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Skillful Java Software Engineer resume

Fang Han
Professional Summary
  • Over ten years of commercial software development experience in multiple industries including healthcare, telecommunication and shipping & transportation.
  • Advanced professional in converting complex user requirements to accurate software specification, design and implementation. 
  • In-depth understanding of the practical applications of object-oriented programming and design principles.
  • Focus, energetic and enthusiasm for creating high-quality software products.
  • Excellent team player and problem solver.
  • Java /Java EE Programming Languages & Technologies: Java 1.8, Servlet, Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Struts, JUnit, Mokito, RESTful Web Service, SOAP web service, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, JAXB, JDBC, JPA, Log4j, JSP, Swing, AWT and RMI
  • Web Technologies, Scripting & Markup Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, JSON, XML, MXML, ActionScript, and Unix Shell Scripts
  • Database & tools: SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL and Cassandra
  • Operating Systems: Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and Unix
  • Performance measurement tool: Apache JMeter
  • Agile Scrum management tool: Rally

  • Build & Development Tools: Maven, Ant, IntelliJ, Eclipse, Splunk, Jenkins, Radar, Oracle SQL Developer, DataStax DevCenter, SQL Server Management Studio, pgAdmin, FlexBuilder, PuTTY and Jasper Reports
  • Version control system: GIT, SVN and CVS
  • Application/Web Servers: JBoss, Apache Tomcat and JRun
  • UI Frameworks/Template Engine: Freemarker, Velocity, Flex and Mate
  • UML Tool and Project & issue tracking tool: Enterprise Architect , Jira
  • Code Analysis Tools: Sonar and FindBugs
  • VM: VirtualBox and Vagrant
Work History
Consultant - Senior Software Engineer PayPal Holdings Inc. - San Jose, CA 08/2018 - Current
  • Designed and implemented multi-account management system for merchant/vendor account creation and on-boarding process for large scale PayPal partners.
  • Improved restful web service performance and reduced 50% response time by optimizing POST and PATCH requests. 
  • Mentored junior developers in detailed design and software development processes. 
  • Regularly provided recommendations for architectural improvements, design solutions and integration solutions.
Senior Software Engineer Veeva Systems Inc - Pleasanton, CA 10/2017 - 07/2018
  • As a senior software engineer in Vault EDC team worked on the clinical trial management system that allows customers run complex multi-arm adaptive trials and get better insights faster and accelerate data-drive decisions. Involved in designing and developing the key features at all software layers including presentation layer, service layer and repository and persistence layer. Implemented Spring Restful web services and leveraged Jackson library to serialize or map java objects to JSON for casebook, event and event group creations. 
  • Designed and developed the complex Dynamic Form feature allowing the system to dynamically create forms in the existing events based on the validation rules written. Designed and implemented the in-memory data cache for the requests of creating dynamic forms with event group, event and form definition, relationships and the corresponding data instances. Improved the performance of data access to MySQL database to meet the performance requirements.
  • Enhanced and improved the key features as SDV and DMR review, freezing and locking events and the forms and casebook PDF reports involved with both Java and JavaScript development for front-end and back-end. 
  • Vagrant is used for building virtual machine server on the local development environment, GIT is used as version control system for handling multiple releases and code versions.
  • The languages, technologies, framework and tools were used in the design, front-end  and server side implementations and the unit testing: Java 1.8, Spring MVC Framework, Spring REST, Hibernate, Maven, JUnit, Mockito, Tomcat, JavaScript, CSS, Backbone.js, Jasmine, Vagrant, GIT and IntelliJ.
Senior Software Engineer Guidewire Software, Inc. - San Jose, CA 10/2016 - 09/2017
  • Play key role in designing, developing and unit testing service interfaces and insurance underwriting and policy processing system for InsuranceNow application.
  • Interacted with clients and business analysts for requirement gathering, analysis and prepared technical design specifications and drove projects from the requirements to technical design, implementation and successful delivery.
  • Participated in peer reviews for designs and implementations in multiple projects. 
  • Improved quality of existing code through debugging, re-factoring and improving unit tests.
  • Conducting code reviews for peers and junior engineers and providing comments and feedback for best practice.
  • Continuously contributed to a culture of software excellence in: design, coding standards, testing and tools.
  • Provided end-to-end application support with fast turn-around time during new product launch.
Consultant - Senior Java Developer Apple - Sunnyvale, CA 09/2015 - 10/2016

