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Professional Summary
Conscientious Construction Journeyman with over 6 years of experience in the plumbing and pipefitting trade. Skilled at ridding construction sites of potential hazards and promptly completing assigned tasks.
  • Power and hand tools
  • Commercial structures
  • Water and sewer pipe installation
  • Capable of heavy lifting
  • Machine servicing
  • Safety procedures knowledge
  • Plumbing
  • Complaint resolution
  • Troubleshooting
  • Remodels and new construction
  • Hydraulic systems maintenance
  • Painting and plastering
Work History
Assistant Manager, 08/2016 to 11/2016
San Tan Self Storage Chandler, Arizona, United States
  • Audited files and reported any issues requiring follow-up to lead manager.​
  • Verified that all customer complaints were handled promptly and appropriately.
  • Maintained a sufficient number of units so that they were market-ready at all times.
  • Assisted with janitorial and maintenance duties to ensure property upkeep.
  • Cleaned in and around the buildings, prioritizing safety at all times.
  • Dismantled, cleaned and replaced light fixtures.
Machine Operator, 04/2016 to 08/2016
JD Ellen
  • Inspected equipment, structures and materials to identify the cause of errors and defects.
  • Routinely monitored the feed and speed of machines during the machining process.
  • Lubricated parts and performed minor maintenance to improve machine function.
Plumber, 08/2015 to 04/2016
  • Eliminated risks by correctly identifying potential safety hazards.
  • Interpreted blueprints to determine locations, quantities and sizes of materials required.
  • Selected the type and size of piping required for each project.
  • Secured pipes to structures with clamps, brackets and hangers.
Explosives Laborer, 10/2014 to 08/2015
Fisher Sand and Gravel
  • Surface miner laborer on the powder crew.
  • Dropped explosives down the drill holes, fill with proper amount of ANFO using an auger-fed bulk truck, operate skid-steer to fill holes, tie in the shot, shoot and clear it.
  • Observed hand signals, grade stakes, or other markings when operating machines.
  • Distributed loads evenly to reduce safety risks.
Pipe Fitter, 01/2010 to 09/2013
UA Local 469 Plumbers & Steamfitters Phoenix, Arizona, United States
  • Intel Fab 32 install
  • Fab 42 base build
  • Operate MEWP's
  • braze & solder pipe, glue PVC, and fit carbon pipe
Associate of Science: Business, 2016-2018
Mesa Community College -
  • Coursework in Business, Management, and Communications.
  • Finance and Risk Management courses.
  • Coursework in Economics, Finance, and Accounting
  • Coursework in Managerial Accounting and Corporate Financial Management
  • Coursework in Kronos and SWS
  • Coursework in Data Entry in Excel

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Professional Summary
Over the years I have picked up more and more experience and way to figure out how to fabricate and fit pipe. Quick learner and pick up different ways to work everyday. Not just a coworker but definitely a great team member and enjoy working with others.
Read and understand ISO drawing and P&ID's. 

Fabricating pipe 

Locating coordinates and elevations on structure 

Have done hydro testing and pre-Commissioning 

Know how to work with electric tools and hands tools pretty well. 

Working on high elevations 

Pulling measurements and figuring out pipe sizes or structure lengths. 

Able to operate Fork lift 

Work History
01/2018 to 02/2018
Pipe Fitter Universal Plant Services Deer Park, TX
  • Installed valves, hangers, supports and flanges inside piping systems.
  • Assembled and installed a variety of valves and fittings.
  • Eliminated risks by correctly identifying potential safety hazards.
  • Interpreted blueprints to determine locations, quantities and sizes of materials required.
  • Secured pipes to structures with clamps, brackets and hangers.
  • Read blueprints to determine appropriate materials and procedures for each project.
  • Worked with certified pipe welders by providing accurate pipe preparation and fitting.
06/2017 to 10/2017
Pipefitter CB&I Deer Park Deer Park, TX
  • Fabricated and installed screw pipe, socket weld pipe and stainless steel tubing.
  • Read and interpreted blueprints, sketches and specifications for the job.
  • Utilized welding equipment and other hand tools in the safest, most effective manner and according to manufacturer instructions.
  • Coordinated the movement of materials and equipment to job sites.
  • Followed safe work practices, which included fall protection and personal protective equipment.
08/2016 to 06/2017
Pipefitter Watkins Construction Co LLC Corsicana, TX
  • Supervised [10] apprentices, answering questions and providing feedback on work.
  • Fabricated and installed  pipe, socket weld pipe and stainless pipe. 
  • Read and interpreted blueprints, sketches and specifications for the job.
  • Utilized welding equipment and other hand tools in the safest, most effective manner and according to manufacturer instructions.
08/2015 to 07/2016
Pipefitter S&B Engineers and Constructors, Ltd. La Porte, TX
  • Fab and fit pipe and different sizes. Ensured all pipe was well beveled and cleaned in order to get welded.
  • Hydro tested pipe and sold to client. 
  • Read ISO's and P&ID's 
  • Erect pipe onto structure using crane, chain falls , come alongs and other rigging essentials.
06/2014 to 11/2014
Pipefitter Austin Industrial Deer Park, TX
  • Fabricated and installed pipe, socket weld pipe and stainless steel tubing
  • Read and interpreted blueprints, sketches and specifications for the job.
  • Coordinated the movement of materials and equipment to job sites.
  • Fabricated, assembled, installed and maintained piping systems.
  • Threaded pipes using piping machines.
  • Utilized welding equipment and other hand tools in the safest, most effective manner and according to manufacturer instructions.
  • Followed safe work practices, which included fall protection and personal protective equipment.
  • Conducted hydrostatic water testing.
High School Diploma:
Ross S Sterling - Baytown, Texas

