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  • Spot Bonus Awards at Blue Shield of California.
  • Our Team was nominated for the MVIA Award in Blue Shield of California.
  • Multiple Individual recognitions from various people while at Blue Shield of California.
Professional Summary

Over 13+ years of experience in design, development and testing and production support phases of message transformation and routing implementations / interfaces with various WebSphere products such as WBI MB 6.0/6, WTX 8.3, WebSphere MQ 5.3/6.0/7.0/7.5. Experienced in Installation, Configuration, Administration and Development with WBI Message Broker 5.0, 6.0 & 6.1, Web sphere MQ 5.3, 6.0 ,7.0 &7.5 in Windows and AIX box. Extensive experience in supporting and implementation of Business Integration of various customers using MQ Series, WBIMB & WTX. Handled different types of message formats like HIPAA X12,SWIFT,XML and MRM formats using WebSphere Message Broker and Web Sphere MQ. Extensive architecture design for EDI 83X and 27X mapping, from ANSI X12, XML to X12 and X12 to ANSI X12, XML. Experience in working with connectors like Jtext in WBI Adapters framework. Experienced in working with ALTOVA XMLSpy for creating & validating the messages against schemas (.xsd) for Unit Testing. Having experience in working with MQSI & MQSC Commands and MQ series object. Experienced in working with JIRA, Rational Clear Quest Web for Defect Fixing & Tracking. Experienced in Production support of AIX box for WMB 8.0,MQ7.5 and WTX8.2. Responsible for other vendor interfaces in Production Environment. Having Experience in the administration of the Sterling components-Sterling B2B integrator ,Sterling Control Center,Sterling Secure Proxy and Sterling File Gateway. Hands on experience in Build process & Release Notes Proven ability in quick understanding and learning of new technologies and their application in business solutions. Highly motivated team player with strong communication, analytical and organizational skills. Proven experience to coordinate between Offshore, Onsite Teams and handling 24 7 support. Good debugging and problem solving skills with excellent understanding of system development methodologies, techniques and tools.

  • Domain:Health Care, Banking ,Insurance
  • IBM Web Sphere:IIB 10.00,WMB, WTX8.4/8.2, WMQ /9.0/7.5/7.0/6.0/5.3
  • Monitoring: Tivoli Monitoring and Splunk Reporting
  • Databases: MS SQL Server 2005/2008, Oracle 8i/9i/10g, IBM DB29.5/8.2/7.2
  • JSON and Restful Web Services
  • Data Center Migration
  • Agile and Waterfall Development
  • Enterprise Application Intergration
  • Software Versioning Tools: Tortoise SVN, Borland Star Team, Rational Clear Case ,CVSIssue Tracking & Project Management 
  • Tools:JIRA,Quality Center, HP Service Management 
  • SystemLanguages: Java,Groovy,Python, ESQL, SQL, PL/SQL, C, C++, V.Basic, HTML, XML, .NetOperating Systems: Windows Server 2000/2003, UNIX, Linux and AIX.
  • Tools: Edifecs EAM, Spec Builder, MapBuilder,Transaction Manager, Oracle Toad 9.7.2, FileZilla, Putty, RFHUTIL/RFHUTILC,TextPad, UltraEdit,mRemoteNG, Altova XMLSpy,IBM MQMON, MQMFT,Sterling B2B integrator ,Sterling Control Center,Sterling Secure Proxy and Sterling File Gateway
Work History
01/2016 - Current Lead Developer | Blue Shield of California - San Francisco, CA
  • IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender 8.3 & Message Broker 7.0 Integration at IBM Self-Paced Training Course (ZE310).
  • Edifecs Healthcare Suite product training including courses for SpecBuilder, Transaction Management.
  • Healthcare Insurance Domain Certification program at MphasiS an HP company, Chennai (India).
04/2014 - 12/2016 Module Lead | Mphasis
  • Environment : AIX, Websphere Message Broker, Websphere Message Queue, Websphere Transformation Extender, Oracle client and Edifecs TM.
  • Sterling components-Sterling B2B integrator, Sterling Control Center, Sterling Secure Proxy and Sterling File Gateway.
  • Project Description: BSC Channel Advanced EDI is the project the processes both EDI 4010 and 5010 versions supported as per HIPPA regulations within the state of California.
  • One of the key goals of this project is to provide the Blue Shield of California healthcare clients and the members with reliable and secure ESB and EDI services.
  • EDIFECS receives the decrypted files from the trading partner.
  • It validates the trading Partner files and performs the required validations and the information is sent to WMB.
  • WMB receives the transactions from EDIFECS and performs business validation specific to Trading Partner rules, enriches the fields as required and transforms the file system into target system format.
  • WMB finally routes the transaction to target system.
  • BSC has deployed applications on EAI platform and EDIFECS within its enterprise for supporting EDI and HIPAA requirements.
  • This platform consists of a number of application software components facilitating the exchange and validation of electronic information between applications.
  • The goal of the project is to replace the existing technology see beyond to IBM EAI Tools, EDIFECS and migrating of Flows from HIPAA Standard 4010 to 5010.
  • Responsibilities:.
  • Participating in requirement analysis, design, modeling, development and implementation coordination.
  • Installed & Configured the MQ explorer on windows with the Development & Production Queue Managers for monitoring.
  • Installed & Configured the Message broker tool kit with the Development & Production Brokers for monitoring and deployment.
  • Responsible to migrate and develop the WTX maps using WTX Design Studio from HIPAA 4010 to HIPAA 5010.
  • Design and Development of Message flow for various interface as per the requirements and as per the existing integration platform.
  • Design and Development of Dynamic Invocation of WTX maps using Message Flows and WTX node.
  • Configure & deploy the interfaces for different System Environments in BSC.
  • Coordinate other stages of the project with the clients and the development team.
  • Mentoring new team members & update daily, monthly status reports to Client.
  • Perform root cause analysis in defect resolution and while debugging.
  • Responsible to fix the defects which came at the time of unit testing, break fix & stage environment.
  • Responsible to build & deploy the BAR files using MQSI command or Broker Tool Kit.
  • Experienced in working with MQSI, MQSC & AIX Commands for monitoring.
  • Performing heath checks on Queue Managers, Queues, channels and Broker components & File system.
  • Involved in stopping and starting all WMB components, WMQ objects.
  • Developed various Test Cases for different interfaces.
  • Lead and coordinate with L1/L2 and L3 support teams (EDI/ESB) for those Applications utilizing services to resolve Incidents and Problems.
  • Perform Problem Management.
  • Undertake an immediate effort to restore the failed service for high priority issues.
  • Coordinating with on-site team in resolving high priority issues.
  • Support activities for existing/new applications.
  • Planning tasks allotted for the team.
  • Creating/Updating Specifications Documents, System Test Documents and.
  • Run Book/Operations Manual.
  • Training/mentoring the team in resolving issues.
  • Planning and organizing Refresher Trainings to the team.
  • Support/Deployment of CR activities in production environment.
01/2009 - 09/2011 WMB Solution Developer | STATEFARM BANK
  • Web sphere MQ 6.0, DB2 9.5, Altova XMLSpy Websphere Message Broker & Websphere Message Queue, Websphere Process server, XML, XSL, XSD, Star Team (Source/Version Control), Service Center (Defect Tracking) Project Description The Integration BUS is a Service Oriented Architecture for multipurpose data transport.
