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Career Overview
Twenty-four plus years of experience in analysis, design, and development of enterprise wide applications. Over fourteen years of experience as an OBIEE (Siebel Analytics) Architect focusing on ETL design/development, rpd design/development, DataWarehouse development based on star-schema models, DAC configuration/customization and WebCatalog design. Worked in multiple industries including Government, Financials, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Communications, and High-Tech industries. Working as an independent OBIEE (ETL, rpd, Datawarehouse) architect/consultant since 2004. Worked at Siebel Systems (Siebel Analytics Competency) for 4 years where the focus was exclusively on the Siebel applications suite and gained hands-on experience through participation in multiple Siebel engagements primarily in the area of architecture, configuration and tuning of Siebel Analytics (rpd, Webcatalog, DAC and ETL.)  Over two years of experience on a SAP Enterprise Application as a technical developer and Workflow Administrator. Worked for four years as a Sybase/MS SQL Server DBA in the Retail Banking and Energy sectors.
Configuration: OBIEE/Siebel Analytics (nQuire) versions 7,, 12.2.1, Informatica (ETL) versions 4.x to 9.5.x, OBIAA, Siebel Marketing, Siebel Financials, Siebel Sales, Siebel eSales, Siebel eService, Siebel Field ServicesServer Components: Workflow Manager, Assignment Manager and EnterpriseIntegration Manager, eSalesCustomization: OBIEE/Siebel Analytics, Informatica, Siebel Tools, Siebel VB, Siebel eScript SAP R/3 3.1I, 4.0B, 4.6Languages: ABAP/4, SQL, PL/SQL, C, Visual Basic, Korn/C ShellRDBMS: Sybase 4.2/10.x/11.x, Oracle 8.x,/9.x,/10G/11, MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008Tools: SAP GUI, SAP Workflow, Business Objects, PowerBuilder, DataJunction, Replication Server, Lotus, DataLens, Sybase Open Client, Bulk-Copy, DBArtisan, ERWIN, Crystal Info, Dbase IV, Paradox 3.5, Visual Basic 6.x, SQL * Loader, HTML, VB Script, Autosys scheduler, Informatica, Siebel AnalyticsOperating Systems: Windows XP, NT, Windows 95/98, MS DOS, HP Unix - HP-UX10, Sun Solaris 2.5
Technical Skills
Skills Experience Total Years Last Used
OBIEE/Siebel Analytics (nQuire) versions 7,, 12.2.1 Architect 14 Present
Informatica (ETL) versions 4.x to 9.5.x Architect 14 Recent
Work Experience
Feb 2012 to Current
  • upgraded OBIEE from 10 to 11.1.x: Installed and configured on a Windows platform and migrated existing 10g OBIEE to 11.x Installed and configured OBIEE 12.2.1 to consider migration from 11.x to 12.x Installed and configured OBIAA on a Windows platform and customized AR star schema for performance and to suit Invesco data; customized AR rpd and webcatalog for Invesco Customized DAC for Invesco; customized Informatica ETL's for OBIAA loads; configured Autosys for scheduling loads Designed, architected and built several custom applications/ETL/Datamarts/star schemas/Subject Areas in OBIEE for Invesco including HR Recruitment, HR Performance/Talent, HR Staffing, Global Payroll, Assets Under Management, Account Holdings and others Configured security (AD and single sign on); configured security for all the subject Areas at Invesco via row-level security, Role based security and column level security for sensitive data columns Determined sizing of servers based on future growth of several datamarts Created multi-layered MUD for multiple Projects to work in parallel development streams Oversaw development streams including OBIAA, Siebel Sales Analytics, and multiple Applications all residing in the same rpd Mentored several colleagues regarding Datawarehouse concepts, star schemas, migration procedures Wrote standards documents for Security, ETL, RPD development, MUD, Catalog, Dev to UAT to Prod migration procedures and Performance considerations for OBIEE datamarts and Informatica ETL mappings/workflows Conducted Architectural reviews of ETL design, Datawarehouse/Datamart (star schema) designs and rpd configurations Environment: Windows, UNIX, Informatica 8.6; OBIEE; DAC 7.9.6; Oracle 11g; SQL Server 2005/2008; PeopleSoft 9x Worked at TransOcean.
Feb 2011 to Feb 2012
  • upgraded OBIEE from 10 to 11: Installed 11g on a UNIX platform Worked on performance and tuning of ETL loads (Project Costing loads cut down from hours to minutes) Designed custom stars for Revenue and Accounts Receivables (Out-of-the-box mappings were discarded for performance reasons) Designed and implemented Value-Based and Level Based Hierarchical Trees in ETL and RPD.
