the developed and implemented new airspace redesign for BHM ATCT.
  • Spearheaded the developed a new training plan to retrain Supervisors and OJTI's on the difference between Coaching and instructing developmentals.​
  • Developed and negotiated and the implementation of STAR's and G-4 project.
  • Launched a correction action plan action to enhance BHM's training lab.
  • Oversaw a corrective action plan to address a need in OJTI training. The plan included teaching OJTI's the BHM way for continuity which includes operational integrity, proper debriefing trainees and documentation. 
  • Developed a need for internal weather audits for review by the employee and discussed with the supervisor.
  • Identified the need to address outdated SOP's and put together teams that worked with the other facilities to meet the needs for today. 
  • Recommended a plan of action for the tower cab redesign in order to meet operational needs and bring us to NTSB compliance.
  • Identified and negotiated new SOP's for TDG on race weeks and TCL on Alabama home games. 
  • Changed the culture by implementing new procedures, SOP's, and LOA's moving the facility from one with few systems to one that truly controls aircraft safe, orderly and expeditiously.
Project Manager / Executive & Technical Representative 04/2016 to 04/2017 Federal Aviation Administration College Park, GA
  • Acted as the liaison between ATO Service Units, HR/LR, Civil Rights, General Counsel, Medical, Security, and bargaining unit representatives.
  • Provided advice and counsel to management at the field and Service Area level to the Directors, Deputy Directors and regarding interaction with bargaining unit representatives and employees.
  • As the representative of the ATO, I ensured the servicing HR/LR organizations were provided consistent application of appropriate labor relations policy (fair and consistent, does not adversely impact operations at the local, regional, or national level).
  • Provided expert advice and technical support to the Directors of Operation on EEO, MSPB, and Accountability Board AB) cases, including associated ADR processes, mediations, and hearings.
  • Provided expert advice and technical support, and served as the Directors of Operation designee, to HR/LR, General Counsel, Medical, and Security in support of EEO, MSPB, Arbitrations, and AB case strategy including potential settlement options.
  • Secured expert advice to provide support and guidance to the Directors of Operation regarding Federal EEO/MSPB legislation and FAA Directives on EEO, MSPB, and AB.
  • Provided guidance to the Service Center and/or HR/LR staff for the purposes of compiling information, preparing notices, and completing reports in support of EEO, MSPB, AB, ADR, Mediation, etc.
  • Analyzed complaints and provided information and recommendation to the Directors of Operation on complaint issues, including settlement agreements (in coordination with General Counsel, HR/LR, etc.) Served as the Directors of Operation representative, unless otherwise delegated, for grievances, ULPs, GFT, MSPB, EEO, and Arbitrations.
  • Ensured all required coordination is completed prior to settlement offers being extended or signed.
  • Represented the ATO as the "management official" for coordination with HR/LR on disciplinary actions, arbitrations, settlement agreements, etc.
  • Ensured that all settlement agreements are consistent with programmatic and operational requirements.
  • Reviewed ULP responses before they go to the FLRA and provides the technical perspective to HR/LR to assist with the preparation of the response.
  • Reviewed Hardship requests and coordinates with the Union for approval as required.
  • Served as the representative for the Directors of Operation when disagreement exists whether a hardship will be approved at the Service Area level.
  • Coordinated daily with Service Center staff on processing.
  • Served as the Directors of Operation representative on medical issues that will result in disciplinary action, last chance agreements, and terminations.
  • Served as the Directors of Operation representative on cases of Violence in the Workplace.
  • Served as the Directors of Operation representative on the removal of training failures not eligible for placement or management has elected not to retain.
  • Served as the Directors of Operation focal for congressional inquiries and hotlines, coordinating with the Senior Advisor/Executive Assistant as needed.
Supervisor of Performance Management 01/2013 to 08/2013 Federal Aviation Administration Hampton, GA
  • Implemented an ongoing quality performance management plan for all 7 areas to improve the facility's operational performance.
  • Implemented innovative strategies as a supervisor in all 7 areas to increase employee performance using risk analysis as defined in Section 1 of the ATSAP MOU by assessing the performance of controllers and supervisors against the standards set forth by appropriate FAA Orders and directives.
  • As a Supervisor of Performance Management, analyzed trends, patterns, risks, and system impacts.
  • As a Supervisor of Performance Management, served as support to the other supervisory team members in regards to actions that will help improve employee performance.
  • As a Supervisor of Performance Management, observed, assessed, documented and maintained records of performance for my employees and provided feedback to the other members of the supervisory team about their employees.
  • As a Supervisor of Performance Management, conducted team trainings on subjects identified as trends and coached supervisors how to implement mitigation plans.