  • It supports both online processing and offline batch processing which includes Credit Card, Security Question and Answers, Mortgage Application, Vehicle Loan and Electronic Flow of Funds services for State Farm Bank.
  • It also supports various file transfer Interfaces from the Application server to Vendor servers / Client Servers.
  • The EDS IBUS application provides the client with various data transfer interface they need to segment their customer base to support effective marketing campaigns and customer loyalty programs.
  • The architecture includes Websphere Message Broker and Websphere MQ installed and setup on AIX Unix servers for processing various services and batch programs.
  • The batch programs are automated through Perl scripting and Unix Shell Scripting.
  • The design toolkit for Message Broker embedded on eclipse platform creates the deployable objects and various programmable / configurable interface applications.
  • The configuration setup and data transformation is made with XML(Extended Markup Language), XSD(XML Schema Definition) and XSLT(XML Style Sheet) languages respectively.
  • State Farm Bank's electronic funds transfer (EFF) application is a Webservice designed using IBM Websphere Message Broker and Websphere Process Server.
  • This application runs on IBM AIX UNIX machine.
  • It supports various protocols like MQ, HTTPS and HTTP.
  • It connects to various client or vendor systems to pull the necessary information of account, customer etc which will be used to perform funds transfer for State farm bank users.
  • The application is designed based on SOA framework which makes the overall architecture to be a loosely coupled model.
  • Responsibilities:.
  • Application Maintenance, Enhancement and support for the IBUS and EFF Applications.
  • Involved in Project Analysis, Application Development, Application Testing, and Implementation for various enhancements in IBUS and EFF Applications.
  • Troubleshooting and fixing various Production defects.
  • Whenever required, Installing/Uninstalling IBM's Websphere Message Broker & in the QA, Staging & iBus Production Servers.
  • Knowledge transfer was given to new joiners in team about the various process involved in the iBus Application.
  • Password reset process.
  • Vigilant monitoring was done to all the iBUS interfaces in production servers including QA & Staging servers.
  • Responding quickly to the queries sent by client.
  • Co-coordinating with onsite team in case of resolving any critical issues.
01/2007 - 01/2009 WMB Solution Developer | CITCO
  • Web sphere MQ 6.0, DB2 9.5, Altova XMLSpy Websphere Message Broker & Websphere Message Queue, Websphere Process server, XML, XSL, XSD, Star Team (Source/Version Control), Service Center (Defect Tracking) Project Description: The Citco Group is a worldwide group of independent financial service providers, comprised of international banks, trust and fund services companies.
  • Citco Group companies provide corporate/fiduciary, fund administration, banking as well as data processing services.
  • CITCO is upgrading their CCS (Citco Custodial Service) application to NextGen.
  • NextGen is java based front end application that shall replace the existing CCS.
  • To complete CITCO's business transactions, NextGen would need to integrate with other satellite systems for information sharing.
  • CITCO Middleware addresses the integration of NextGen to the various satellite systems.
  • Integration with CCS is done across satellite system like Equation, CDS, Corona, NTAS, KoFax, DMS, SWIFT, XML FTP, OFAC etc.
  • Websphere Message Broker 6.0 is used for transformation and routing and Websphere MQ 6 and FTP are used as transport layer.
  • Involved in the design, development and testing of a system, NTAS which is one of the satellite systems.
  • The purpose of this interface is to integrate between NextGen and NTAS.
  • Involved in the design, development and testing Kofax.
  • This system does not support WMQ, the release document messages file from Kofax will be moved to dedicated folder in middleware system using Autosys.
  • The JText adapter will read the message from the specified source folder and convert the file content to JText WMQ message and deliver to the input queue of the common service.
  • Involved in the development and testing of SWIFT interface ,messages(Corporate-Actions, Payments etc) in the ISO20022 and ISO15022 format, is converted into NextGen proprietary formats and these converted messages are put to NextGen WFE.
  • The interface also gets NextGen proprietary formats, converts them to SWIFT messages in the ISO2022 and ISO15022 format and put these converted messages to the SWIFT Alliance Access System.
  • The interface with SWIFT Alliance system will take in a message from a pre-defined MQ input queue and provide the same to NextGen in a pre-defined MQ output queue (and vice-versa).
  • Responsibilities: As a team member, involved in the development and testing of the Message Flows for the identified interfaces.
  • Interface Analysis.
  • Low-level design of interface services.
  • Preparation of mapping specifications.
  • Client interaction for technical reviews.
  • Development - Message flows and message sets.
  • Coding using ESQL.
  • Preparation of Oracle scripts for the specified interface.
  • Preparation and execution of unit test cases.
  • Preparation and execution of system integration test cases.
  • User Acceptance Testing co-ordination MediBank Private Limited-Australia Client : MediBank Private Limited -Australia Duration : Apr 2006 - March 2009(3 months at client location for Medibank -Australia), Web sphere MQ 6.0, DB2 9.5, Altova XMLSpy Websphere Message Broker & Websphere Message Queue and DB2.
  • Project Description: Medibank Private Limited is one of the leading health insurance company based in Australia.
  • This Business Systems Renewal (BSR) is initiated to replace existing core and financial systems.
  • The following key solution components are integrated using EAI hub:.
  • iMed, the core system for membership, product and claims management.
  • SAP FS-CD, the financial system.
  • HIC, the Health Insurance Commission interfacing system that provides contract claims management and two-way agency claims.
  • eClaims B2B, interfacing system for pathologists to submit medical claims.
  • IVR and Thelma, systems providing phone and web access to MPL members.
  • Eclipse, a new system for electronic claims processing Responsibilities: As a team member, involved in the development and testing of the Message Flows for the identified interfaces.
  • As part of team, worked at client location Medibank, Australia for 3 months for System Integration Testing.
  • Low-level design of interface services.
  • Review of mapping specifications.
  • Client interaction for technical reviews.
  • Development - Message flows and message sets.
  • Development - Test harness utility.
  • Development - Database scripts for log and error configurations.
  • Preparation and execution of unit test cases.
  • Packaging and deployment - Bar files.
  • Preparation and execution of System Integration Test cases.
IBM certified IBM WebSphere Message Broker (WMB) Certified Solution Developer in 2008.
2005 Sri Krishna College of Engineering, Anna University B.Tech Information Technology:
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Accomplished technology leader with over 15 years of experience in software design, architecture, development and driving the on-time and within budget delivery of complex technology and business solutions.