  • Designed new level-based hierarchy using dynamic columns using Presentation Variables Implemented dashboard and report security Environment: Windows, Informatica 8.1, 7.1;OBIEE (Siebel Analytics/nQuire) 7.9.6, 7.9.4; DAC; Oracle 11; SQL Server 2005; Siebel Financials 7.8.4 and Siebel Sales 8.0 Worked at Invesco January 2010 to January 2011 - worked on extending OBIEE/Siebel Analytics implementation to European arm of Invesco.
  • Enhanced existing Siebel Financial Analytics implementation to include custom stars to accommodate the European arm of business; European Financial information is loaded into the DataWarehouse and Sales/Financial/Customer information exposed in Analytics Worked on Analysis, design and implementation with Business users and Analysts Implemented customizations in Autosys scheduler, Informatica (customized mappings), DAC (customized tables), rpd (complex customized Business model) and Webcatalog (custom reports) as team lead with team consisting of Invesco personnel in Houston and India Implemented 24 hour load schedule and uptime using customized approach called Node-Swap where ETL is loaded on one database server and Reporting is done on another server Implemented performance tuning in ETL and database Mentored Invesco personnel in the areas of Performance tuning, ETL, DAC, rpd and Webcatalog Environment: Windows, Informatica 8.6, 7.1;OBIA 7.9.6, 7.9.4; DAC; Oracle 11; Oracle eBusiness Suite 11.5.10 Worked at Los Alamos from June 2009 to January 2010, worked on Platform and Application upgrade from to and 7.9.4 to 7.9.6.
  • Upgraded OBIEE Platform from to (Informatica and DAC metadata) Upgraded and migrated Informatica customized mappings, workflows for AP, Procurement and Spending, HR and Projects from 7.1.x to 8.6 Upgraded OBIEE Applications from 7.9.4 to 7.9.6: Migrated and modified customized rpd from 7.9.4 to 7.9.6 Upgraded and migrated DAC Configuration involved extending Data warehouse to include flexfields and extension columns based on requirements.
  • Configured DAC and Informatica workflows to extract and populate flexfield and extension columns in dimension and fact tables.
  • Environment: Windows NT, Informatica 7.1, 6.2, 5.2; Siebel Analytics/nQuire7.8, 7.7.x, 7.5.2; DAC; SQL Server 2000/2005; Oracle 8.1.x/9/10G Worked at Invesco/AIM from May 2004 to June 2009; worked on end-to-end solutions of Analytics/Datawarehouse to house and report financial data.
  • Designed and implemented Siebel Analytics architecture to store OLAP data with sources from Siebel Financials and Siebel Sales (SQL Server 2005 databases); and Oracle; worked on end-to-end solutions of Analytics/Datawarehouse to house and report financial data.
  • Designed and implemented Siebel Analytics architecture to store OLAP data with sources from Siebel OLTP and non-Siebel OLTP data for AIM Investments.
  • Designed, developed and configured custom stars; architected solutions for Full Loads and Incremental loads by integrating DAC with Autosys scheduler.
  • Led Informatica ETL development and Siebel Analytics repository effort.
  • Hands-on implememtation included: Physical modeling of Custom Star-schemas, creating and implementing solutions for cross-FACT navigation, Outer joins, Multiple Many-to-Many relationships via Bridge tables in Siebel Analytics, snowflakes, hierarchy.
  • Architected solutions for performance gains in Siebel Analytics using Aggregates, cache management and worked on performance tuning of ETL.
  • Implemented Slowly changing Dimensions (Type 2) in project and used CRC method for implementing updates and inserts.
  • Worked on integrating financial data from external systems into Siebel Analytics; led team and performed hands-on configuration in building the Siebel Analytics repository (rpd); created/configured complex reports that integrated with Siebel CRM and provided drill-down capabilities to ensure Fund Wholesalers had financial information such as AUM, fund products easily available; configured iBots to email valuable financial reports to Financial Advisors and Wholesalers; configured Siebel Marketing for segmentation.
  • Created KPI metrics for Schlumberger (November 2003 to May 2004).
  • Designed OLAP data model, data transformations/transfers via the ETL (Extract Transform Load) tool (Informatica) and configured/setup metadata in Siebel Analytics (nQuire), which is used to access the OLAP reports.
  • The metrics are specific to the Energy company hence required extensive customizations.
  • Other tasks included: ETL and OLAP Design Led team of ETL developers for developing custom ETL to load data from non-Siebel sources into custom Stars.
  • Configured Informatica to process data obtained from data sources worldwide.
  • GL transaction data, accounting, invoice and PO data were brought into staging tables, transformed and loaded into a Star schema (FACT and Dimension tables) for ease of reporting.
  • Designed the star schema for ease of reporting.
  • Setup automatic session/batches via Autosys (a scheduler for UNIX.) Analytics Metadata Modeling and Repository Configuration Led Analytics team in creating metadata for Custom Stars Created metadata for KPI reporting requirements.