My Major Responsibilities:

  • Involved in various phases of the software development life cycle including requirement gathering, data modeling, analysis, design and development.
  • Worked directly with the business owner and prepared functional and technical design specifications and drove projects from the requirements to technical design, implementation and successful delivery for Gather, ApplePedia and Village application.
  • Participated in peer reviews for designs and implementations in multiple projects. 
  • Improved quality of existing code through debugging, re-factoring and improving unit tests.
  • Continuously contributed to a culture of software excellence in: design, coding standards, testing and tools.
  • Used Agile software development methodology for developing the applications, involved in fixing high priority and high severity issues in timely manner.  

Key Project: Gather

Gather is a powerful tool invented for communication and collaboration, it is being used internally inside Apple to facilitate team communication, coordination and collaboration. Therefore it greatly improves the productivity of various functional teams inside Apple.

  • Analyzed the requirement and created design documents. Conducted reviews with both development and business teams.
  • Developed the plugins on controller layer using Struts, implemented Spring service layer with dependency injection and annotations. Also implemented DAO using Spring framework JDBC and domain objects. 
  • Used Freemarker template to integrate with Struts to generate output. 
  • Developed RESTful web services with Spring.
  • Created the dynamic web pages using HTML, Javascript, JQuery, Ajax and CSS.
  • Worked on PostgreSQL Relational Database and used pgAdmin to build, edit, and format database SQL queries. 
  • Created the unit tests using JUnit for the server side components. The application is deployed to Apache Tomcat.
  • Worked on issue analysis and bug fixing using Jira tool for all issue tickets reported and project tracking.
  • Participated in peer to peer code reviews and provided valuable comments and suggestions during the reviews.
Senior Software Engineer eHealth - Mountain View, CA 02/2014 - 01/2015

eHealth is a national marketplace that lists sales quotes for various health insurance and allows consumers to apply for coverage online.

My Major Responsibilities:

  • Contributed to design, architecture, unit testing and code reviews for the main features of WBE system on OEP (open enrollment period) environment and SEP (special enrollment period) environment such as Pediatric Dental plan and Atlas flow. 
  • Worked directly with the product managers, explored product requirement to identify technical difficulties, recommended the UI design and development approaches, and drove projects from the requirement to technical design, implementation and successful delivery.
  • Helped maintain appropriate unit test coverage, software structure and supportability.
  • Collaborated closely with other engineers on code reviews, design document, and process enhancements.

Key Project: Pediatric Dental plan

Pediatric Dental is one of the 10 essential health benefits. If a qualified health plan does not include Pediatric Dental, the consumer can purchase a stand-alone (Pediatric) Dental plan and apply his subsidy to the Pediatric portion of the Dental qualified health plan, after the subsidy has been applied to the Medical QHP. 

  • Designed Pediatric Dental involving user workflow and server side components and database schema change. Pediatric Dental has the multiple pieces. It includes listing available Pediatric Dentals under selected qualified health plan, selecting dental plan, advanced Premium Tax Credit calculation for selected dental plan, dental plan application creation and submit enrollment to Federally Facilitated Marketplace.
  • Developed Pediatric Dental Plan service layer, business layer and data access layer using Java, Spring framework, Hibernate. 
  • Used Freemarker template to integrate with Spring MVC to generate output. 
  • Created the dynamic web pages using HTML, Javascript, JQuery, Ajax and CSS.
  • Worked on Oracle Relational Database and used Oracle SQL Developer to build, edit, and format database SQL queries. 
  • Created the unit tests using JUnit for the server side components. The application is deployed to Apache Tomcat.
  • Worked on bug fixing and feature enhancements on change requests. Used Jira tool for all issue tracking and project tracking.
  • Involved in peer to peer code review and gave valuable review comments for correction.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Helped to drive a 10 percent more individual and family health insurance OEP (open enrollment period) applications submission than the initial estimate through due to the improved work flow and the new features. 
  • Reduce the call center agent's turnaround time for helping the customers finish the questionnaires and the enrollment.
Senior Software Engineer Northrop Grumman Corporation - San Mateo, CA 03/2013 - 01/2014

a leading global security company providing innovative systems, products and solution.