Lead architectural design, development in fast-paced environments, embracing cutting-edge technologies, mentor cross functional teams and nurture excellent working relationships with senior executives, management teams and customers.

Team player with a passion for technology and innovation and has been consistently successful in building high performing global teams by providing thought leadership, promoting creativity and empowering people to excel.

Extensive domain expertise in the Mortgage and Financial industries for the past 8 years.    
    Core Skills
    Leadership: Resource Management, Servant Leadership, Employee development, Team Building, Architecture Review, Agile Transformation, Business and IT Vision, Project Planning and Management, Offshore Management 

    Languages/Frameworks: C#, ASP.NET, WPF, WCF, SOAP, Rest, MVC, MVVM, Prism, Unity, AngularJS, Angular2, React, Redux, BootStrap, Entity Framework, Dapper, .NET Core, LINQ, XML, JavaScript, TypeScript, SQL, MongoDB
    Methodologies: OOAD, Design Patterns, Agile methodology, Scrum, Kanban, XP, Continous Integration, SOA, TDD 
    Tools/Utilities: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, NewRelic, Telerik, Slack, Verifaya, Winium, Swagger, SOAPUI, TFS, GIT
    DevOps: VSTS, Chef, Jenkins, Docker
    Managing AVP, Servicing Technology, 03/2012 to Current Nationstar Mortgage Lewisville, TX
    • Currently managing a very high-performing fast paced cross functional agile team of 18 people including developers, quality assurance, analysts, project manager/scrum master for a highly successful application in the organization that is a core product for loss mitigation.
    • Lead architect for all applications across the servicing platform, responsible for reviewing and approving technology, architecture and design decisions, leading the adoption of standards and best practices across the entire project life cycle to ensure delivery of highly performing, reliable and scalable applications.
    • Constantly engaged with stakeholders and shadow business users, identify and advocate effective technology solutions to their day to day problems and automate processes wherever necessary.
    • Played a key role in driving waterfall teams towards agile and successfully built several scrum teams from ground up and strive for continuous improvement and iterative and incremental development.
    Managing Developer Technical Lead, 03/2009 to 03/2012 Nationstar Mortgage Lewisville, TX
    • Team lead and SME for IT Servicing department managing several high profile high visibility applications using cutting edge technologies like WCF, WPF, Prism, Entity Framework, and Test Driven Development (TDD).
    • Managed a team of 8 developers to re-architect REMEDY, an asset management system used by more than 5000 users in the company using MVVM and Prism Framework taking advantage of Modularity and Separation of concerns.
    • Led a team of 12 developers in developing a comprehensive investor portal application using ASP.NET MVC3, WCF and WF Rules Engine that enables sending reports to all the investors like FNMA, GNMA, and Special Investors etc.
    • Organized lunch and learns for the team, mentoring and encouraging the team to be constantly up to date with the latest and greatest technologies.
    • Built custom tools to automate booking of Modifications like Loan Modification, HAMP, FNMA to increase the productivity and effectively reduce cost per loan.
    • Conducted peer code reviews, code check-in auditing processes, automated builds and unit tests, implemented continuous integration to ensure delivery of quality products.
    Technical Team Lead, 07/2008 to 03/2009 MIS Group Dallas, TX
    • Developed a comprehensive billing system that contains several modules like Crew Assignment, Time Entry, Time Review, Job Setup, Invoice Generation etc.
    • Used latest Microsoft technologies like WPF for the UI, WCF Services for the business logic and LINQ to SQL for the data access. Unit tests are written using the NUNIT Framework.
    • Lead developer of the project, worked closely with the architects.
    • Pioneer in bringing the company to upgrade to WPF, WCF technologies
    • Extensive use of LINQ in data access as well as in the business layer to query objects.
    • Created several times and managed content using Microsoft SharePoint 2007.
    • Used MVP model for the project.
    • Created Unit Test Plans and Integration Test Plans.
    Lead Application Developer, 10/2005 to 06/2008 PBS&J Inc Dallas, TX
    • Worked as a Lead developer involved in designing and implementing several applications for various clients like Oklahoma Department of Commerce, TXDot, State of Mississippi, FEMA, SANDAG, FDOT among many others 
    • Designed and developed various modules using Visual Studio 2005, ASP.NET 2.0, C# 2.0 and JavaScript.
    • Performed database activities like schema creation, table creation etc. Created Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers and views in SQL Server 2005.
    • Implemented AJAX concepts to improve the performance of web pages.
    • Worked with Microsoft share point to maintain repository of documents.
    • Supported UAT and Implementation and the maintenance phases. Responsible for analysis, design and implementation of the application.
    • Created views, stored procedures, functions, DTS packages using SQL Server 2005.
    • Custom, Web-based reporting tools that display and print photographs, documents, sketches and tabular information on outfalls using SQL Server Reporting Services.
    Lead Developer / .NET Architect, 06/2003 to 10/2005 Verizon Communications Irving, TX
    • Worked as a lead developer for a large team of software developers in the Long Distance department of Verizon. Enacted a key role in the design architecture and development of various products of Verizon like VoiceWing, DirecTV, Dry Loop etc.
    • Worked on several dynamic, interactive, database-driven ordering web applications using a vast range of tools from designing the Front-End UI screens using ASP.NET, XML/XSL transformations to interacting with the backend systems using .NET Web Services 
    • Designed and implemented the interfaces to communicate with a third party component for provisioning the orders placed on the ordering website.
    • Developed intelligent recommender tools using C# and ASP.NET which recommend the user, various products based on his selection on the portal.
    • Implemented several Business rules in the Middle Tier with either custom C# applications or SQL Stored Procedures.
    • Responsible for solving technical problems and guiding the whole team during the development process. 
    .NET Developer Intern, 08/2002 to 04/2003 Southwestern Bell Houston, TX
    • Worked on several strategic alliance billing projects in the company. Created screens, designed databases, developed interface communications with external systems, delivered critical modules under tight deadlines driven by ever-changing business rules.
    • Built modules like Account Search, Customer Selection, Customer Profile, Bill Header, Bill View, Adjustments, Supervisor Approvals, Tax Calculation, Payment History and Notes.
    • Upgrade the whole normal procedural code / components into .NET assemblies using C# .NET.
    • Executed the SQL Server Stored Procedures using Active Data Object s (ADO.NET) ·
    • Extensive use of XML for creation of data, which can be used by different applications.
    • Created Unit Test Plans and Integration Test Plans.
    Master of Science: Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Houston, Houston, TX
    Bachelor of Science: Electronics and Communications Engineering GITAM University, India
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    Java, Web services, REST services, Android, HTML 5, JavaScript, Jquery , TIBCO suite of products, full stack Developer offering 10 years leading cross-functional teams and completing projects on-time.  Innovative, Self learner, Highly motivated, Fastest Implementation, Seamlessly manages workload to meet deadlines.

    Key Skills
    • Java, J2EE
    • Java Swing
    • Spring Framework
    • EJB 2 , EJB 3
    • SOA expert - Java web services, REST
    • Apache Axis2, Xfire,Apache XML beans
    • Proficient in XML,XPATH,XSLT
    • HTML5, Java script , Jquery
    • Tomcat, Web Sphere, Web logic servers
    • Android development
    • Windows 6.1 mobile development
    • CVS, SVNAnt,MavenSplunk reporting
    • HP Fortify 
    • TIBCO Business works, Business events
    • TIBCO Iprocess
    • Hibernate
    • JUnit
    • PL/SQL, Unix ShellScript
    • Sybase, Oracle ,Mysql
    • Windows,UNIX, OSX
    • Rally - Scrum Master
    • Continous Integration
    • .Net 3.5, C#
    • SOTI Mobicontrol MDM
    Sun Certified Java Programmer 1.5
    Bachelor of Engineering Computer Science, Computer Science 2007 Madras Institute of Technology Chennai, Tamilnadu, India
    • Won 2nd place in American airlines Mobile app development Hackathon - 2014
    • Promoted to Software Specialist after 24 months of employment in HP.
    • Designed JTC framework - Communication framework for Java clients to communicate with TIBCO services
    • Authored enterprise wide reusable JAAS framework for authentication and authorization for J2EE clients
    • Submitted "SoapProbeClient" paper to Parasparam - HP internal technical event
    • Conducted SOA web services workshop for 36 new employees
    Lead Developer - United Airlines Feb 2016 to Current
    TCG Digital LLC Chicago, IL

    Centralized Load Planning 

    Weight and balance system for aircraft load planning agents

    • Author high level design document and detailed design document based on requirements
    • Develop Java swing based front end app
    • Develop EJB2/EJB3 beans
    • Develop REST services by using Spring
    • Analyse and resolve static and dynamic security issues in the app
    • Write XSL to convert from XML to XML and XML to HTML
    • Create Web pages by using HTML5, Javascript and JQuery
    • Write service specification document
    Lead developer - Deutsche Bank Oct 2015 to Feb 2016
    SGS Technologie Baltimore, MD

    GlobeR - wealth management system 

    • Develop front end pages by using GWT
    • Profile and Performance tune the app
    • Develop TIBCO Iprocess business workflows
    • Develop SOAP and REST services
    Specialist Oct 2012 to Oct 2015
    Hewlett Packard Fort Worth, Tx

    YADA, American Airlines

    HTML5- Android based mobile app used by American airlines agent to check-in,print bagtag, Gate Reader functionalities.

    • Develop HTML5 , Javascript and Jquery based front end
    • Design and develop android app
    • Develop Android device layer code to communicate with Camera and Bluetooth functionalities from Android webview
    • Expose JAVA web services and REST services by communicating with Sabre[AA legacy system] and other systems
    • Coordinate with Business Team, Operation Team and IT team
    Team Lead Aug 2010 to Nov 2012
    Hewlett Packard Duesseldorf, Germany

    CPCOM, Vodafone

    The CPCOM project addresses the problem that the Vodafone D2 IT landscape is currently dominated by a central Customer Operations and Billing System (KIAS) that has been optimized to support mobile products.