  • All reporting required external data sources Created KPI Charts and reports Worked extensively on physical, business model and presentation layers Identified and configured Business Subject Areas Configured complex Many to Many relationships Implemented Bridge tables Configured fragmentation - for physically partitioned data Configured Aggregation navigation - for performance considerations Configured Cross fact joins with conformed dimensions Worked extensively on dimensional hierarchy, drill downs Configured Outer joins Configured Scheduler, created iBots to be emailed to clients and to generate files on a server Configured security in rpd using logins and groups/responsibility via Authentication and Authorization and worked on folder level security Developed subject areas based on relational reporting using factless facts Configured Siebel CRM to Analytics embedded reports and drill down reporting Implemented Repository variables, Session Variables and Initialization Blocks to generate dynamic reporting Worked on Time series wizards for year ago calculations Implemented Cache management using cachepurge method to purge cache using bat files Implemented Log management for debugging purposes Configured rpd ini file to ensure server uses multiple rpds from one server Installed/configured and migrated rpd from one version to another (7.7.1 to 7.8.5 and to 7.9.5/10.1.3) Configured rpd for segmentation for marketing Configured multiuser development environments Analytics Dashboard Configuration Worked with locale management to accommodate Global users Worked with Direct SQL reports for generating real-time reports against Siebel CRM Worked on administration issues such as Web groups/users; Privileges for Segmentation, Subject Areas, formatting, View privileges Managed dashboards and granted permissions to groups and users Managed catalog permissions, migration of folders, reports etc.
  • Configured Answers extensively Developed dashboards with global prompts, column selectors, navigation and drill-downs for clients Developed complex cross-subject area union reports Worked on pivot tables, charts, narratives, conditional formatting Implemented variables and complex filters in reports for dynamic reporting Migrated and exported/imported selected folders/users/reports in the webcatalog using the catalog manager Architected solution to build custom ETL and custom rpd for AIM and Schlumberger, architected solution to build and schedule ETL incremental loads via Autosys scheduler.
  • Designed architecture to house Siebel Analytics environment (Siebel Analytics / Informatica and Web Catalog servers) for a global implementation.
  • Architected solution to implement 24by7 uptime taking into account daily incremental processing.
  • Technical lead while performing upgrades from 7.2 to 7.8 and 7.8 to 10.1.3 Installed Siebel Analytics environments (Siebel Analytics, Web Services and Informatica) on servers.
Consultant/Architect Nov 2003 to Current
  • TransOcean, Invesco, Los Alamos National Labs, BICG, AIM Investments, IBM Global Services, GM, Schlumberger.
  • Environment: Windows, UNIX, Informatica 9.1.x; OBIEE; DAC; Oracle 12i; SQL Server 2012; PeopleSoft 9x.
  • Working at Invesco.
Consultant Feb 2002 to Nov 2003
Siebel Analytics
  • Environment: Windows NT, Informatica 4.x, 5.x, nQuire/Siebel Analytics 7.0.4/7.5.2, Business Objects, Oracle 8.1.x, DB2, HP 9000, Sun Solaris, Siebel Tools 2000/7.x, Siebel Sales Enterprise Application, Siebel eFinance, Siebel Marketing Worked on several (more than ten) projects requiring mapping data from OLTP (On-Line Transactional Processing) environment into Siebel's eAnalytics data marts or the OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing).
  • Clients included Enron, Raytheon, Honeywell, GM, ATX, Wachovia, American Heart Association, AT&T, Westpac Bank (Australia).
  • Configured, setup and worked on data transformations/transfers via the ETL (Extract Transform Load) tool (Informatica).
  • Configured and setup metadata in Siebel Analytics (nQuire) which is used to access the OLAP reports.
  • Wrote a white paper on Siebel Analytics installation on Sun OS UNIX platform while at Siebel.
  • Gap Analysis/Business Requirements Gathered Business requirements for implementing Siebel eAnalytics.
  • Completed a Gap analysis and determined effort to customize the OLAP environment to reflect additional columns from OLTP.
  • OLAP Installation Installed OLAP database, Informatica Server/Repository and Siebel Analytics (nQuire) Server Repository on NT Server and UNIX environments.
  • Installed standard star schemas into the OLAP environment.
  • Installed bridges as required between 6.X OLTP and 7.X OLAP.
  • Installed Informatica and Siebel Analytics in several architectures as dictated by clients.
Siebel Workflow/Configuration Consultant Nov 2001 to Feb 2002
NextiraOne Houston
  • Environment: Windows NT, Siebel Tools 2000, Siebel Service Enterprise Application, Siebel Call Center, Oracle 8.1.6, HP 9000 Gap Analysis/Business Requirements Gathered Business requirements for implementing an internal and external HelpDesk for Nextira using Siebel Service.
  • Workflow and Configuration Design Created Workflow, Assignment Manager and Configuration Design documents from requirements and user interviews.
  • Workflow, Assignment Manager and Configuration Implementation Created thirty plus Workflows and Assignment Manager for Nextira.