Served as senior Java developer for Shipping Services and Contract Administration of the Program Registration system at the USPS projects. The Program Registration system is a web based portal that provides the capability for customers to register for services, includes shipping service programs and custom contracts. My major responsibilities included designing and developing One-click enrollment for Shipping Services applications and feature enhancement on Contract Administration application. As the key member in the team, I guided the new team members for setting up their development environment for the projects. I worked directly with the product managers and product owners to explore product requirement and drive the projects from the requirement to technical design, implementation and successful delivery. 

Key Project:

One-click Enrollment project helps Shipping Services application users reduce the steps in program enrollment, save the time and reduce the overhead works such as questionnaire and survey. It includes, Program List, My Profile Survey, Business location change (allows user to switch their master CRID to a different business location, programs for which you are enrolled in or eligible to enroll in will be displayed upon selecting a location), List live current enrolled program, Additional Contact information capture. Certification Questionnaire, Manage shipping location.

  • Designed One-click Enrollment involving user workflow, use cases, UML Class diagram and Sequence diagram. 
  • Developed One-click Enrollment on UI presentation layer, controller, services layer, DAO layer and domain layer using Java, Hibernate, Spring MVC Framework, JSP, HTML and CSS. 
  • Worked on Oracle Relational Database and used Oracle SQL Developer to build, edit, and format database SQL queries, packages, procedures and functions. 
  • Used JUnit for creating server side unit tests and Maven for Project Build.  Deployed the application to Apache Tomcat.
  • Used tortoise SVN to keep track of all work and changes for the source code.
  • Involved in peer to peer code review and gave valuable review comments for correction.
Software Engineer Casenet Inc - Bedford, MA 03/2011 - 02/2013

The TruCare application is a member-centric care management solution that provides case, disease, and utilization management for health plans. It is the core product of the company. As key member of the development team of the product, I quickly became SME (Subject Matter Expert) and Gatekeeper in four major areas of the product, and responsible for making final technical decisions in those areas.  

My Key Achievements:

  • Key role in designing and developing multiple features for key functional subsystems on the domain models, services and UI in three major releases. 
  • Worked directly with the product managers, explore product requirement to figure out technical difficulties, recommend the UI design and development approaches, and drive projects from the requirement to technical design, implementation and successful delivery.
  • Participated in peer reviews for designs and implementations in multiple projects. 
  • Improved quality of existing code through debugging, re-factoring and improving unit tests.
  • Continuously evolved and contributed to a culture of software excellence in: design, coding standards, testing and tools. 
  • Provided help and guidance to junior team members in both the domain knowledge and the technical skills.

Key Projects:


InterQual Clinical Review, Transition Plan and Quality Measure 

Home Community Services

  • Key contributor to the design and the development of the three main features in TruCare system.
  • Helped other engineers who are not familiar with Flex, MXML and ActionScript in the scrum team to learn the framework and languages in a very short time and constantly answer domain knowledge and technical questions during the design and implementation.
  • I was responsible for the entire lifecycle including requirements gathering, domain model design, implementation and unit testing.
  • The languages, technologies and framework were used in the design, client side and server side implementation and the unit testing: Java, Adobe Flex, Adobe AIR, Hibernate, Spring Framework, Maven, UML, JUnit, JBoss and Jasper Reports.
Software Engineer II Nuance Communications Inc - Burlington, MA 02/2006 - 02/2011

eScription's computer aided medical transcription solution are suite of distributed multi-tier applications deployed in large hospitals and healthcare organizations to improve productivity and reduce cost of medical transcription.

