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Skillful Sheet Metal Mechanic resume

Productive, performance driven Aircraft Technician eager to contribute comprehensive technical skills toward actively supporting a progressive organization as a key team member.
04/2017 to 03/2018
Electrician Outsource staffing San Francisco, CA
  • Installing lighting, switches, receptacles, conduit, wiring, and everything required of an electrician.
01/2017 to 04/2017
Electrician Berg Electric Sacramento, CA
  • Installed 3 and 4 way switch lighting, installing 1/2" and 3/4" conduit, general electrician duties as needed.
03/2016 to 09/2016
Student I-Tap electrical School Rancho Cordova, CA
  • Graduated with my ET Card.
  • Basically I'm a licensed electrician.
04/2010 to 03/2012
Docent/Restoration Technician
  • Mcclellan aerospace museum of california McClellan Park, CA Assisted in Restoration of planes.
03/2005 to 04/2007
Realtor/ loan officer Thompson and Brown Real estate Antelope CA
  • Helped people find there dream house, and also did loan paperwork.
06/2001 to 07/2006
Battle Damage
  • BDR Team).
09/1996 to 03/1997
P Mechanic Clay Lacy aviation Van Nuys, CA
  • Maintenance on a Gulfstream, Learjets, Dassault and Falcon 20 aircraft.
  • i did a little bit of everything required of an A&P Mechanic.
08/1995 to 08/1996
P Mechanic Cessna Citation MDTSC Long Beach, CA
  • A&P mechanic on Cessna citation jets.
  • tow aircraft in and out of the hanger, and do your basic maintenance, servicing all fluids, calling the fuel truck to get a top off.
  • also worked in the sheet metal shop doing layout and fabrication of aircraft sheet metal parts.
05/1995 to 07/1995
Sheet Metal Mechanic
  • Strom aviation Reno, NV just a quick C check on a 727.
  • i did all the sheet metal fixes.
  • cleaning corrosion, layout and fabricate the new parts, i would drill out the old part and use it as a template to make the new part, i would clean the corroded area alodine and prime the area and the part and reinstall.
10/1994 to 04/1995
Sheet Metal Mechanic/ A&P General electric Mojave, CA
  • Reserch and development on the GE90 Engine for the Boeing 777 aircraft, worked with titanium and in canal steel , i worked on the thrust reverser and exhaust areas, talk about going through drill bits.
  • wow lol..
08/1993 to 09/1994
Sheet metal tech/ A&P Dynair Tech Phoenix, AZ
  • Lap seam and beam crew member on boeing 737, we would peel back the lap seam skin to clean all the corrosion out, then clico back together, then the cool part was we would use 7/32 rivets that were frozen you would have to put sealant on the frozen rivet and shoot it quickly, thats the coooolll part about it.
04/1993 to 06/2013
Business Owner President/CEO On The spot grooming inc Sacramento, CA
  • I was basically an office manager, i did payroll, data entry, training, just keep the wheels rolling.
05/1992 to 06/1993
Sheet Metal Mechanic Smart San Antonio, TX
  • Boeing 727, 737, and MD-83, C and D Checks, Major heavy structural mods, layout and fabricate sheet metal parts.
09/1991 to 07/1997
Crew Chief United States Air Force Reserves Riverside, CA
  • Crew Chief on C141 jet aircraft.
  • i would do what ever i took to keep my aircraft fully mission capable.
  • FMC) like changing landing gear, batteries, windshields, engines, brakes.
  • etc.
05/1990 to 04/1992
Aircraft Structural Maintenance Specialist personnel Connection Ronkonkoma, NY
  • Performed C & D Checks on Boeing 747, 757 , 737, and MD-80.
  • Aircraft layout and fabricated sheet metal parts, also cargo door mods.
  • used brake, band saws, grinders, rivet guns, pop rivet guns, high speed grinders, and many other tools required of a sheet metal mechanic.
  • sometimes you would have to get chits from the tool crib to check out tools, that was a good way of keeping track of tools.
  • I also received my Airframe and Powerplant license in 1991.
  • it was it good feeling to finally receive my license.
  • Great day.
10/1989 to 04/1990
Aircraft Technician Roig West Van Nuys, CA
  • Worked on Lear 35, and 55's, performed miner sheet metal repairs, cleaned up corroded area's and installed new rivets.
  • Brake and tire changes, serviced all the fluid levels using the proper manuals.
  • Towed the planes in and out of the hangers.
08/1988 to 09/1989
Aircraft Technician National Jet Charter Van Nuys, CA
  • Worked onCessna citation, Learjets, i did small sheet metal jobs like remove and replace rivets, remove a small hat or L angle section that was corroded, make a new part, alodine and prime, and clico it in place and rivet back together and of course cleaning and the corrosion in the area.
  • rigging on flight controls, wheel and tire changes, make sure all the fluids are serviced, fuel the plane up, and make sure the paperwork is complete, and the aircraft is FMC.
  • i also towed the aircraft in and out of the hanger.
08/1985 to 07/1988
Aircraft Technician Volpar Van nuys, CA
  • Performed fuel tank repair, fabricate all the parts for a proper skin repair, install with sealant, cleco the skin on the aircraft, countersink the area's that needed it, use rivet gun and start shooting rivets, some areas required hi-locks, so we would install those as well.
  • we would also roll the skin to the proper curvature if the aircraft.
  • i would do little jobs too, like drilling the head off the rivet and pooping the shank through and installing a new one with sealant.
  • and of course everything else required of a aircraft technician.Boeing 707,727, DC-8.
06/1981 to 07/1985
Aircraft Technician United States Air Force Sacramento, CA
United States Air Force Yuba City, CA
  • BDR Team on A-10 Thunderbolts.
  • We were required to fix everything on the aircraft due to Bullets or Missiles damaging the skin, hydraulics, cables, on any other part of the plane.
Crew Chief
  • 39 Sabraliner Jets.
  • changed batteries, landing gear, brakes and tires, windshield, engine run qualified, i would taxi the jet to the run up area, and take the controls up to 100% and do operation checks, sometimes i would be in the cockpit, other times i would be under the engine adjusting specific items to get the best performance.
  • And everything else required of a crew chief.
Education and Training
C-141 jet Aircraft Norton AFB San Bernardino, CA US Air Force Advanced Systems School Tucson, AZ
A&P License Certification: aeronautics Van Nuys Van Nuys, CA Airframe and Powerplant Certification
blueprints, cables, electrician, grinders, hydraulics, office manager, repairs, wiring
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Job-winning Sheet Metal Mechanic resume