  • These workflows send emails/pages to escalate notifications of inactivity on Service Request/Activity objects.
  • Assignment Manager was used to ensure the correct technician is assigned to the proper Service Request/Activity.
  • Wrote eScript code to support Workflow processes.
  • Configured Siebel Server for email capability.
Siebel Analytics Consultant Jul 2001 to Oct 2001
Enron Energy Services Houston
  • Environment: Windows NT, Siebel Tools 2000, Siebel Sales Enterprise Application, Siebel Marketing, Informatica, Business Objects, Oracle 8.1.6, HP 9000 Enron Energy is a supplier of energy and power to business customers.
  • Enron has installed Siebel Sales Enterprise for Energy Vertical to keep track of Opportunities, Accounts and Activities.
  • The project requires mapping data from OLTP (On-Line Transactional Processing) environment into Siebel's eAnalytics data marts or the OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing).
  • The data transformation and transfer is done via an ETL (Extract Transform Load) tool (Informatica).
  • Business Objects is used to access reports.
  • Gap Analysis/Business Requirements Gathered Business requirements for implementing Siebel eAnalytics for Enron.
  • Completed a Gap analysis and determined effort to customize the OLAP environment to reflect additional columns from OLTP.
  • OLAP Installation Installed OLAP database, Informatica Repository and Business Objects Repository on a NT Server Environment.
  • Installed standard star schemas into the OLAP environment.
  • Informatica Configuration Configured Informatica to reflect changes/additions to OLTP environment that were required to appear in the OLAP environment.
  • Added and changed mappings in the ETL so that required fields translated from OLTP to the OLAP environment.
  • FMC Energy Systems, Houston and other Energy clients.
Senior Consultant Jan 2000 to Nov 2003
Siebel Systems, Inc
Siebel WEB Configuration Consultant Jan 2000 to Jul 2001
  • Environment: Windows NT, Siebel Tools 2000, Siebel Sales Enterprise Application, Siebel eSales, Siebel Field Services, Oracle 8.1.5, HP 9000.
  • FMC Energy Systems, Wellhead Division is a supplier of Surface and Deep-Sea drilling equipment and parts including Gate Valves, Actuators and Christmas Trees.
  • The implementation at FMC is a worldwide rollout of Siebel Sales Enterprise, Siebel Field Services and eSales to support Sales organization.
  • There are over 200 users supported in maintaining and managing Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts and Activities.
  • The Application includes Products and Catalogs maintained in Siebel Sales and exposed in eSales.
  • Siebel Field Services is used to track FMC and their customers Assets and Inventory Transactions.
  • Primary function was to configure Web Application, implement Workflow/Assignment Manager to reflect business processes and also analyze and organize tasks for customer so that the customer could prioritize based on need.
Oct 1997 to Dec 1999
SAP Development
  • Westlake Chemicals and Solvay Chemicals ABAP development/Technical lead involving SAP Technical programming in ABAP/4 (SAP) to load data in MM, SD modules and writing reports in SAP, Crystal Reports (against SAP) and served as a team lead (ABAP technical).
  • Also served in the deployment team.
  • The applications in MM, SD and FI were deployed to 10 locations and for 800 users at Solvay Polymers.
  • Also served in the deployment team at Westlake chemicals where the application was implemented at 6 locations involving 400 users.
  • Worked on a major upgrade from SAP v 3.1I to 4.6 and installation of a SAP front-end add-on software, On-Demand.
  • The upgrade and installation involved deployment to all of North America and involved 800 users.
  • Workflow Administration using SAP Involved in setting up Workflows for automatic notifications of Goods Receipt to Requisitioners, delivery date change notification, error processing in EDIs.
  • The Workflow was implemented at Solvay Polymers for all of North America.
  • Sybase/MS SQL Server DBA.
Assignment Manager Jan 1991 to Dec 1999
  • Defined assignment rules to match relevant objects (Accounts, Opportunities, and Service Requests) as applicable to the customers' business rules, for optimal assignment of Sales Reps and Sales Managers.
  • Siebel Remote Administration Created Mobile users, database extracts and Remote synchronization.
  • Server Installation Installed Siebel Gateway server, Siebel Enterprise Server, Siebel Client and Tools in Development environment Installed Oracle 8.1.5 in Development.
  • Installed and configured Internet Information Server, dot com applications - eSales and eSevice.
  • Configuration Modified eSales Web Applets to reflect Customer's requirements including customization of Salutation Applets, Catalog, Products, Order, Payment, Shipping and Quote Applets in eSales.
  • Developed strategy for creating Catalogs, Price Lists and visibility via Accounts and Contacts based on Business Requirements.
  • Modified eSales Web Applets to get and display information from modules such as Agreements.
  • Linked eSales with Taxware for tax information.
  • Modified eSales Quote Applets and Order Applets to display customized calculations of FMC's products.