My Key Achievements:

  • Key contributor to the design and development of eScription's computer aided medical transcription solution. As key member of the EditScript Administration team I have involved in the development and enhancement of Editscript, EMon and NetScript.
  • My major responsibilities included analysis of customer feedback from the product usability meetings and identify major enhancement to be included in next release cycle, writing software functional specification, design specification, coding, unit testing, and coordination with the QA and release team. 
  • I was also participating in design review, code review and provide guidance to junior level software engineers.  My development work spans UI, the middle tier and the back-end databases. After five years at eScription I have become SME in EMon application and EditScript Server. 

Key Projects and Duties:

Clinician's Patient Picklist and Electronic Signature Enhancements

  • I was responsible for the requirement gathering.
  • I designed the features based on the product requirements, created the functional specification and the design specification and conducted review meetings with various stakeholders across the organization including product management, the technical architect, the QA manager and the installation team manager.
  • I developed both the front-end User Interface and the back-end business logic and workflow, and wrote the unit tests.
  • The technologies were used in the projects: Swing, Servlet, Java/J2EE, RMI, XML, JSP, JDBC JUnit and SQL

Servlet Controller Tool

  • I was responsible for the design and the development of this tool.
  • This is a sophisticate tool used by the support, sysAdmin, QA and development team to define, migrate, start and stop the servlets and deploy the jar files for each servlet for the 200 more customers on the different realm (playpen, development and production environment). I redesigned and implemented the tool so that it can run under both JRun and JBoss.  
  • The tool was written in Java.


  • As a senior team member I acted as the representative of EditScript Administration team working with the QA, installation, support and release teams to analyze and prioritize defects and assign them to the appropriated team members who will fix the issues.  
  • Working with other members in the team to ensure the full resolutions of the defects. 
Master of Science: Computer Science University of Massachusetts - Lowell

GPA: 3.8/4.0

Bachelor of Science: Mathematics Capital Normal University - Beijing
Work Authorization Status

U.S. permanent resident

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Job-winning Java Software Engineer resume

