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Senior Technical Architect

Project Management/Architect Leader

Senior-Level Enterprise and IT Architect with over 15 years of leadership experience in designing innovative business solutions for public, private and government sector clients. Develops, communicates, and implements technical standards throughout the product development process. Proven mentor and trainer with expertise in communicating across organizational levels and with cross-functional teams to drive shared vision and foster culture of excellence and cut costs. Successful Manager versed in managing all aspects of the product lifecycle from concept development, testing and implementing.

Planning and Design

Demonstrated mastery in evaluating requirements for business application integration and service activation as well as experience in designing, delivering, supporting enterprise wide applications and testing. Dedicated Solution Architect Professional well-versed in analyzing and mitigating risk and finding cost-effective solutions. Excels at boosting performance and productivity by establishing realistic goals and enforcing deadlines. Designed architectural and engineering solutions that ensure all projects are set up to succeed with complete and detailed analysis of existing structures.

Leadership and Team-building

Versatile IT professional with vast knowledge of Enterprise Project Lifecycle methodology. Architect engineering expert with strong background in project management and product support with ability to lead teams with different backgrounds and knowledge base. Subject matter expert in Risk and Information Systems Control with ability to listen to customer requirements, architect solutions, document and test technical specifications and lead all technical aspects of the application development lifecycle. Facilitate negotiation between product management team, vendors, client and C-level management.

Core Competencies
  • On time and on budget  project management
  • Business Process Mapping
  • Vendor Management
  • Project tracking and performance management
  • IT Architecture
  • IT Procurement
Education and Certifications
Education:  Bachelors in Civil Engineering - Osmania University - Hyderabad India
Certification: Net Framework, Asp.Net Web Development, Technology Specialist Team Foundation Server, Microsoft Test Manager and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist.

Professional Experience
Portfolio Recovery Associates Senior Architect 08/2012 to Current
  • Implemented Architectural and Engineering of public and governmental projects from medium to custom, smaller-scale project optimizing use of hardware and structural capacity, leveraging drawings and analyses of project.
  • Led team of developers (both onshore staff & offshore consultants) based on priority for monthly releases.
  • Analyzed and defined clients' business strategy and determine system architecture requirements to achieve business goals.Formulate strategic plans for component development to sustain future project objectives.
  • Gathered detailed business requirements and use cases, and translate technical specifications into product requirements including working with IT professionals within US, Europe and Canada.
  • Experience with Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) best practices including collaborating with the entire team, discussing acceptance criteria, and extracting them into a set of concrete acceptance tests.
  • Define, manage and execute automated acceptance tests as business readable specifications utilizing SpecFlow.
  • Create robust, browser-based regression automation suites and tests with Selenium.
Career Education Corporation Application Development Manager 04/2011 to 08/2012
  • Created team of 5 developers strategies and establish project scopes of work; communicate project deliverable time frames and benchmarks to clients in developing a government mandated compliance project in a fast paced multi team environment with tight project timeline.
  • Develop data architecture design to facilitate targeted customer analysis. Designed and managed development of windows services processing millions of records as well as development of externally accessible secure WCF services.
  • Suggest architectural improvements, design and integration solutions, and formulate methodologies to optimize object-oriented software and database development.
Grant Thornton Team Lead Architect 11/2008 to 03/2011
  • Led team to plan, design, and implement applications and software. Spearheaded the design and development of SOA platform, incorporating WCF services utilizing Enterprise Library, Repository factory and Microsoft Software factories. The outcome reduced development efforts by 40% and increased quality of deployed systems.
  • Collaborated with business analysts, developers, and technical support teams to define project requirements and specifications.
  • Designed, developed, and managed web-based applications, databases, network accounts, and programs. Reengineered over two dozen internal applications to utilize the new SOA platform thereby reducing support need by 20%.
  • Launched complex recovery solutions to safeguard mission critical data and minimize risk.
Insurance Auto Auctions Solution Architect 05/2008 to 10/2008
  • Performed evaluation of business requirements, processes, technologies, applications, and information systems to create a viable solution for US and International markets.
  • Worked directly with the marketing director to take his idea and create a solution resulting in a brand new international market for IAAI generating additional revenue.
  • Team Lead and TFS SME GRS - Hewitt Associates - 08/2007 to 05/2008
  • TFS Subject Matter Expert - Direct Buy Retail Solution Architect - 08/2007 to 11/2007
  • Solution Architect -
    Aramark Healthcare - 01/2006 to 08/2007
  • Solution Architect - Rotary International - 01/2004 to Jan 2006   
  • Technical Consultant - Aon Corporation 01/2003 to 01/2004 
  • Consulting Corp Programmer - GE Capital/Heller Financial 01/2000 to 01/2002 
This resume is created in 7 minutes.
Versatile innovative software engineer and software development enthusiast looking to implement creative solutions that will push the product to the next level. My goal is to elevate the value of the application with quality software development, creative design, leading and creating new application projects, and bringing up a team of developers whom are in the pursuit of strong IT development, growth and success. By designing and leading implementation of creative solutions to the application, I hope to raise the developers skill level and the reach, impact, and quality of the product within the market.
Work History
Web Services Application Development Manager May 2018 - Current
Education Service Center Region 20 San Antonio, TX
  • Successfully created Docker development environment for developers to use creating a containerized modular environment that allows the addition of new developers or the addition of new technologies seamlessly while placing primary focus on source code development
  • Successfully trained and lead team of mainframe developers into full-stack developers including NodeJS, ReactJS, Spring, and Docker
  • Lead team of entry level developers in the development of java based REST API using modern technologies and frameworks
  • Successfully created Java REST API infrastructure with a Docker production environment
  • Created JIRA Service Desk and administered environment to provide customers with a new customer service that follows  a service desk standard
  • Established team processes such as, code review, development best practices, Agile methodologies; daily standups, sprint backlog, sprint review, retrospectives.
  • Created a collaborative open development environment where tasks, progress, changes, technologies, and direction is transparent and integrated giving team a sense of ownership and vision
  • Engineered technology stack architecture to be used by team to ensure development of a modern, efficient, scalable, and optimized application
  • Trained teams in new technologies to be used during development and within application
  • Initiated ad-hoc team of developers from other teams to collaborate in development of new technologies and frameworks
  • Created integrated workflows allowing for efficient software development using slack
  • Trained team on modern development frameworks and technologies such as, Spring, Oauth2.0, Nginx, Tomcat, Sybase, MongoDB, Redis, ReactJS, Hibernate, Log4j2, NodeJS, Maven, Ubuntu, Postman, SwaggerUI, Senrty, Jenkins, Docker, Java
  • Successfully implemented the Oauth2.0 authentication server protocol allowing only registered and successfully authenticated users to make requests to application
  • Successfully created API gateway between multiple applications using Nginx
  • Successfully created prototype user interface modular popup with custom css styling and animations with ReactJS framework
Principle Engineering Consultant Jan 2016 - Current
Evolutionary Technologies