  • Modified Web Applets to link Products to external Web sites for easy one place access to FMC information like Engineering Drawings Created new Views and Tabs in Web Applets for accessing Assets Information in eSales.
  • Created Web Scripts to dynamically change Applet List Column title and to show/hide controls based on Contact login.
  • Developed and implemented a strategy for Search capability via Web Applet configuration.
  • This search would find Products for given Attribute values.
  • This task consisted of creating 40 different Views and Applets, creating List Of Values, modifying and creating new joins, PickLists, and Dynamic Drilldowns, Business Components and Web Templates.
  • Developed queries to extract Product Catalog data from Siebel for importing into Ariba and CommerceOne.
  • Installed Fulcrum for Advanced Search and regular search.
  • Created Object Manager for translation of eSales to French.
  • Converted strings from English to French.
  • Analyzed, Created and Modified Personalization Rules to Personalize Web experience for customers.
  • Created Personalization Rules for Products in Dedicated Client.
  • Created Responsibilities and Divisions for Customer based on their Organization.
  • Created Multiple Organizations for segregating data.
  • Created scripts to convert dates from English-American to French.
  • Created Applets, Views and Business Components to support business requirements in Field Services.
  • Demonstrated Siebel ePricer and Product Configurator engine functionality to FMC.
  • Set up security for contact login and catalog visibility.
  • EIM Worked with utilities such as MS Access and SQL Loader for importing data into Interface tables.
  • Data transfers included: Employees, Accounts, Contacts, Product Lines, Products, Product Price Lists and Opportunities.
  • Localization Worked on obtaining and compiling Strings for translating English to French Web.
  • Created new Object Manager for handling French.
  • Wrote Personalization scripts to enable visibility to Catalogs Created Virtual Directories for French Web.
Jan 1991 to Oct 1997
DRT Systems Deloitte & Touche
  • Worked on a data warehouse project as a Sybase 11.0/MS SQL Server 6.5 DBA.
  • Installed Sybase System 11.0 on a Sun Ultra Sparc running Solaris 2.5, migrated data from Sybase System 10.0 in Novell to Sybase System 11.0 on the Sun Ultra Sparc, responsible for data modeling using ERWIN, tuning SQL, maintenance of development, certification and production databases, wrote Korn shell scripts to automate data loads and backups.
  • Also used reverse engineering to create an identical database in Personal Oracle 7.2 in preparation for conversion from Sybase to Oracle in order to adhere to company direction.
  • In addition, installed and administered an MS SQL Server 6.5 for housing customer data.
  • Responsible for supporting three trading systems written against Sybase on a HP 9000 platform running HP/UX 10.01.
  • Responsible for data modeling Risk Management System for a Gas trading environment using ERWIN.
  • In addition, administered the Risk Management database using DBArtisan and UNIX Korn shell scripts, wrote stored procedures, triggers and tuned the database and SQL in the application.
  • Also responsible for constructing and implementing disaster recovery plans for the 24/7 systems using UNIX shell scripts.
  • Worked on a data warehouse project as a Sybase DBA.
  • Responsible for installing, configuring and maintaining Sybase 10.0 on a HP 9000 platform running HP/UX 10.01.
  • Constructed data models in ERWIN and wrote C programs utilizing DB-Library calls in Sybase to extract and load data from different pharmaceutical companies.
  • Responsible for creating, testing and implementing reports for a group of users at Compaq who keep track of students undergoing training at various Compaq Universities.
  • Modified application code in PowerBuilder.
  • Wrote PL/SQL procedures to load data from different sources into ORACLE and to display data in Business Objects reports.
  • Software: Business Objects, ORACLE v.7.0, PLSQL, PowerBuilder, Lotus Notes, MS Word, Word Basic, UNIX shell and Banyan Mail.
  • Responsible for creating, testing and documenting stored procedures and triggers in Sybase necessary for replicating pipeline data from a primary data source to data sources residing on different servers.
  • Other duties included interaction with users and writing specifications for stored procedures and triggers, writing utilities using UNIX Shell scripts and SQL (system stored procedures) for maintaining, testing and creating the stored procedures.
  • Wrote scripts to replicate data between SQL servers using Replication Server and wrote SQR programs to export and import data between different servers.
  • In addition, MS SQL Server for Windows NT and PowerBuilder were used to create and test the stored procedures and triggers.
  • Developed an application that tracked Well Data including the amount of water injected into and oil produced from numerous oil wells.
  • The application was comprised of forms and reports customized using MS Access Basic.
  • The application was distributed in a client-server environment with the data residing on a Novell Network drive.
  • Developed C programs to normalize historical data from radioactive waste sites.
  • The data is being used to develop closure plans for these sites.
  • Developed a data model and exported the data into Sybase SQL Server using C, MS Access, Q&E, DataJunction and Sybase's bcp utility.
  • Provided support as a Sybase DBA to maintain the integrity of the Sybase databases.