    • Analyze the requirement and developing design document Effort estimation for the project and individual team members Providing support to system/INT/E2E and production environment
    • Delivery owner for 4 modules [cpcom-ofc, smartwinkazesettel, SoapProbeclient and HPOV parser]
    • Done proof of concept for "Restful services development"- new development based on Java-Spring framework based
    • Participated in war room discussion and Task force when project in critical

    Developer Apr 2010 to Jul 2010
    HCL Technologies Ltd Chennai, India

    Skandia UK 

    • Developed Business process management process for reducing paperwork in Bank's Back office processing department by using Tibco efficient human centric BPM products.
    • Analyze the requirement Effort estimation Developing workflows in Iprocess Suite Providing support to bank's live staff Environment: TIBCO Business works, TIBCO Policy Manager, TIBCO Iprocess suite.
    Senior System Engineer Dec 2009 to Mar 2010
    Infosys Chennai, India

    Fly Emirates GDS

    • Developed GDS - application fro fly emirates that is used to provide a single point of access for reserving airline seats, hotel rooms, rental cars, and other travel related items by travel agents.
    • Implementing at code level along with Debugging and bug fixing of the application along with Coordinating and guiding the team with their development activities.
    Senior System Engineer Jul 2007 to Nov 2009
    Infosys Technologies Ltd Chennai, India


    • Developed interface that synchronizes all billing relevant transactions on a near real time basis into the billing database
    • Estimates, Analysis, Design, Coding, Unit and System Testing, Deliverables and maintain the environments.
    • Authoring of Detailed design documents along with Business process flows, User Acceptance Test Plan and System Use Case document covering all the features.
    • Performed capacity study on synchronizer (Tibco IM, Tibco adapters, Tibco Business works) in a short period of time which revealed potential facts to many people in Proximus, who initially termed "Synchronizer the bottleneck" in the entire provisioning chain flow.
    • Redesigned the Sybase stored procedure for better modularity and performance.
    • Developed J2EE portal for Sneham - social welfare organization in Infosys where employees can register their requests (for example Education request, Medical req etc. through this portal.
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    Professional Summary

    Senior software development professional with 9.5 years of experience in Java/J2ee applications.Got more than 5 years of experience working and supporting high available electronic financial transaction applications such as Funds transfer, Wire transfer, Bill payment, real-time and person to person payments.Experienced in full project life cycle from design to implementation to integration including incident/change/problem management. Won multiple large category IT Quality cups from customer in appreciation for the higher standard of delivery achieved consistently.


    • Advanced Knowledge of Java/J2EE
    • Web Services (REST, SOAP)
    • Servlet, JSP, EJB, JMS, J2C/JCA
    • ORM (Hibernate, JPA), JDBC, SQL, PL/SQL,Message Broker,Control-M
    • Data Management
    • Enhanced Java Batch Processing with Control-M
    • Multi-threaded Java applications
    • Shell Scripting
    • Web sphere Application Servers
    • Junit

    • Specializes in electronic financial transactions and online real time high available systems
    • Money Movement background
    • Experience working with migrating legacy systems
    • Advanced problem solving skills
    • Accustomed to working on projects in fast-paced environments
    • Exceptionally detail-oriented with very good time management and problem solving skills.
    • Comfortable working as part of a connected team, but self-motivated
    • Troubleshooting and debugging.
    • Performance tuning of applications
    • System outages and tickets
    • Change management 
    • Agile / Scrum  and  waterfall Methodologies

    Work History
    Technical Lead 02/2016 to 07/2016
    Tata Consultancy Services Limited Synergy Park, Hyderabad, India
    • Led a group of 10 engineers in the design, and application development of Integrated Money Movement experience for Funds Transfer and Person to Person Payments which involves integrating external vendor systems.
    • Modified existing software to correct errors  and migrated the applications from WAS7 to WAS8 servers.
    • Evaluated multiple software solutions during early software architecture plotting and system migration planning stage.
    • Built REST and SOAP Services using OAUTH and migrated existing services to REST
    • Worked closely with clients to establish problem specifications and system designs.
    • Performed quality assurance testing (as needed) inclusive of unit, systems, integration and regression testing, and supported the development of automated test scripts to be used to automate regression testing

    Technical Lead 01/2014 to 01/2016
    Tata Consultancy Services Limited USAA, San Antonio, Texas
    • Ensured that applications and code are compliant with system requirements and code is developed as per the development methodology.
    • Developed and evolved the consumer-facing, multi-channel for desktop, mobile and mobile web applications facilitating funds transfer and bill payment systems.
    • Built, tested and deployed scalable, highly available and modular software products.Drafted comprehensive reports to document bugs and design flaws.
    • Implemented and designed re-usable component work flows to facilitate scheduled and real-time capabilities for transactions by replacing a in house vendor system
    • Implemented Integrated Money Movement Web Service applications in JAX-WS architecture, analyzed and designed relational databases and used Java Persistence (JPA) framework to persist data
    • Implemented regulatory changes mandated by NACHA, Reg W, Reg E etc for Funds transfer ACH files using Enhanced Java batches 
    • Implemented creation of RECON and Settlement files  using ETL data stage
    • Designed and implemented Good Funds Batch code for processing scheduled payments
    • Designed and configured Control-M jobs for ACH, Good Funds Batch and Settlement files for both test and prod environments and implemented scripts to trigger Control-M jobs for batch processing jobs
    • Worked on developing MSR Portal Wire transfer application and mobile Wire transfer application and integrating with LAPS System and configured queues and MDB  for transaction notifications
    • Modified existing Message Broker flows for Fraud Regulatory Changes
    • Defect Management, test and production support 
    • Production release planning and release procedures
    • Evaluate the issues reported by clients and members in order to provide ongoing solutions
    • Developed code fixes and enhancements for inclusion in future code releases and patches
    • Lab Configuration for money movement web sphere applications and lab support
    • Supported agile ceremonies: sprint planning, daily stand ups, sprint review and sprint retrospective

    Lead Developer 01/2012 to 12/2013
    Tata Consultancy Services Limited USAA, San Antonio, Texas
    • Implemented a front end self service wires application using Wicket framework 
    • Vendor interaction for analyzing,integrating and testing of CGI vendor web service for Wire transfer application
    • Designed and developed message broker flows for sending wire transfer Email notifications
    • Monitored and updated back-end LAPS data base using JDBC connectivity
    • Designed and implemented payment card web services for generating surrogate keys to be used in money movement systems according to PCI standards
    • Analyzed and modified in house Electronic funds transfer application for separating credit card data into a different batch file
    • Designed and implemented asset allocation mutual funds and made them available through all client distribution channels and integrated the new mutual funds into a vendor system
    • Modified existing software to correct errors, adapt to new hardware and improve performance.
    • Performed regression and system-level testing to verify software quality and function before it was released.
    • Evaluated the issues reported by clients and members in order to provide ongoing solutions
    • Implemented production release plan
    • Collaborated with developers and performance engineers to enhance supportability and identify performance bottlenecks.
    • Stress-tested server code to validate code changes in-order to identify performance issues

    Module Lead 05/2011 to 12/2011
    Tata Consultancy Services Limited USAA, San Antonio, Texas
    • Made changes to IMCO systems to reflect tax year info derived from IRS for the given year on .com, portal and user documents of the client website
    • Built java front end web application for integrating unified management product into user interface account opening systems,such as Online New Account (ONA) and RAONA (Rep – Assisted Online new account)
    • Drafted analysis and design document for system design and identifying the impact
    • Worked closely with clients to establish problem specifications and system designs.
    • Code management and production release support
    • Performed regression and system-level testing to verify software quality and function before it was released.
    • Stress-tested server code to validate code changes.

    Software Developer 11/2009 to 05/2011
    Tata Consultancy Services Limited Synergy Park, Hyderabad, India
    • Migrated legacy system (Naviplan) with a customized vendor
    • Analysed the business requirements and design documentation with process flow diagrams
    • Designed and developed Java, EJB, MDB and Web Services components
    • Implemented website using struts and wicket application.
    • Implemented ORM Mapping for the back-end database using hibernate
    • Performed regression and system-level testing to verify software quality and function before it was released
    • Co-ordinated with onsite for continuous development and deployment process

    Software Developer 06/2007 to 11/2009
    ata Consultancy Services Limited TCS, Habibullah Road, Chennai, India
    • Worked on customization projects of TCS BαNCS application to assist New Zealand Stock Exchange , Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange and London Clearing House to maximize the efficiency and flexibility for Clearing and Depository Services
    • Analysis and Design of Common Library Module and customization of   TCS Bancs application for Common Library Components
    • Front End Design and Development of  TCS Bancs Common Library components
    • Generating c++ code with Mastercraft gencode tool
    • Build and deploy code using web logic
    • Preparation of unit test plan and offshore support for system testing and pre-UAT
    • Carrying out root cause and severity analysis of the reported bugs and handling the change requests

    Batchelor of Technology: Computer Science 2006 R.V.R&J.C College of Engineering - Guntur,Andhra Pradesh, India
    This resume is created in 7 minutes.