  • Designed and developed transactional databases and analytical data structures.
  • Full-stack development of web based application using Django and Reactjs frameworks
  • Lead offshore software engineer team in GUI design and development of web application
  • Designed and implemented company web page
  • Created initial project for a web based C# application using ASP.NET
  • Created initial base AngularJS project for web application development
Senior Web Developer Apr 2017 - May 2018
Education Service Center Region 20 San Antonio, TX

  • Maintained existing applications and designed and delivered new application components
  • Reworked front-end components into a modern look for new application pages
  • Reworked IBM Mainframe back-end to return JSON response bodies without REST API implementation
  • Wrote java applications in MVC architecture and Spring framework
  • Acted as product manager to lead in the design, implementation, and training of Agile Software Development with JIRA
  • Led a group of 4 software engineers in the design, and development of REST API web service-based java application including 12 factors of SAAS enterprise applications
  • Implemented production environment for streamlined deployment process by developing continuous integration tools
  • Assessed costs and risks associated with developing new features and products
  • Identified and suggested new technologies and tools for enhancing product value and increasing team productivity
  • Drafted comprehensive report documenting full-stack technologies that can be implemented to improve application
  • Developed code fixes and enhancements for inclusion in future code releases and patches
  • Executed successful C#-based application server migration
  • Worked closely with clients to establish problem specifications and system designs
Director Of Technologies Sep 2013 - Feb 2017
Preston Software
  • Wrote RPGLE applications in ILE architecture.
  • Wrote C# applications in MVC and MVVM architectures.
  • Designed intuitive graphical user interfaces using WPF in .NET, Swing in Java, and ProfoundUI for IBM i green screen applications
  • Assessed costs and risks associated with developing new features and products.
  • Streamlined deployment process by developing continuous integration tools.
  • Designed and developed transactional databases and analytical data structures.
  • Analyzed and designed relational databases using MySQL Workbench, IBM i DB2 strsql, and Toad For IBM DB2.
  • Built databases and table structures following n-tier architecture methodology for web, IBM i DB2, and .NET applications.
  • Created a .NET C# class that can connect with any IBM i Power server and perform various AS400 functions such as, DB2 database querying, remote AS400 commands, and calling of RPGLE programs
  • Worked closely with clients to establish problem specifications and system designs.
  • Developed code fixes and enhancements for inclusion in future code releases and patches.
  • Strengthened developmental methodologies by introducing a code quality document.
  • Modified existing software to correct errors
  • Monitored and updated back-end data by inter-communicating between .NET applications and IBM i applications.
  • Built, tested and deployed scalable, modular software products.
  • Identified and suggested new technologies and tools for enhancing product value and increasing team productivity.
  • Reviewed and approved all engineering, product and project scope documents prior to delivery.
  • Evaluated multiple software solutions during early software architecture plotting and system migration planning stage.
  • Led team of developers to enhance supportability and identify performance bottlenecks.
  • Led team of software engineers in the design, and development of C#-based and RPGLE-based software solutions.
  • Maintained existing applications and designed and delivered new applications.
  • Debugged and modified software components.