  • Wrote stored procedures to ensure validation and consolidation of data.
  • The C programs were written in Microsoft Visual C/C running on Windows over a Novell NetWare LAN.
Informatica Configuration
  • Configured Informatica to reflect changes/additions to OLTP environment that were required to appear in the OLAP environment.
  • Added and changed mappings in the ETL so that required fields translated from OLTP to the OLAP environment.
  • Retrofitted ETL processes to extract and load data from a Siebel Sales 6.0.1 OLTP to a Siebel 7.0.4 data warehouse.
  • Allowed maximum use of out-of-box functionality.
  • Installed Siebel Analytics Server and Informatica Server on Sun OS2.5 (UNIX), NT Server/Windows 2000 platforms.
  • Massively extended Siebel Data Warehouse (several dimension and fact extensions) according to client business requirements while maintaining solid upgrade path.
  • Created Data Warehouse for non-Siebel Data sources.
  • Tuned Analytics and Informatica metadata repositories to dramatically improve performance.
  • Integrated massive Siebel Data Warehouse extensions, including hundreds of new columns and several new Fact, Dimension and M:M Bridge tables Created new Star schemas as required by clients OLTP configurations.
  • Created numerous new mappings and sessions as required.
  • Modified ETL to access external data (other than Siebel) for incorporation into Siebel OLAP.
  • Automated ETL processes via scheduling and setup email processes at several installations.
  • Analytics Configuration Configured nQuire metadata to accommodate report requirements.
  • Configured complex metadata changes.
  • Configured metadata to include external sources into Siebel repository.
  • Developed and implemented new custom star and bridge to allow for complex M:M subject area analysis.
  • Configured Siebel Analytics to authenticate and pull Responsibilities from lower version Siebel 6.0.1 OLTP to streamline user administration.
  • Configured Analytics for implementing data level visibility via positions and organizational hierarchy.
  • Configured Analytics to access OLTP and OLAP data for real-time analysis.
  • Configured Analytics to access external non-Siebel data.
  • Worked on rpd to configure physical, business and presentation layers Imported custom tables to extend out-of-the box Siebel rpd Worked with Multi-user development (MUD) Fact and dimension table configuration Worked on Physical, business and presentation layers Implemented measures and attributes Worked with Dimension hierarchies Worked on fragmentation and aggregation contents Implemented Time Series Wizard for year-ago calculations Extensively configured Siebel Answers Created dashboards and reports with global prompts Created iBots via Delivers Created charts, pivot tables, narratives, conditional formatting Worked with catalog manager.
Workflow Manager
  • Wrote customized routines to automatically create a new email when a new Order is created over the Internet.
  • Also used Workflow to send emails upon creation of new users created over the Internet.
  • The emails body and messages sent are different depending on the new users profile.
Education and Training
M.S, Computing and Information Science Sam Houston State University Computing and Information Science
B.S, Electrical Engineering Texas A&M University Electrical Engineering
R Programming, Johns Hopkins University, 2016 Siebel 99.6/2000/7.0 Certified, 2000 Siebel Customer Certified, 2001 Sybase Certified DBA v 10 and 11, 1997 Microsoft SQL Server and Access Certified, 1995 Siebel Training Courses Completed Oracle Advanced Data Warehouse Developer, November 2007 Siebel Marketing and eAnalytics, August, 2001 Developing Web-Based Applications (eSales) February, 2001 Product Configuration and Pricing June, 2000
ABAP, ABAP/4, accounting, Accounts Receivables, streamline, AD, AP, Applets, approach, AR, automate, Banyan, Basic, bridges, Business Objects, business processes, C, C , Call Center, Catalogs, Catalog, Charts, client-server, com, Compaq, conversion, Costing, CRM, Crystal, Crystal Reports, Client, Clients, data modeling, data warehouse, DBA v, DBA, databases, database, Dbase IV, debugging, delivery, Dimensions, direction, disaster recovery, eBusiness, email, English, ERP, ERWIN, ETL, Extract Transform Load, Financials, Financials 7.8.4, Financial, financial reports, forms, French, Gas trading, Gateway, GL, GUI, HP, HP/UX, HP 9000, HTML, HR, IBM, DB2, Internet Information Server, Informatica 4.x, Informatica 7.1, Informatica 9.1.x, Informatica 8.1, Informatica 8.6, Informatica, Inventory, Investments, Korn shell, LAN, team lead, Lotus, Lotus Notes, managing, marketing, Access, MS Access, Mail, MS SQL Server 6.5, SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Visual C, Windows, Windows platform, Windows 2000, 2000, 3.1I, Windows 95, 98, NT Server, NT, Windows NT, Windows XP, MS Word, migration, Modeling, MS DOS, Enterprise, navigation, Novell, Novell NetWare, Novell Network, oil, OLAP, Operating Systems, ORACLE v, ORACLE, Oracle 8.x, DB, Developer, PLSQL, PL/SQL, Oracle 7, Oracle 8, organizational, OS2, Paradox 3.5, Payroll, PeopleSoft 9, personnel, pivot tables, PowerBuilder, Pricing, processes, Procurement, Programming, RDBMS, real-time, Recruitment, reporting, Risk Management, Sales 6.0.1, Sales, Sales 8.0, SAP Workflow, SAP, SAP R/3 3.1, SAP v, SD, scheduling, servers, Shell, Scripts, Shipping, Siebel 7.0.4, Siebel, Siebel 6.0.1, Sun Solaris, Sun Solaris 2.5, Solaris 2.5, MS SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL, SQL Server, SQL Loader, SQL * Loader, SQR, Staffing, strategy, Sun, Sparc, Sun OS, Sybase 4.2, Sybase, Sybase SQL Server, tables, tax, technician, trading systems, translating, translation, Type 2, UNIX, HP Unix, UNIX Shell scripts, UNIX shell, upgrades, upgrade, utilities, validation, VB Script, View, Visual Basic, Visual Basic 6, VB, Web sites, Word Basic, Workflow, written
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Professional Summary

Steadfast blown film manufactory professional with 5 years of experience and proficiencies in film extrusion and critical process . Accomplished at operating packaging machinery effectively to avoid accidents and troubleshooting equipment problems to prevent delays and reduce standby times. Works independently with little to no supervision.