    Accomplished Project Manager with 18 years of overall IT experience including 14 years of experience in full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) implementations of software solutions from initial conceptualization to production deployment leading Software Application Development and Support teams focused on enterprise architecture including design, development, support and maintenance of software applications and full project life cycle implementations.

    Focused on fulfilling enterprise solution needs in accordance with the organizational long term IT vision with optimal resource utilization and successful on-time, on-budget project delivery and deployment.

    Highly skilled in Business Analysis, Budgeting and Team Management within medium to complex environments.

    With a diverse industry and technology background, able to effectively bridge the IT / business communication gap and work effortlessly with globally diversified teams dispersed in various geographic locations (onshore and offshore teams).

    Core Competencies

    Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Management

    Enterprise Architecture - Software Applications Implementation and Support

    Project Management Methodologies – Waterfall, Agile and Scrum

    Establishing Standards and Policies, Ensuring Governance and Compliance

    Mobile App Development for iOS and Android

    ITIL Certification

    Risk Analysis and Mitigation

    Establishing Priorities for Cross-Functional Teams

    Globally dispersed teams (onshore and offshore)

    Requirements Definition and Analysis


    PMP Certification (In Progress)

    Management, Leadership and Team Building of Software Development Teams

    Software Applications Design, Architecture and Enterprise Software Portfolio Management

    Project Scope Development, Cost, Budget and Schedule Management

    PMBOK Principles, Processes and Methodologies

    Managing Stakeholder and Business User Expectations

    PCI, HIPAA and SOX Compliance

    System Migrations, BI and Data Governance

    Specification Documentation (Project, Technical)

    Change and Release Management

    SLA Management

    Certifications and Continuing Education

    PMP - In Progress

    IBM Certified Application Developer

    CompTIA Project +

    Six Sigma

    ITIL v3


    SDLC,SCRUM, Agile, ITIL, Six Sigma, SOX Compliance,PCI Compliance

    PMP, PMBOK Principles,Risk Management, Quality Management, Cost

    Management, Schedule Management

    Mobile App Development

    Technical Proficiencies

    Project Management Tools: MS Project, Oracle Primavera, Clarity, JIRA Agile, ScrumWise, BaseCamp, ProjExec, MS Visio

    SharePoint: SharePoint Server 2013/2010, MOSS 2007, SharePoint Designer, SharePoint Foundation

    Microsoft Stack:.Net, , SQL Server, TFS (Team Foundation Server), InfoPath Designer, IIS, Active Directory, Exchange, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

    Web: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Dojo, AJAX, PHP, MySQL

    IBM Lotus Domino: Lotus Domino, XPages, DECS, LEI, Notes API

    Collaboration and Social Apps: IBM Connections, IBM Sametime

    CRM: Sugar CRM, Oracle CRM

    Document Management System: Alfresco Document Management System

    Mobile Apps Development: XCode, PhoneGap, Titanium

    Middleware/Integration Tools/ BI:I BM Cognos, Microsoft SSIS, Microsoft SSRS, Logi BI System, Microstrategy, Roambi, IBM CastIron

    DBMS: SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Access, Sybase

    Prototyping/Mockup/WireFrames: Axure, Balsamiq, Fireworks

    MBA 2016 Schiller University
    Bachelor of Science: Telecommunications Engineering and Comp Science 1992 Bangalore University
    Associate Implementation Director 07/2014 to Current TSYS Atlanta, GA


    • Responsible for the execution of SDLC IT projects that are client -facing, impact across the enterprise and are defined as multi-discipline with high complexity and scope.
    • Responsible and accountable for the day to day management and oversight of development efforts for a portfolio of several large scale development projects.
    • Responsible for management and hands-on supervision of software application development, implementation and support teams. The teams were based at onshore and offshore locations.
    • Lead project teams and facilitate the communication and interaction among the functional representatives from start to completion of project.
    • Matrix manage a cross-functional staff of highly skilled developers, business analysts, and testers based in multiple geographical locations, including budgeting, performance management, resource management and career development of teams.
    • Organize and manage internal and external resources required to support and execute the project.
    • Report to management the status of projects as they track against phase review objectives, schedule, budget and risk.
    • Review, approve and manage project approach, structure, and charter through the establishment of project requirements and planning which are in support of the business and client objectives.

    Highlights of Selected Projects 

    • Implementation of Credit Card processing systems
    • Implementation of Loyalty Rewards systems
    • Conversion of millions of accounts to loyalty rewards
    • Optimization of back-end processing of account files and transaction systems
    IT Project Manager 12/2013 to 06/2014 SunTrust Banks Atlanta, GA


    • Provide project management of SDLC, infrastructure and ITIL process related projects for PMO in SunTrust.
    • Deliver and Implement solutions to the various Lines of Business within SunTrust.
    • Responsible for collaborating with the technical team of designers, engineers and developers to design, build and implement solutions.
    • Manage and provide communications to all stakeholders, business users including Project Sponsor, and Executive Management team the weekly status reports/dashboards, metrics and project documentation.
    • Manage project related schedules, project plans and project artifacts.
    • Responsible for creating and monitoring budget and tracking expenditure and cost variances.
    • Responsible for entire project compliance and adherence to organizational governance and project life cycle methodologies.

    Highlights of Selected Projects 

    • Enhancement of supplier management application
    • Upgrades to SQL Server – 2008 R2 to 2012
    • Migration of windows servers
    • Implementation of Incident Communication Application
    • Implementation of new Incident Analytics Application system,
    • Digital optimization application and SNET resiliency platform.
    Senior IT Project Manager 04/2013 to 12/2013 Triumph Software Solutions Atlanta, GA
    • Provide Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Project Management Services over all phases of enterprise-wide IT Software Applications for internal business users and external corporate clients.
    • Responsible for management and supervision of software application development, implementation and support teams. The teams were based at onshore and offshore locations.
    • Provide technical, analytical and functional leadership and guidance to the software development team.
    • Design, build and manage enterprise architecture and middleware solutions to integrate disparate software systems, data systems and application components.
    • Design and manage development of BI (Business Intelligence) Dashboard systems.
    • Estimate, prepare and present budgets to the steering committee. Anticipate, monitor and track variances.
    • Design and create prototypes and mock-ups of products and applications using wire-framing and prototyping tools.
    • Documentation and reporting of High Level software design and Low Level software Design per software specifications, creation of Dataflow design diagrams, ER (Entity Relationship) diagrams, Database schema diagrams, workflow diagrams, data model diagrams and flowcharts.
    • •Detailed Technical Software design specification and project scope documentation from functional and technical requirements gathering.
    • Establish, implement and enhance product build mechanisms, coordinate between the development team, QA team and project stakeholders to define build and product release schedules.
    • Troubleshoot and ensure timely resolution of build failures and build issues with development team.
    • Projects include conversion of legacy systems to new architecture, web-enablement of existing applications, migration of Lotus Domino applications to SharePoint, Enterprise Content Management, maintenance of application portfolio and creation of Mobile Apps.
    • Installation and Configuration of SharePoint Server Farms, Web Apps Server, Workflow Manager and SharePoint App Catalog.
    • Architecture planning, design and deployment of SharePoint Portals, migration from existing Lotus Domino applications to new SharePoint architecture, migration of artifacts and content.
    • Application LifeCycle Management (ALM) - Establishment of Production, Integration Testing, UAT and Development farms.
    • Management of development and configuration of custom WebParts, Workflows, InfoPath forms, Site Columns, Lists, Libraries etc.
    • Role involves project management of analysis, design, architecture, coding, development, testing, deployment, source control, implementation and support of numerous Desktop, Web, Mobile and SOA Applications using Agile, Scrum and Hybrid methodologies.
    • Manage Native Mobile Apps development with XCode and Hybrid Mobile Apps with PhoneGap and Titanium.
    • Conduct project status meetings with the IT Team and stakeholders to communicate organizational goals, discuss software design and coding, ensure complete implementation of the IT applications, on-going maintenance and support of the software, ensure that SLAs (Software Level Agreements), software deliverables are met and manage the client's expectations for the project.