Logan Carroll
To develop a career with an established corporation that will allow me to use the skills acquired previously and learn new professional standards that come with working in an industrial power plant. My dedication to my employer is unsurpassed and perplexing situations drive my curiosity to find a resolve to problems.
Professional Summary
Hardworking, safety conscious worker skilled at reading and interpreting blueprints, diagrams and drawings. Offering a high level of craftsmanship and dedication to customer satisfaction and product quality for government contractors, general contractors, and private contractors. Currently employed in a fast paced custom fabrication shop where not one project is the same.
  • Safety minded worker
  • Sheet metal layout
  • Field measurements
  • Mild steel worker
  • Stainless steel and aluminum properties

  • Drill press use
  • Industrial sheet metal worker
  • Shop fabrication expert
  • Limited welding skills with stick, tig, and mig
Work History
Sheet Metal Mechanic 05/2012 to Current
Custom Metals Of Virginia Manassas, Virginia
  • Planned and laid out work from sketches, drawings, specifications and work orders.
  • Use of a torch to hot bend materials.
  • Tended multiple fabricating machines, including cutoff saws, shears, rolls, brakes, presses and forming and spinning machines.
  • Read job specifications to determine machine adjustments and material requirements.
  • Set appropriate stops and guides to specified lengths as indicated by scale, rule or template.
  • Removed burrs, sharp edges, rust and scale from work pieces to prevent malfunction.
  • Set up and performed maintenance on fab and machine shop machines.
  • Planned and coordinated tasks and determined correct amount of material required to complete assignments.
  • Fabricated and altered parts at construction sites using shears, hammers, punches and drills.
  • Developed and laid out patterns that used materials most efficiently.
  • Operated hand and power tools and heavy machinery safely.
  • Inspected individual parts, assemblies and installations for adherence to specifications and building codes.
High School Diploma: 2012 Mountain View High School, Class of 2012 - Stafford, Virginia

Dennis Johnson - Custom Metals Of Virginia (703)-926-6880

Paula Brown - Mark Thomas Crossland, PC (703) 491-7797

Fred McMurray - U.S Capitol Police (540)604-0868

Brandon Michalski - Parsons Corporation (540) 287-5920

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Experienced Sheet Metal Mechanic resume

Kevin Stanford

I have over 5 years experience working Aircraft Sheet Metal. Three years of my experience, has been working heavy structural repairs on the KC 135 aircraft at Tinker A.F.B. Currently, I am assigned to the 551st CMMXS at Tinker A.F.B. My present job is depot level maintenance on the flaps of the B52 bomber.  In addition to my experience, I have my Airframe And Powerplant License from the Federal Aviation Administration. 