  • I prepared FALCON replays and SNAGIT'S for use by controllers and supervisors related to specific events.
Senior Pastor 06/2007 to Current United Methodist Church Atlanta, GA
  • As lead pastor, provided council and provided insight for the concerns of the congregation. 
  • As lead pastor, established and maintained a set of key performance measures that provide the church with ongoing visibility and effectiveness in the community. Theses measurable are discussed and evaluated by the church council to help ensure that we are providing all that we can to and for the community.
  • As lead pastor, develop annual financial plans that fund the mission of the church and teach core values as it is outlined in the United Methodist Book of Discipline.
  • As the lead pastor, develop key objectives and tactics to reach ministry goals.
Operations Supervisor 04/2004 to 04/2016 Federal Aviation Adminstration Hampton, GA
  • As an Operations Supervisor in four different areas, planned work schedules and assign duties to maintain adequate staff for effective performance of activities and response to fluctuating workloads.
  • As an Operational Supervisor, resolve problems, complaints, and formal grievances.
  • As an Operational Supervisor, evaluated employee performance and prepare performance appraisals.
  • As an Operational Supervisor, counseled employees in work-related activities, personal growth, and career development.
  • As an Operational Supervisor, recommended or initiate personnel actions, such as promotions, transfers, and disciplinary actions.
  • Supervised and coached employees in work processes to increase productivity.
Traffic Management Coordinator 04/2002 to 04/2004 Federal Aviation Administration Hampton, GA
  • Maintained communication with major terminals and facilities with hourly briefings to anticipate traffic volumes, operating conditions, runway configurations and acceptance rates.
  • Projected traffic demand to preclude situations that may cause sector saturation, excessive EnRoute and terminal delays and flights within undesirable atmospheric conditions.
  • Notified users of actual and anticipated accurate chronological log of restrictions, flow messages and other concerns within the national airspace system.
Certified Professional Controller 01/1988 to 04/2002 Federal Aviation Administration Hampton, GA
  • Organized flight plans and traffic management plans to prepare for aircraft entering assigned airspace.
  • Complied information about flights from flight plans, pilot reports, radar, and observation.
  • Maintained radio and telephone contact with adjacent control towers, terminal control units, and other Air Traffic Control to Provide administrative leadership as the Administrative Officer of the local church and assure that the organizational Facilitate the annual strategic planning process including evaluation of ministry performance, review of mission, vision, Centers in order to coordinate aircraft movement.
  • Monitored aircraft within specified airspace, using radar, computer equipment and visual references.
  • Contacted pilots by radio to provide control, meteorological, navigational, and other instruction.
  • Analyzed factors such as weather reports, fuel requirements and maps in order to determine routes for aircraft.
Education and Training
Ph.D 2010 New Church Development Northwestern Theological Seminary - Port Richey, FL New Church Development Northwestern Theological Seminary - 9438 US HWY 19 North Port
Psychology of Religion & Pastoral Care 2008 Interdenominational Theological Center Atlanta, GA Psychology of Religion & Pastoral Care
Bachelor of Science: Biology Stillman College Stillman Blvd Tuscaloosa, AL Biology

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Professional Summary
Ministry leader with sixteen years experience in pastoral care. Seeking to serve a congregation while developing leaders and disciples. 
Work History
Here's Hope Church Associate Pastor/Church Planter//Kokomo, IN//June 2017 to Current
  • Led programs such as worship, study, fellowship and service opportunities.
GM Security Security Officer//Kokomo, IN//December 2016 to January 2017
  • Monitored and authorized entrance and departure of vehicles, cargo trucks and visitors.
Market Road Fellowship Discipleship Pastor/Church Planter Intern//Tipton, Indiana//June 2015 to December 2016
  • Successfully accessed as church planter, served as church planting intern while at Market Road Fellowship.
First Baptist Church Interim Senior Pastor//Bunker Hill, Indiana//June 2014 to May 2015
  • Served as pastor until congregation called new pastor.
G4S Secure Solutions Security Officer//Kokomo, IN//January 2014 to May 2014
  • Monitored and authorized entrance and departure of vehicles, cargo trucks and visitors.
G4S Secure Solutions Security Officer//Kokomo, Indiana//February 2013 to June 2013
  • Monitored and authorized entrance and departure of vehicles, cargo trucks and visitors.
Forest Baptist Church Pastor// Indiana//February 2005 to February 2012
  • Conducted worship services, wrote sermons and worked with key church leaders to carry out church mission.
Master of Arts - Trinity College of Bible and Theological Seminary// Newburgh, IN
Bachelor of Arts - Indiana Wesleyan University// Marion, IN