    Highlights of Selected Projects 

    • Project: Sugar CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System

    CRM solution for corporate sales and marketing Activities, Projects, Opportunities, Leads, Accounts and Contacts.

    • Project: Raw Material Supply Management

    Application for management and workflow of raw material supplies, supplier directory and tracking.

    • Project: ECR -- Environmental Compliance Reporting

    Application for management and storage of Permits and regulations, Compliance Tasks, Audit Schedules, Facility Verification and Non-Conformance details.

    • Project: CCA –Contract Commitment Authorization

    Application for Contract Management of contracts with suppliers and vendors with authorization and approval cycles of contracts with tracking of expiration dates, contract budgeting and departmental commitments using Web Services architecture.

    • Project: Workplace Health and Safety Reporting

    Application for tracking of workplace safety and health incidents and creation of non-compliance reports.

    • Project: Capital Expenditure and Authorization

    Application for intra company capital expenditure tracking and approval of project budgets and accounts for various business units and departments.

    • Project: IBM Connections Middleware

    Enterprise Architecture - deployment, implementation and support of IBM Social Software platform as a middleware integrated with LDAP, internal Domino/SQL Server Databases and ProjExec Project Management Software.

    IT Project and Business Applications Solutions Manager 10/2008 to 04/2013 Territorial Headquarters of The Salvation Army Atlanta, GA
    • Managed and led architectural design, development, integration and deployment of enterprise applications and solutions with management and supervision of application development team for all phases of IT Software Development and Implementation projects.
    • Provided Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Management over all phases of enterprise-wide IT Software Applications within a multidivisional, multi-state, 12,000-user organization. Managed software application development, QA, implementation and deployment teams. The teams were based at onshore and offshore locations.
    • Established Build and Release processes for IT, QA and software applications deployment teams that allow for a smoother flow of product releases.
    • Installation and Configuration of SharePoint Server Farms, Web Apps Server, Workflow Manager and SharePoint App Catalog.
    • Architecture planning, design and deployment of SharePoint Portals, migration from existing Lotus Domino applications to new SharePoint architecture, migration of artifacts and content.
    • Manage support for all installed applications including mission critical ones by ensuring compliance of SLAs (Service Level Agreements) with on-site, remote and on-call after hours support.
    • Establish enterprise architecture, design and deploy middleware and data warehouse solutions to integrate different software systems located in geographically diverse areas and business units.
    • Manage development and integration of BI (Business Intelligence) Dashboard systems.
    • Establishment of application development best practices, standards, policies, methodologies for SDLC and IT departmental procedures. Ensure adherence to corporate and regulatory requirements.
    • Develop detailed technical documentation, software design specifications, project scope, project plans and deliverables.
    • Creation of budgets and cost estimation.
    • The projects involved creation of collaboration solutions, Enterprise Content Management, Document Management, Enterprise Search, Portals.

    Highlights of Selected Projects 

    • Capital Asset Requisitions :

    Enterprise-wide Application for the business process workflow acquisition of major capital assets involving multilevel approvals, review and automated creation of board agendas and minutes. The system utilizes a complex security mechanism to ensure dynamic and on-the-fly granting of permissions and rights to only those users with appropriate access at each stage of the workflow process and each level of divisional authority.

    • Help Desk Software Project :

    Configuration, Deployment and Implementation of an enterprise-wide Help Desk Software System.

    • IT Asset Management Project:

    Application for the monitoring, tracking and workflow of IT Assets and Loaner Equipment.

    • Candidates Management System Project:

    Application for the management of recruitment and enrollment of future officers.

    • Credit Card Processing Project with Authorize.net:

    Solutions Architecture, Setup and Implementation of a credit-card processing system through payment gateway for online payment transactions. Uses Web Services Architecture.

    • Alfresco Document Management System SOA Project:

    Architecture, Setup, Configuration, Implementation, Deployment and Support of an enterprise wide Document Management and Portal System catering to 13 state, 9 division, 10,000+ users.

    • Project Management Application Software Project:

    Application for the management of departmental projects, tasks, assignments, billing and schedules.

    • Grants and Contracts –Social Services Project:

    Application for the management, monitoring, tracking and workflow of social services grants and contracts

    • MTK Ministry Toolkit Project:

    E-commerce application for online transactions of ministry materials.

    Business Intelligence Dashboard System (Middleware):

    An enterprise wide portal middleware integrating data from SQL Server, Lotus Notes Domino, Great Plains, Access, CRM and other disparate data systems into a Business Intelligence and Analytics platform that is available to the users, stake holders and decision makers via mobile, web and client interfaces.

    Project Management | Software Development 12/2002 to 09/2008 Interface Inc Atlanta, GA

    Role involved project management, requirements-gathering, analysis, design, coding, development, testing, deployment, implementation, maintenance and user training of more than 25 projects and web applications.

    Highlights of Selected Projects 

    • Project XML Request Processing for PeopleSoft:

    Comprehensive Application for the order management and processing cycle with data pulled in from the online web orders, matched against the domino products/inventory databases and stored on the backend databases on PeopleSoft JD Edwards database.

    • Project Sales Force Automation:

    Web based and PDA based application that is used by the account executives and sales support to process sales functions such as account creation, contacts and projects with inputs from the web leads application.

    • Project Advance Notice Processing:

    Web based application that processes order acknowledgements, shipping notifications (BOLs) and invoices for customers who subscribe to these advance notices.

    •The customers choose the format of the acknowledgements/shipping notices/Invoices as text/XML/HTML.

    • Project Purchasing Management:

    Web and desktop application for management, tracking and approval of purchasing workflow processes.

    • Project XML Request Processing:

    It functions as the middleware application for the order management and processing cycle with data pulled in from the online orders, matched against the products/inventory databases and stored on the backend databases on SQL Server and JD Edwards E1.

    • Project World Products and Services:

    Web and client based application that functions as the repository of the products and services of the entire company with workflow functionality for various business divisions and brands of the company.

    • Project Cost Quoting:

    Web and client based application for management and tracking of Cost Quoting Activity.

    • Project Safety Incident Reporting:

    Web and client based application for creation of reports of safety related incidents and non compliance.

    • Project Asset Management:

    Application of company wide assets by business units, departments and types of assets.

    • Project Change Management System:

    Web based application used by the entire company for service requests, trouble tickets, Move/Add/Change requests with workflow mechanism for approval routing and tracking.

    • Project Content Publisher:

    Application that users log on to make changes to departmental/business unit specific content on the company intranet. Uses MIME to HTML conversion code.

    • Project ISO Documentation

    Application for processing workflow of ISO Documentation functions including Periodic review, Periodic Re-Training, approval cycles and revision cycles of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 documents.

    IT Project Leader 08/2000 to 10/2002 BOSS Inc Atlanta, GA

    Role involved project management, functional analysis, design, coding, development, testing, debugging and implementation of the association website and Notes Client/web-based workflow applications on Microsoft Technologies ,IBM Lotus Notes, HTML, JavaScript and Java.

    Project Leader - Software Development 08/2000 to 08/2001 ALTA Atlanta, GA
    Solutions Designer - Software 10/1999 to 07/2000 IBM Atlanta, GA

    As a solutions designer, responsibility included supervision of development team, high and low level design, GUI design of the portal and lotus notes databases, work-flow applications, coding, testing and implementation of lotus script, HTML and JavaScript for content management applications.

    Development Project Leader 02/1999 to 10/1999 KeyBank Cleveland, OH

    Instrumental in initiating and monitoring the entire Software Developmentlifecycle, including functional requirement specifications generation, analysis, low level design, high-level design User Interface design and programming/development for these projects.

    Team Leader - Software Development 10/1998 to 02/1999 BellSouth Business Systems Atlanta, GA

    Led the team in designing, coding, implementation, code auditing and code review along with unit testing/integration testing/system testing and regression testing of all phases of the projects usingLotus Domino, Lotus Notes 4.6, Java, JavaScript, HTML.