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Core Competencies
  • Facility Inspections & Site Audits
  • Environmental, Health, & Safety Planning & Implementation
  • Accident Investigation
  • Training & Development
  • Accident/Injury Reports
  • First Aid
  • Evacuation Planning
Professional Summary

Due to my time in the Marine Corp I would say I am driven with excellent client and project management skills. Action-oriented with the strong ability to communicate effectively with technology, executive, and business audiences. Where I lack in time in grade I compensate with initiative and capability to adapt to a new environment.

Professional Experience
Safety Supervisor
August 2016 to November 2016
Total Safety Port Arthur, TX I was tasked to oversee a 7 unit turnaround. My job scope consisted of Unit Auditing, Safety Meetings, Progress Report Meetings with the Customer, Working w/ 3rd Party Safety to help assist accident investigations, near misses, etc. Ensure that my employees were complying with that of Valero- Port Arthur's policies & procedures as well as Total Safety's.
Safety Advisor 4
April 2016 to June 2016
Certified Safety Kenai, AK
This job consisted of me expediting permits, field auditing the confined space entry's & ensuring that every contractor group was complying with all Tesoro Refining Co. policies & procedures.
HSE Coordinator Texas Region
June 2013 to January 2016
Spartan Energy Services, LLC. Lafayette, LA

I was over all Texas Region Operations for Spartan's HSE Department. My responsibilities included Facility Audits, Safety Meetings, Field Audits, Administrator for LMS Safety Training, Forklift Operator Instructor, Accident Investigations, Assistant Manager over Fleetmatics for all company vehicles, and overall responsible for the health and well-being of 319 employees. My time with Spartan was a great tool in terms of adapting to the Oil and Gas Industry. I had immediately picked up on that the mindset was operations before safety. The HSE Manager and myself implemented, what we liked to refer to as a "Culture Shock". In 2013 we had 4 recordables and numerous vehicle/personnel incidents. In 2014 we had almost doubled in company size and closed out the year with 0 recordables and very few vehicle/personnel incidents. 2015 despite the negative market and all the restructuring chaos. It did not effect our overall standings in terms of performance. We closed out the year with 0 recordables and with minimal incidents. I like to think that our steady drive and our unwillingness to cut corners and stick to our policy and procedures it was made it all possible.

Signs Coordinator
September 2012 to April 2013
Ingle Safari Realty, LLC. Lake Charles, LA

My job was to set out and retrieve signs and lock boxes at agent's listings and at times to fix signs affected by climate.

Service Coordinator
May 2012 to September 2012
Don's Carwash Express Lake Charles, LA

My job was to sale additives to the incoming customers for there vehicles. Also to make them aware of any potential threat, that their vehicle might pose.

Tech B/ FSC
April 2012 to May 2012
WasteWater Specialties Lafayette, LA

This job had me doing all kinds of things. Part of the time I would be a hydroblaster, other times I would connect hoses to use cleaning agents to clean out circulators. I was also required to report any type of Incidents occuring in the unit and to monitor employees that were potentially not complying with company policies & procedures.

Tech/ Site Safety
December 2011 to April 2012
Turner Specialty Services Sulphur, LA

I would operate the forklift, check oxidation levels in the reactors, break down catalyst within the reactor itself. Also monitor the unit and other crews assigned to other tasks. If at any given point an employee(s) failed to follow company policies/procedures I was responsible to notify the site superintendant.

Boiler Maker/ Pipe Fitter Helper/ Site Safety
January 2011 to February 2011
Turner Industries Group Lake Charles, LA

While I was with TIG my job was to reattach bell heads but before placing new gaskets and securing them. I also was responsible for monitoring the Unit and ensuring that everyone was being compliant with Turner's policy and procedures. I was also tasked with assisting Pipe Fitters with basic maintenance at the site. (CITGO Acid Unit) This was a short term turnaround. After start up, I was back with TSS.

Select One : SEMS, 2014 PEC Premier Pleasanton, TX, US
Select One : T.R.A.P., 2014 PEC Premier Pleasanton, TX, US
Select One : PEC Basic Orientation, 2014 PEC Premier Pleasanton, TX, US
Select One : Safe Gulf, 2014 PEC Premier Pleasanton, TX, US
Select One : SafeLand, 2014 PEC Premier Pleasanton, TX, US
Construction Safety and Health 30-hour, 2013 Occupational Safety and Health Administration Seguin, TX, US
National Registry : Emergency Medical Technician , 2012 EMT- BASIC Lake Charles, LA, U.S.