Multi-talented changeover technician consistently rewarded for success in planning and operational improvements. Experience in policy development and staff management procedures positively impacting overall morale and productivity.

Update and maintain current ISO documentation and incorporate Berrys vision and values into daily work team operations.

  • Java, C++
  • Software
  • Database: MSQL, Microsoft Access

  • System upgrades
  • Data backup and retrieval
  • Remote access technology
  • Firewalls: Cisco ASA Firewalls
  • Designing security controls
  • Team oversight
  • Excellent diagnostic skills
  • Endpoint protection: McAfee
  • Deductive reasoning skills
  • Communication skills
  • IDS/IPS: Snort (by cisco, previously owned by Sourcefire)
  • Packet Capture: WireShark
  • SIEM: Remedy
  • Forensics: Encase Investigator
  • Quality control
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Heavy Equipment Operation
  • Machine adjustment
  • Project organization
  • Heavy Equipment Operation
  • Team management
  • Supervision
  • Relationship development
Work History
Information System Specialist, 06/2016 to Current
Global One SolutionsAtlanta, GA
  • Provided object-oriented design, programming and implementation support to the customer billing system, written in C++.
  • Prepared test plans and data, and user documentation for customer billing system.
  • Problem-solved hardware issues with fault-tolerant hard drives.
  • Increased productivity, accuracy and efficiency while reducing delays and eliminating errors during data upload procedures.
  • Setting and protecting UNIX servers and supervising security logs and reports
  • Studying and executing UNIX security outcomes
  • Resolved malfunctions with systems and programs through troubleshooting.
Blown Film Operator, 11/2015 to Current
Laddawn Inc.Atlanta, atlanta
  • Provided documentation on start-up, shut down and first level troubleshooting of processes to help desk staff.
  • Independently designed and executed company catalog for infrastructure support and development.
  • Recommended network security standards to management.
  • Provided methodologies for object-oriented software development and efficient database design.
  • Carrying out risk review surveys to recognize security threat and modifications
  • Analyzing security processes and working on strengthening it
  • Developed standards and polices in establishing physical security between computer and terminals
  • Ensured authorized access to files by revoking access,
  • Investigating unauthorized access, and reporting violations
  • Handled all aspects of information assurance processes including risk analysis, system certifications, auditing, security documentation, and security testing
  • Observed machine operations to verify quality and conformity of packaged products, stepping in to resolve issues promptly and avoid costly production errors.
  • Sorted and weighed products after packaging to assess quality, identify defects and grade resulting items.
  • Regulated machine flow, speed, and temperature and stopped and reset machine to address malfunctions.
  • Reported malfunctions and errors to supervising staff, addressed concerns and supported other machine operators completing challenging workloads under tight schedules.
Project Manager, 03/2013 to 01/2015
ARTAM EVENTSNo. 19, Jalan pudu ulu, Off Jalan Cheras, Wilayah Persekutuan, 57100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Project discovery and planning: Guide work from client needs and idea to goals and delivery.
  • Pull together team leaders and account staff to research and define new products and budget.
  • Build and delegate work plans, communicating progress to account executives.
  • Accountability: Set clear expectations and goals for project teams.
  • Track progress against timeline, milestones and budget, revise as needed.
  • Coordinated with systems partners to finalize designs and confirm requirements.
  • Designed strategic plan for component development practices to support future projects.
  • Consistently met deadlines and requirements for all production work orders.
  • Managed creative projects from concept to completion while managing outside vendors.