    Lead Developer 12/1997 to 10/1998 Siemens AG

    Led the project team through tasks consisting of the Software Engineering Process Plan cycle, including requirements generation, analysis, design, development and code auditing.

    Developer 10/1996 to 10/1997 Software Technology Group

    Design and development of the application databases and in the design of the graphical user interface using Oracle.

    Developer 02/1994 to 09/1996 Impact Software

    Design and development of the application databases, front-end screens and in in the coding of the back-end functionality and creation of cursors and database triggers


    Project Management Institute (PMI), Member

    ATLUG (Atlanta Chapter, IBM Users' Group), Member

    Al Fresco Users' Group, Member

    .Net Users Group, Member

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    • To obtain a motivating and challenging position as a Business Analyst and apply my knowledge and experience to be a valuable asset to the organization.
    • To be part of a core team providing solutions by capturing, analyzing, designing and documenting requirements - functional and technical - and thereafter, supporting the development, communication and delivery of those requirements with relevant stakeholders.
    • Developer and Analyst with team management experience and inter-personal skills. Desire challenging role as a Business Analyst.
    • Specialist in enabling enterprise product and tool solutions to document product information for world-wide audience in association with business owners, technical staff and management.
    • Effective in requirement gathering and planning, translation of business requirements into technical solutions and coordinating effort, with very good troubleshooting skills.
    • Skilled in defining and streamlining processes and resolving functional and technical issues with a customer-centric approach.
    • Expert in providing functional specifications to the technical team to to yield the best technical solutions.
    • Led design and customization of an Open-source Product Information Portal based on MediaWiki CMS, enhancing the same for easy authoring of rich online user documentation.
    • Achieved product integration of the Product Information Portals with Telecom and Retail Domain Products.
    • Rolled out 4 TCS MasterCraft Tools Information Portals
    • in just 4 months, resulting in _% revenue saving on support.
    • Guided a team working on a Retail-eCommerce product to meet stringent delivery timelines.
    • Documentation
    • Led multiple 3-person teams of multi-city technical writers to achieve high quality product documentation for internet hosting.
    • Testing
    • Conducted Usability Tests and User Acceptance Testing via interviews, conferences and surveys.
    • Acted as primary liaison between Security CoE and Portal Team to achieve high level of SSA adherence.
    • Acted as secondary liaison between Performance CoE and Portal Team to achieve high availability (>95%).
    • Process Improvement
    • Developed and established Best Practices Guidelines for "Open Source CMS development and deployment" and "Ideal Content Development and Review CMS platform". (Organizational usage) 
    • Collaboratively developed an Assessment Model to assess information portals of product based on industry standards. The application for IP rights on the model is under consideration of the TCS IPR Cell. 
    • Training and Development
    • Created 2 training processes for the organization on building and managing a CMS for product documentation.
    • Trained more than 40 participants using the same.
    • Conducted and coordinated various Knowledge Sharing Sessions
    • Developed synchronization scripts to automate data synchronization tasks that reduced time required for the task by 90%. This solution was quickly adopted by other developers.
    • Office Productivity Software: MS Office Suite, OpenOffice Suite
    • Development tools and IDEs: Eclipse, phpMyAdmin, Putty, PgAdmin III

    Technical Skills
    Skills Experience Total Years Last Used
    HTTP/Apache, FTP Set-up and maintained multiple instances on both Windows and Unix environments 2.5 2014
    Unix Shell Done scripting and troubleshooting 2.5 2014
    PHP based CMS - MediaWiki, Drupal Set-up and customization as per business requirements 2.5 2014
    PLSQL, SQL Used for querying and creating custom complex queries 3 2013
    HTML, CSS, JavaScript Used for UI elements design on CMS platform 2.5 2014
    Lead Developer / Analyst 04/2013 to 09/2014 TATA Consultancy Services Ltd Solution Engineering Group – Product Experience CoE
    • Analysed deployment scenarios and managed implementation, customization and hosting of the custom CMS platform for product content and made the same available for use over internet. Assisted construction of a full-fledged automated installable of the same with technical stack deployment for both Windows and Linux environments.
    • Developed time-line estimation templates for planning and resource allocation.
    • Ensured standardization and modification of Open-Source stack for high performance, concurrency and availability of applications. Coordinated effort for application testing and subsequent bug fixes done by product developers.
    • Assisted in establishing Performance Tuning parameters and guidelines for Apache HTTPD Webserver and PostGreSQL DBMS. Also, assisted in establishing and enforcing Security Best Practices for PHP based CMS applications.
    • Enhanced user experience design and implementation of application front-end and supported User Experience Testing to get first-hand user feedback on Application User Experience via user acceptance testing, surveys and interviews. Also, established UI best practices for enhanced User Experience for Web-based applications.
    • Planned and completed multiple on-time deliveries of the custom CMS instances as per business requirements for multiple Business Domains. Managed a CoE team to drive effort in various Product Shared Service Groups for efficient delivery.
    • Developed process guidelines to ensure coordination between various Product CoEs. Also, developed process enablement plans and documents for enabling associates across organization to use application. Established best practices for development teams to ensure mass production of application.
    • Coordinated with Legal team and Patent office for copyright of application and content for Internet hosting.
    • Showcased the integrated beta-release package and integrated version of portal and application to multiple internal and external audiences obtaining positive response.

    Nature of above assignments inspired me to acquire Diploma Certificate in Business Analysis. 