  • Created Docker development environment for developers to use creating a containerized modular environment that allows the addition of new developers or the addition of new technologies seamlessly while placing primary focus on source code development.
  • Successfully trained and lead team of mainframe developers into full-stack development with Java, NodeJS, ReactJS, Spring, and Docker. 
  • Successfully created Java REST API infrastructure with Docker production environment 
  • Successfully built technologies from ground up including implementation of Dev Ops, SQL databases, software development standards, development environments, production environments, agile project management methodologies, development of custom modular framework libraries, and software development.
  • Greeted and assisted individuals by phone for an online data center assisting individuals with diagnosing the issue, narrowing it down, and then solving the issue.
  • Responded to individual inquires by phone answering questions that lead to satisfied customers who know have clarity of the issue, which has been resolved.
  • Successfully presented and discussed application capabilities and future technology implementations to potential investors
  • AnyLanguage Interpreter - Application that interprets any programming language file via user selection line by line
  • AnyLanguage Translator - Application that interprets AnyLanguage Interpreter results into any programming language via user selection
  • AnyLanguage GUI Equivalence - Application that takes translator or interpretation results and presents user with ability to dynamically edit GUI results
  • DBI - C# based class application that provides database connectivity functionality to databases such as, Mysql, MsSql, DB2, and more
  • Evolutionary Technologies - Machine learning algorithm to enhance reading comprehension
  • Maintenance Builder - Application that dynamically builds C# WPF or IBM i RPGLE based maintenance applications based on user input
  • PDF Boiler Plate - Application that gives end user a GUI interface to build PDFs by sections including a header, dynamic body section, and footer
  • Query Converter - Application that interprets IBM i Work Qeuries and converts them into RPGLE programs
  • User login and Logout - C# based class that handles logging in a user and logging out a user from any attached application
  • TEA Unique ID - Created modular front-end login widget with interactive staff and student search/selection and unique ID creation features through TEA Soap web services
  • JIRA Service Desk - Implemented and administered JIRA service desk to add new customer service environment following a service desk standard
  • OneRoster Rest API - Lead team and created REST API services following the structure of the OneRoster standard for passing SIS roster information to 3rd party applications
  • Docker Development Environment - Created a Docker development environment for team of developers to use for seamless containerized development environment allowing for the dynamic addition/removal of technologies, addition of developers, and an ephemeral application
  • Experienced Python development
  • Experienced Java development
  • Experienced with AJAX client-side scripting implementation
  • Advanced knowledge of .Net development
  • Knowledge of ASP.NET development
  • Knowledge of Spring MVC development
  • Advanced knowledge of React JS development
  • Entry knowledge of Angular JS development
  • IBM i Series (AS/400) application development including RPGIV (RPGLE) ILE and CL
  • Experienced AS/400 OS user
  • Experienced ILE modular RPG development
  • .Net installation package development
  • Created virtual OS server environments using VMware
  • Database Administration
  • Integration Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • QA Unit Testing to ensure application and application development functional quality
  • Continuous Integration implementation including HG Mercurial, Jenkins, and JIRA
  • JIRA Administrator
  • Project Management
  • Lead Developer
  • End-to-End deployment of .NET and IBM i applications
  • Advanced problem solving skills
  • Data management
  • Server API design knowledge including REST and SOAP
  • Application Security
  • Advanced Knowledge of Object Oriented Programming
  • Languages: SQL, Java, JavaScript, C# WPF, C# Forms, XAML, XML, HTML, CSS, Python, R, RPGIV (RPG/LE), CL
  • Databases: MySQL, MSSQL, DB2, Oracle, Sybase, Mongo DB
  • Development Frameworks: .NET, ASP.NET, Spring, Django, NodeJS, AngularJS, ReactJS, Zend Server, NUnit, JUnit, Zunit, TestNG, Spring, Hibernate, Oauth2.0, Log4j2,
  • Development Environments: Windows OS, Windows Server 2012, Ubuntu, IBM i Series, AS/400, VMWare
  • Tools: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Netbeans, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Pycharm, Webstorm, Postman, SoapUI, Jenkins, JIRA, HG Mercurial, Git, SSH, FTP, SQL Developer, TeamCity, Docker, Postman, Slack, JIRA, Confluence, SwaggerUI, Sentry, Log Stash, Kibana, Elastic Search, Bitbucket, Maven
Bachelor of Science: Biology 2014
St. Edwards University Austin, TX