Priti Singh
Multi-task and Detail-oriented Senior Software Engineer/Scrum Master with more than 21+ years of experience designing innovative financial applications and achieving high client satisfaction. *Highly motivated to drive projects from start to finish, independently and with a team.
  • Java, JSP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML and Unix
  • Solid knowledge of Ajax, SQL Stored procedures on Mainframe
  • UNIX environment administration and scripting
  • Knowledge of web development and web services
  • Coding and modularization using best software development practices
  • Testing/Quality verification skills
  • Excellent diagnostic and problem-solving skills
  • Solid understanding of the software development lifecycle using SDLC
  • Client focused, deadline beater
  • Team builder/leadership
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Onshore/Offshore Resource Management J2EE: JAVA, JMS, JSP, JDBC, SERVLETS, XML, XSL, XSLT,
  • EhCache, Web Services, SOAP, WSDL, AJAX,
  • ExtJS, JSON, JavaScript
  • Hadoop, Impala, Hive, Hibernate, JPA, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, SQL based STORED PROCEDURES,
  • Subversion, PVCS, Quality Center, Jira, Fortify, TRADING SYSTEMS, Multi-Threading, Design Patterns
  • Real Time Data Feed: Reuters, Morningstar
  • Agile Methodology: Scrum, TDD, FDD, XP, Paired Programming
12/2013 to Current
Application Architect/ Project Manager L&T Infotech Edison, NJ
  • Leading a team of 16 professional as senior architect and project manager for creating a global visualization tool for anti-money laundering.
  • Also performed as Scrum Master for some of the projects cycles.
  • Leading a team of developers, to design the application using class diagrams and sequence charts based on use cases.
  • Designed and developed tool using J2EE 1.7, Spring (MVC JDBC Template AOP), Bigdata.
  • Integrating legacy data into BigData using Hadoop.
  • Created data communication using Hive, Impala, scoop etc.
  • Created 40 front end screens using.
  • ExtJS and JSON.
  • Managing work responsibility between onshore and offshore resources.
  • Working with QA and BA teams for managing and resolving defects.
  • All development was conducted using Scrum/Agile process.
02/2013 to 12/2013
Lead Java Architect/ Developer Consultant AIG Jersey City, NJ
  • Working as senior java architect and developer for next generation insurance products at AIG.
  • Leading a team of Spring developers, to design the application using class diagrams and sequence charts based on use cases.
  • Integrating legacy products into high-performance Phoenix system.
  • Designed and developed Products Selection page, a line of business selection, Payment Plan and Bind/Book policy functionality for the application.
  • J2EE stack, JSON, XML HTML 4 & 5 MySQL, Oracle.
  • Design developed EPNS policy generation function for the insurance product.
  • SSL Certificate, Open JPA, XML, Oracle.
  • Creating new forms and fields on the front end.
  • ExtJS, JSON, JavaScript.
  • Working on a new line of businesses, developing features using J2EE/ Spring 2.5/Web Services /RAD 7.5/WAS 7.0 with DB2 and Oracle.
  • Working as Scrum Master in agile software development, employing ATDD, FDD, and XP paired programming, etc.
  • techniques.
  • Managing work responsibility between onshore and offshore resources.
  • Working with QA and BA teams for managing and resolving defects.
01/2001 to 11/2012
Lead Associate UBS Weehawken, NJ
  • J2EE/Java) Investment Solution Trading System Worked within a team of 2-10 members to design and develop the front end user Interface of the IS Trading platform.
  • The Investment Solutions Trading System (IST) is the block trading system for PMP and PPM Financial Advisors trading Equities, ETFs, Options (covered calls & hedged puts) and Mutual Funds.
  • It is designed to streamline the process of order creation, order execution and trade allocation across accounts.
  • Used SDLC and variety of techniques and tools in the development and unit testing of software applications, including object oriented programming languages and software tools, analysis and design techniques, database management systems, middleware and data access and retrieval programs.
  • Improved client relationships and project predictability through shared business and technical perspectives, agreed on project requirements, risk assessment, and time-boxed delivery.
  • Completed business requirements analysis including the evaluation of systems specifications for the new product along with mock-ups ahead of the deadline.
  • Coordinated with third-party development teams on trade execution, reconciliation and System Design (CICS links, MQ).
  • Resolved issue of missing analytics feature in the system through J2EE/Apache POI based MS Excel reports generator.
  • Took responsibility for design specifications, development of key components and many features of the core product.
  • The result was that business group kept our product despite a strong challenge by vendor products.
  • Developed a novel technique to overcome 32k CICS comma-area limit for the current application using AJAX/stored procedures and temp tables.
  • System Administered SunOS, Solaris, AIX and Windows systems to ensure availability for application servers to developers and business analysts in DEV and QA region.
  • Provided continued maintenance and development assistance for complex issues and patch-sets for existing web applications using local WSAD server and by configuring and deployment of applications on Websphere Application Server 6.
  • Working knowledge of mainframe TSO system to create, promote and maintain application packages for stored procedures.
01/1997 to 01/2001
Assistance Software Engineer IBM, Application Development and Technology Center Toronto, ON
  • Managed and developed new features using Java/C++ in the Object Builder toolkit for CORBA-based Component Broker, a key constituent of IBM's WebSphere Application Server.
01/1995 to 01/1997
Research Assistant University of Saskatchewan - Saskatoon, SK
  • Developed and implemented a microprocessor (DSP, TMS-C31) based state of the art optimization algorithm and system for real-time, early and reliable detection of faults for the protection of power system equipment.
Masters of Science Degree: Electrical Engineering University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon Canada Electrical Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering: Electrical Engineering Punjab University Chandigarh India Electrical Engineering
Work History
Department of Electrical Engineering
"Microprocessor Based Instrument for Detecting and Locating Electric Arcs"; IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, Vol. 13, No. 4, Oct. 1998, pp. 1079-1085. *"Arcing Fault Detection Using Artificial Neural Networks"; International Journal of Neurocomputing, Vol. 23, 1998, pp. 225-241. *"Protection of Power System Apparatus Against Arcing Faults," Proceedings of the IEEE Region 10 Int. Conf. On Global Connectivity in Energy, Computer, Communication and Control, New Delhi, 17-19 Dec. 1998, pp. 436-439. *"A New Technique for Detecting and Locating Electric Arcs in Power System Apparatus," Proceedings of the Int. Conf. On Modern Trends in the Protection Schemes of Electric Power Apparatus and Systems, New Delhi, 28-30 Oct. 1998, pp. IX-31 - IX-36. *"A New Technique for Detection and Location of Arcing Faults in Power System Apparatus," Proceedings of the IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering, Waterloo, Canada, May 1998, pp. 185-188.
streamline, Agile, AIX, AJAX, Apache, architect, art, BA, Bind, Book, C++, charts, CICS, interpersonal and communication, CORBA, CSS, Client, database management, delivery, DSP, ECLIPSE, Equities, XML, features, Financial, forms, Funds, HTML, HTML 4 & 5, IBM, DB2, insurance, J2EE, J2EE 1.7, Java, JMS, JSP, JavaScript, JDBC, JSON, KSH, leadership, Team builder, Mainframe, Managing, microprocessor, access, MS Excel, money, Windows, middleware, MVC, MySQL, next, novel, object oriented programming, optimization, Oracle, developer, page, problem-solving skills, Coding, Programming, PVCS, Quality, QA, RAD 7.5, RAD, real-time, Real Time, requirements analysis, Reuters, risk assessment, Scrum, SDLC, servers, SERVLETS, scripting, SOAP, software development, SUN/SOLARIS, Solaris, SQL, SSL, SunOS, System Design, tables, TOMCAT, Trading System, TRADING SYSTEMS, TSO, UNIX, user Interface, web applications, web development, WEBSPHERE, XSL, XSLT
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Top Java Software Engineer skills