    Developer / Lead Developer 04/2012 to 03/2013 TATA Consultancy Services Ltd. Products Information Portal
    • Researched and evaluated multiple open-source CMS platforms to address the business need of hosting product information online.
    • Developed custom CMS platform based on MediaWiki Open-Source CMS as per business requirements and custom platform extensions as needed. Also, researched context sensitivity to isolate information based on user groups and permissions. Ensured software security by using and enforcing SSA best practices for application development.
    • Performed requirement analysis and creation of various Information Maps simultaneously for multiple products across business domains.
    • Carried out functional level discussions for implementation and representation of information across to a wide spectrum of users.
    • Led and assisted teams in development of product documentation for products pertaining to Retail and Telecom domain. Reviewed and provided comments on the adequacy of documents and product information. Also, provided an optimized process for resolution of any deficiencies found.
    • Ensured an accelerated delivery for a product team, close to the market launch date within a month from requirement analysis phase.
    Developer 11/2010 to 03/2012 TATA Consultancy Services Ltd. A C Nielsen
    • Joined the project as a Database Developer.
    • Responsible for database optimization and maintenance and also for maintaining and optimizing scripts for Oracle to Netezza Data Synchronization.
    • Created jobs for generating custom content on back-end which can be used for data-analytics on the front end and for scheduling and running jobs independently and automatically for non-production environment.
    • Was included in thought process to define and optimize order of running scripts as per business process requirement.
    Bachelor Of Engineering: Computer Engineering 2010 University of Mumbai Mumbai, Maharashtra Graduated First Class with Distinction
    Higher Secondary Certificate 2006 Atomic Energy Junior College Mumbai Additional Coursework in Computer Science
    Secured 87%
    Secondary School Certificate 2004 Garodia International Mumbai Secured 86.2%
    • Diploma Certificate in Business Analysis with Specialisation in Retail Management (IIBA Affiliated) 
    • Microsoft - Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3
    • Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate
    • Star Collaborator Award - FY 2013-14. 
    • Special Initiative Award (Q1) - FY 2014-15. 
    Extra-Curricular Activities
    • TCS Fit4Life Champion - ( Apr 2012 - Present )
    • Regular participant in Table Tennis championships held at Corporate level.
    • Participated and completed over 5 Half Marathons.
    • Composing poetry regularly - Published in Intra-Organizational Newsletters.
    • Regular contributor on KnoMe Platform
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    Professional Summary
    Experienced IT professional that works with management, business analysts, as well as end users to provide software solutions that are user-friendly, but also adhere to pre-defined business and technical specifications.
    T-SQL; PL/SQL; MOCA; XML; HTML; CSS; Java; C#; JavaScript; jQuery Operating Systems: MS Windows (Server 2003, Server 2008, XP Professional, 7 Professional); Linux; Unix; Mac OS X Applications: SSRS; SSMS; Visual Studio 2008, 2010; HighJump WMS; RedPrairie WMS; SQL Developer; ConnectShip; MS Team Foundation Server; MS Dynamics AX; MS Office Suite; Eclipse Databases: MS SQL Server 2012, 2008R2, 2008; MS Access; Oracle
    Work History
    Consultant 01/2014 to Current
    enVista Corporation Carmel, IN
    • Successful completion of multiple projects both inside and outside of the United States where my responsibilities include: Lead functional and technical discussions with the client including integrating Warehouse Advantage to ERP and MHE systems Coaching enVista's supply chain consultants on HighJump Warehouse Advantage's functional capabilities and technical configuration using HighJump's tools Performs the necessary analysis and consultation to identify business issues, solution requirements, and related benefits Aids in preparing and analyzing project plans and documentation Works directly with clients to gather an understanding of their business needs and assists them in configuration and implementation of the software system Works closely with team members to understand client needs Travel to the client site for delivery of solutions is required.
    Software Developer 08/2011 to 01/2014
    Vitacost.com Lexington, NC
    Information Technology Specialist 03/2007 to 08/2011
    US Army Fayetteville, NC
    Lead developer
    • for our off-shore development team - Provided code reviews and assistance; SCRUMs Developed complex applications from the ground up for our multiple DCs that are utilized by RFID devices and Virtual/Web Terminals using T-SQL, Advantage Architect, and WebWise PageEditor Support and enhance existing applications using Advantage Architect and PageEditor Segmented application code into different solution environments in order to allow for simultaneous modifications/development to different functions Work directly with Director-level management and Business Analysts to develop applications and reports that adhere to technical specifications and SDLC Built and configured QA and Development environments for HighJump; application and database servers Performed application version upgrades for HighJump Create and maintain new and existing SSRS/WebWise reports using WebWise PageEditor, SSMS, Visual Studio Create release documentation while maintaining source control via Team Foundation Server Assists in code releases from QA to Production environments.
    Senior tech Sergeant
    • Performed senior operator and systems administrator duties, unit level maintenance on assigned computer systems as well as information assurance duties in CERTS Generate reports for the ISSO, set up and maintain data logs, rosters, status boards, charts, graphs and viewgraphs Compiles production report data and quality control information Assists less experienced Soldiers in the installation, operation, and maintenance of information processing equipment Draft program operation SOPs and technical program requirements for documentations Troubleshoot software using established debugging procedures.
    M.S: Computer Information Systems Present Boston University - Computer Information Systems Present
    B.S: Network and Communications Management 2013 DeVry University - GPA: Dean's List Network and Communications Management Dean's List
    A.A.S: Network Systems Administration 2011 DeVry University - GPA: Dean's List Alpha Sigma Lambda Network Systems Administration Dean's List Alpha Sigma Lambda
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    Currently available for REMOTE roles only.
    20 years of experience as full-stack developer, extensive programming and graphic skills using:  HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, PHP & MySQL, Wordpress, AngularJS and Symfony frameworks. Ability to work independently with minimal supervision and as part of a team on multiple projects.
    • JavaScript expert
    • Attention to details
    • HTML Guru
    • PHP expert
    • MySQL
    • Symphony framework
    • Wordpress
    • AngularJS
    • CSS
    09/2012 to 02/2015
    Senior Lead Developer FlashPoint Medica New York, NY
    • Led the development team.
    • Hands on development projects using multiple programming languages such as: HTML5, Javascript, CSS, PHP, MySQL server.
    • Created several of the agency software frameworks.
    • Responsible for the creation of the agency software documentation Strong User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) background Attention to details Problem solver.
    08/2006 to 08/2011
    Senior Developer CDMi New York, NY
    • A natural innovator.
    • Implemented several new ideas and brought them to the leadership team.
    • Expert using several programming languages such as: PHP, ActionScript, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript etc.
    • Created more than 50 websites and application over the course of 5 years.
    • Implemented a system that improved the user experience for people with disabilities Received the agency "Best Developer" awards 2009.
    07/2002 to 08/2006
    Software Developer Kuyata Granada, Spain
    • Created several websites using PHP, CSS, jQuery and MySql Invented a system similar to Google Maps called "callejero de Granada" that was then adopted by several other provinces in Spain.
    Bachelor of Science: Software Engineer Software Engineer
    Fluent in English, Spanish and Advance level in Portuguese
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    Expert Software Developer dedicated to constantly improving tools and infrastructure to maximise productivity, minimise system downtime and quickly respond to the changing needs of the business.
    • Android SDK and NDK
    • Gradle build
    • SQLite database
    • In-App billing workflow
    • Material design
    • RESTful and SOAP web services
    • Test Driven Development
    • Cloud Architecture - AWS and Azure
    • Identified as the natural choice each time an opportunity arose for an acting position as Technical Lead. 
    • Promoted to Senior Applications Developer after one and a half years of employment.
    • Developed several internal tools to automate mundane tasks that got quickly adopted by other developers.
    06/2016 to 08/2016
    Technical Lead (Acting) Department of Corrective Services Perth, WA
    • Led, monitored and reviewed the work of a team of 14 developers. 
    • Provided technical lead in major IT infrastructure upgrade projects.
    • Identified business and technical impact of changes to the system.
    • Provided mentoring, guidance, and training to members of the development team.
    • Carried out research to identify new trends to achieve maximum results.
    09/2015 to 10/2015
    Technical Lead (Acting) Department of Corrective Services Perth, WA
    • Led, monitored and reviewed the work of a team of 16 developers. 
    • Led technical specification and software design phases of software life cycle.
    • Managed design and implementation of development efforts for project work.
    • Performed code reviews to ensure alignment with code standards.
    05/2015 to Current
    Co-Founder and Lead Developer BroScience Perth, WA
    • Reached expert level in Android development.
    • Researched and analysed market for a niche to fill.
    • Implemented Material Design according to Google guidelines.
    • Implemented secure In-app billing client and server side workflow.
    • Designed and implemented Continuous Integration pipeline.
    05/2013 to Current
    Senior Applications Developer Department of Corrective Services Perth, WA
    • Developed and maintained business systems of varying sizes and complexity.
    • Liaised with stakeholders and developers to identify solutions and improvements.
    • Provided technical advice in the development and support of business systems.
    • Provided mentoring and guidance to less experienced developers.
    09/2011 to 05/2013
    Applications Developer Department of Corrective Services Perth, WA
    • Met clients' needs by designing, implementing, testing and maintaining applications.
    • Consulted with stakeholders to identify information management issues.
    • Provided advice in relation to design and implementation of projects.
    06/2011 to 07/2011
    Intern (IT Advisory) KPMG Perth, WA
    01/2011 to 09/2011
    Web Content Strategist Murdoch University Murdoch, WA
    Bachelor of Science: Computer Science Murdoch University Murdoch, WA, Australia
    Highest Distinction. GPA 3 out of 4
    • Awarded the Vice Chancellor's Commendation for Academic Excellence for ranking in the top 2% of students university wide.
    Postgraduate Certificate: Business Administration (Masterclass) Murdoch University Murdoch, WA, Australia
    Highest Distinction. GPA 3.3 out of 4
    • Completed the Master Class program, which offers the opportunity to students ranking among the top 5% of the University to complete a Postgraduate Certificate at the same time as their Undergraduate degree.
    Test Driven Development, Domain Driven Development, Scrum Framework (Agile Development), Waterfall Development Framework
    Programming/ Scripting Languages
    Java, C#, C, Python, PHP, GO, SQL (SQLite, PLSQL, etc.), HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP, Lua, XML
    Android Studio, PyCharm, Visual Studio (Resharper proficient), Eclipse, NetBeans, Oracle SQL Developer, SQL Server Management Studio
    Version Control
    GIT, TFS, Subversion
    SDKs and Frameworks
    Android SDK and NDK, Java, .NET Framework, ASP .Net, HprmSDK, OpenGL, DirectX, NHapi, TinyXML, PdfSharp