  • Designed and implemented new server standards for core business services.
Data Entry, 02/2009 to 01/2013
ECKO business kuala lumpur
  • Prepare data for inputting into databases Input data in an accurate and efficient manner Verify accuracy of information prior to keying Corroborate data accuracy after performing data entry procedures Update records and information in the database Compile statistical data for analysis purposes Retrieve data for informational purposes as directed Compare entered data with the source documents Process forms as directed.
Diploma: Information Technology, 01/2007
University Of Nairobi
Information Technology
Bachelors of Computer Science: 03/2010
Segi University College - Malaysia Kuala Lumpu
language translation




4-Malay : bahasa Malaysia


On request


security+ in progress

CISSP  in progress

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Professional Summary
Experience in high-volume environments with complex problem solving abilities. Strong communication and organizational skills. Excellent work ethic with a willingness to learn new skills and strengthen existing.
  • OpsView Alert
  • Skybot Scheduler
  • Midnight Commander
  • MySQL
  • Bash/Shell
  • Command Line
  • Filezilla
  • Cisco VPN
  • JIRA
  • Confluence
  • RDP
  • SSH
  • Ubuntu
  • OSX
  • Windows
Work History
Configuration Analyst/Production Support Technician, 11/2012 to 03/2017
MedHOK, INC 5550 W Idlewild Ave #150, Tampa, Florida 33634

Configuration Analysts - QA Team

  • Configuration and documentation for client environments
  • Created, configured and tested letters for CMS compliance
  • Tested software for client readiness and improvement to new and existing products 
  • Worked with development team to assess issues and test for solutions
  • Created test case scenarios to be used by configuration analysts and clients for end testing
  • Troubleshooted and resolved application issues escalated from end users
  • Conducted user regression and other tests on products and components
  • Opened and documented defect tickets
  • Completed testing on code releases to ensure quality
  • Integrated application software configuration changes





Production Support Technician - ITOps and Help Desk

  • Manage internal and clients VPN's
  • Assisted deployments for all production and non-production environments
  • Assisted Development, Infrastructure and QA teams in troubleshooting issues
  • Monitored Windows and Linux based servers (OpsView Alerts and Skybot Scheduler)
  • Restarted application and servers as needed (via command line and scheduler)
  • Help Desk - Application Support (email and phone)
  • Desktop support for internal users (email, phone, messenger and onsite)
  • Ticket system for daily workload (JIRA)
  • Created procedures and documentation (Confluence)
  • Maintained Compliance Standards and Annual HIPAA Certification
Website Implementation/Customer Support Representative, 11/2007 to 11/2012
Above Technology/Trans2000 Design Mabank, Texas/Telecommute
  • Customer Management - Setup and Support
  • Data Entry
  • Website Installations
  • Affiliate Registrations
  • Administrative Duties
Office Manager, 05/2004 to 11/2007
Sunset Premium Hardwoods, INC 17022 Arch Street, Little Rock, Arkansas 72206
  • Administrative Duties
  • Account Receivables
  • Account Payables
  • Collections
  • Data Entry
  • Inventory
  • Lumber/Plywood Orders
  • Office Supplies
  • Assisting Customers with Orders
GED: 1994
Arkansas Adult Learning Resource Center - 1900 Hazel Street, Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71603
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Professional Summary
I am a hard-worker who enjoys a team environment but also demonstrates success in individual tasks. Skilled in collaborating smoothly with a diverse range of management styles.
  • Internal components installation
  • Mobile data devices installation
  • Focused
  • Innovative thinker
  • Detail-oriented
  • Strong communication skills
Work History
Configuration Technician 1 02/2017 to Current
Prosys Alpharetta, GA
  • Troubleshooting and configuring computers, laptops, and tablets.
  • Diagnosed problems in computer and network hardware and software.
  • Repaired and deployed numerous Apple products.
  • Inspect, assemble, install , and deployed new computers.
Shop Foreman/Lead Technician 02/2013 to 02/2017
First Environmental Decatur, GA
  • Operated heavy equipment such as excavators, tandem dump trucks/rollers, and bulldozers.
  • Maintenance of all shop equipment and vehicles on a day to day basis.
  • Repair of transformers for Southern Company/Georgia Power.
  • OSHA certified and 40 hour HAZMAT certified.
Lead Technician/Operator 06/2010 to 03/2013
Southern Company Ga Power Forest Park, GA
  • Operated heavy equipment such as excavators, front end loaders, and skid-steer loaders.
  • Performed physically demanding tasks while working outside in all weather conditions.
  • Worked with CSX on train derailments and other emergency response situations.
  • Trained and certified to enter southern company sub-stations.
Diploma: Aug. 2003 Burke County High School -
Associated : Engineering Fort Valley State University - Fort Valley, GA
Associates degree: computer programming Present Gwinnett Technical College - computer programming