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Experienced Java Software Engineer resume

Bilal Raja
Core Competencies
  • C++ Software Development (3 years)
  • Python (2 years)
  • Java (1 year)
  • SQL (1 year)
  • Valgrind (1 year)
  • MEAN Stack (1 year)
  • Angular (1 year)
  • IOS Development (1 year)
  • ReactJS (1 year)
  • HTML/CSS/javaScript (2 years)
Education and Training
Bachelor of Arts : Computer Science, 2017 University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI

CSE Courses Taken: Web Database and Information Systems, Data Structures, Software Engineering, Algorithms, Theory of Computation, Computer Organization, Database Management Systems, Cryptography, Essentials for CS

Wikipedia Search Engine:
  • Built a full-stack Wikipedia Search Engine utilizing Python Flask, AJAX, and HTML/CSS/ReactJS
  • Implemented a MapReduce server running on Hadoop's CLI that indexes and persists Wikipedia files.
  • Developed an index server that handles search queries and returns results based on PageRank scoring.​
  • Built a full-stack personalized photo viewing website using NodeJS, HTML/CSS/Angular, and MySQL which allows users to upload, group, and post photos.
  • The frontend is implemented as feeds that contain photos posted by users and their friends. 
  • The backend is implemented as a Cache Server which abstracts the database and serves the purpose of reducing query latency.
  • Developed a fully functional RDBMS in C++ that supports DDL and  DML statements from a subset of ANSI SQL and provides indexing capabilities on any subset of columns. 
  • Optimized data retrieval by implementing hash and bst indexes on given columns. 
Software Developer
July 2018 to Current
  • Worked on a startup that focused on incorporating Blockchain technology to provide company-specific enterprise solutions to our clients which include Samsung and HTC.
  • Developed a full-stack e-commerce platform for our client, TheGreenSolution, employing NodeJS, Express, ReactJS, and MongoDB that allows users to make online purchases using a tokenized asset created by our system. 
  • Partnered with several blockchain companies to provide our customers with decentralized cloud storage and the ability to liquify their illiquid assets.
Application Developer
  • Developed an application that uses a matching algorithm which allows first year students to find a mentor that best suits their needs.
  • Identified and linked with multiple mentorship programs within the University of Michigan.
  • Learned Swift programming with no previous knowledge of mobile app development to develop the app.
  • Implemented functionality to manage schedules, calendars, and events based on student interests and needs.
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