During this course of study the main focus was to learn and implement key steps to saving peoples lives.

CPR/AED Program, 2012 NEMSA Lafayette, LA, US
Select One : Field and Weapon Systems Training, 2010 Marine Combat Training Camp Lejeune, NC, U.S.

This particular training was more focused on survival in the field, weapon systems, and close quarter hand to hand combat.

Select One : Becoming A Marine, 2010 U.S.M.C. Basic Training Parris Island, SC, U.S.

At this time I was pushed mentally and physically to achieve the title of becoming a United States Marine.

Primary Mos : Field Radio Operator, 2010 0621 Field Radio Operators Course Twentynine Palms, CA, U.S.

While in Field Radio Operators Course I learned the key fundamentals in Radio Operations. I graduated at the top of my class and the knowledge I gained from there is was what drove me to work my way up the chain and now I am currently the communications chief for Detachment 4, 4th Tank Battalion. I owe everything to the Corps, it's still what drives me to excel in life. To go above and beyond when no one is watching and be willing to set myself apart from others that only do the bare minimum.

High School Diploma Hamilton Christian Academy Lake Charles, LA, U.S.
Professional Affiliations

Marine Corp League

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Construction pipefitter familiar with production methods such as fitting and rigging pipe. Very team oriented with task at hand. Detailed oriented and physically fit for any job at hand. Always energetic and safe at any job site I work at. 

  • worked on 2in.- 42in pipe
  • worked on carbon and steel
  • grind
  • bevel
  • efficient at reading drawings
  • fit pipe
  • worked with chain clamps and super clamps
  • hydro test
  • knowledgeable in fixing a bad bevel and cutting pipe for re bevel.
  • used chain falls from .5 ton - 5 ton. 
  • have walked pipe to check the correct coordinates
  • put guides and wear pads
  • put shoes
  • have worked on bolt up
  • bolt up pipes 3 in. - 12 in.
  • I know how to properly operate a boom out lift and scissor lift.
  •  worked with crane in moving pipe
  • have all tools for job at hand
  • smaw certified
  • welded 6 inch thin carbon pipe in 2g, 4g, and 6g.
  • welded plate in verticle and overhead
  • knowlegde in to properly operate forklift
  • welded stainless in stick
I have help staff the special Olympics for 3 years. Ran the Houston cancer run. and help run or donate in other charities.
09/2019 to 11/2019
Pipefitter 3 ECHO Nederland, TX

I worked at the Motiva plant in port Arthur, and the turn aroun was for 2 months. we uninstalled and reinstalled various pipe sizes in different units. we hydro tested exchangers, made critical lifts with bundles for the exchangers.

02/2019 to 04/2019
Pipefitter 3 ECHO Nederalnd , TX

I worked this turnaround in a caustic unit. we broke down bolts and valves, and help demo a tower. I used a port band and other various tools. I worked in rain and heat seven days a week twelve hour shifts.

all pipe size that I worked on during the duration of my employment was 32 in., and below.

09/2018 to 11/2018
Pf Helper Sti Port Arthur, TX

we were removing old 4 in. pipe and valves that were originally a flare line for product, job lasted 2 months due top it being a turnaround, we test pressured tanks and exchangers to various pressures according to drawings or specs. grinded and beveled. job was completed.

02/2018 to 06/2018
New Construction Structural Welder West Port Orange Orange, TX

Structural welder for west port orange shipyard. welded with mig and stick on new construction. Repaired barges and inspected the new construction under the supervision of the weld Q.C.

08/2017 to 01/2018
Foreman S.E.I. groves, texas

I ran a twenty-five man turn around. Without a supereintendent or general-formen. I read drawings and retrieved material from D.I. all while getting the 25 man night crew ready for thier job. my job was nominated the best turnaround compared to any craft turn around at total for 2017 with the help of my project manager John Baer. all while having no one hurt. 

07/2016 to 02/2017
Pipe Fitter CCJV Hackberry, LA

made sure all pipe is on coordinates. Would walk down the pipe for general Forman with drawings. worked on carbon and stainless schedule 10 wall pipe. bolt up and rig pipe to get on rack. fit pipe and set up welder for weld to claim the pipe. grind paint off pipe for weld. heat up pipe with propane to get temperature hot enough for weld. used wrap arounds to cut pipe correctly. had all tools necessary for job at hand.  

11/2015 to 07/2016
Top pipe fitter helper Fluor Baytown, tx
Would use cumalongs to move pipe down the rack to coordinates. fit mainly 2 inch- 26 inch all carbon. clean pipe. set up welder and help with welding cables. red drawings and find correct pipe to rig up in rack.
02/2015 to 07/2015
pipe fitter helper fluor Freeport, tx learn how to read drawings. help welder and fire watch. hole watch at times. fit 2 inch - 12in. rest was help with fitter at hand. learned quickly and efficiently
High School Diploma: basics saginaw high school saginaw, tx, usa graduated a year early due to academics. attended all years. graduated wit a 3.2 gpa
basics tarrant county college saginaw, tx

completed 1.5 years worth of classes.

smaw weeks welding nederland, tx

welded all postions for smaw in structure and pipe. on carbon