  • I know how to plan, lay out, fabricate, modify, repair, assemble, and install complex aircraft sheet metal parts, items, and assemblies that have combined straight and curved edges of irregular curves and planes. I have experience in shooting and bucking rivets and reaming holes, I am efficient in hi lok sizes and installing hi loks. I have the ability to make repairs by manufacturing new parts, reinforcing, patching, and replacing defective parts. I possess knowledge of the characteristics and properties of any metals used in the sheet metal trade. I possess knowledge of advanced shop mathematics to calculate and scribe patterns involving straight and curved edges or irregular curves, angles, and planes. I have knowledge of safety and environmental standards, regulations, and requirements. I have experience in using complicated measuring instruments such as protractors, dial calipers, micrometers, and screw pitch gauges and other hand measuring devices. I excel in knowledge of proper tool control procedures. I possess skills in using a wide variety of hand and power tools such as crimping, burring, turning, and bending machines, and adapting them to special use. I follow established procedures and insures that safety, housekeeping, shop policies, fire and safety measures rules are followed at all times.
  • Experienced in the use of Fed Log, D230, Tinker, TSS/PAC, WCD and 202 Form. I have knowledge of safety and environmental standards, regulations, and requirements. I have efficient training to operate equipment in a safe manner; applying all AF established safety rules and regulations to minimize minor violations and to avoid major violations due to employee error or negligence. I make certain all OSHA standard environmental laws and regulations are in compliance when working with chemicals and disposing of toxic and hazardous waste. I have been trained in examining aircraft sheet metal structures to locate cracks, breaks, holes, bulges, dents, and loose or missing rivets. I have experience in determining the type and extent of repairs needed to restore original strength to components such as frames, stringers, bulkheads, spars, ribs, and stiffeners. I have the knowledge to reinforce damaged or weakened skin on structural members, or remove and replace portions or complete sections. I have the training and knowledge to strictly adhere to safety and security procedures and regulations and promptly report any observed or identified violations in accordance with established guidelines. I have had training and am efficient in creating Fit In Place seals (FIP). I am trained and have experience in corrosion prevention and corrosion removal.

I have received my Airframe and Powerplant ratings from the Federal Aviation Administration. I graduated Redstone College with a 3.5 GPA and Rose State College with a 3.5 GPA. I have also worked seventy plus hours in a week at Tinker A.F.B. to make certain help our aircraft repairs are completed on time. In addition, I served two combat tours in Iraq as an Infantry soldier. I earned a Combat Infantry Badge for being in combat operations. 

September 2015
Tinker A.F.B Midwest City, Oklahoma Sheet Metal Mechanic WG-10 Step 3 25.58 per hour I am currently working the b52 flaps at Tinker Air Force Base, I remove and replace ribs,  remove and replace skins, remove angles and replace with new angles, remove nutplates and install with new, shoot on new skins after repairs have been made to flap, buck rivets in extremely tight spots. In addition, I perform 202 repairs after getting approval and do all my work following Technical Orders. these are a few of my current job responsibilities being assigned to the 551st CMMXS. I work a regular 40 hour work week but mandatory overtime is frequent. My supervisor's name is Charles Guthrie and he may be reached at (405) 568-7916.
March 2012
September 2015
Tinker A.F.B. Midwest City, OK Sheet Metal Mechanic WG-08 Step 3 $22.57 per hour

I worked heavy structural repairs on the KC 135 aircraft at Tinker A.F.B. Some of the repairs done on the KC 135 were belly skin repairs, terminal fitting repairs, stringer repairs, spar repairs and production break repairs. I worked a regular 40 hour work week. However, mandatory overtime was not uncommon. My old supervisor's name is Tim MCcoy. He can be reached at (405) 301-1494. You may contact him if needed

March 2010
November 2011
Redstone College Broomfield, CO Airframe and Powerplant student

Attended this school for eighteen months and studied hard to become eligible to take my F.A.A written exams and oral and practical.

June 2002
May 2009
U.S army Baumholder , Germany Infantryman

I served two combat tours in Iraq and was honorably discharged. I also earned my C.I.B while serving in Iraq.

Redstone College Broomfield, CO, United States Associate of Applied Science: Airframe and Powerplant
Rose State College Midwest City, OK, United States Associate of Arts: Criminal Justice
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