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Skillful Structural Welder resume

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Construction pipefitter familiar with production methods such as fitting and rigging pipe. Very team oriented with task at hand. Detailed oriented and physically fit for any job at hand. Always energetic and safe at any job site I work at. 

  • worked on 2in.- 42in pipe
  • worked on carbon and steel
  • grind
  • bevel
  • efficient at reading drawings
  • fit pipe
  • worked with chain clamps and super clamps
  • hydro test
  • knowledgeable in fixing a bad bevel and cutting pipe for re bevel.
  • used chain falls from .5 ton - 5 ton. 
  • have walked pipe to check the correct coordinates
  • put guides and wear pads
  • put shoes
  • have worked on bolt up
  • bolt up pipes 3 in. - 12 in.
  • I know how to properly operate a boom out lift and scissor lift.
  •  worked with crane in moving pipe
  • have all tools for job at hand
  • smaw certified
  • welded 6 inch thin carbon pipe in 2g, 4g, and 6g.
  • welded plate in verticle and overhead
  • knowlegde in to properly operate forklift
  • welded stainless in stick
I have help staff the special Olympics for 3 years. Ran the Houston cancer run. and help run or donate in other charities.
09/2019 to 11/2019
Pipefitter 3 ECHO Nederland, TX

I worked at the Motiva plant in port Arthur, and the turn aroun was for 2 months. we uninstalled and reinstalled various pipe sizes in different units. we hydro tested exchangers, made critical lifts with bundles for the exchangers.

02/2019 to 04/2019
Pipefitter 3 ECHO Nederalnd , TX

I worked this turnaround in a caustic unit. we broke down bolts and valves, and help demo a tower. I used a port band and other various tools. I worked in rain and heat seven days a week twelve hour shifts.

all pipe size that I worked on during the duration of my employment was 32 in., and below.

09/2018 to 11/2018
Pf Helper Sti Port Arthur, TX

we were removing old 4 in. pipe and valves that were originally a flare line for product, job lasted 2 months due top it being a turnaround, we test pressured tanks and exchangers to various pressures according to drawings or specs. grinded and beveled. job was completed.

02/2018 to 06/2018
New Construction Structural Welder West Port Orange Orange, TX

Structural welder for west port orange shipyard. welded with mig and stick on new construction. Repaired barges and inspected the new construction under the supervision of the weld Q.C.

08/2017 to 01/2018
Foreman S.E.I. groves, texas

I ran a twenty-five man turn around. Without a supereintendent or general-formen. I read drawings and retrieved material from D.I. all while getting the 25 man night crew ready for thier job. my job was nominated the best turnaround compared to any craft turn around at total for 2017 with the help of my project manager John Baer. all while having no one hurt. 

07/2016 to 02/2017
Pipe Fitter CCJV Hackberry, LA

made sure all pipe is on coordinates. Would walk down the pipe for general Forman with drawings. worked on carbon and stainless schedule 10 wall pipe. bolt up and rig pipe to get on rack. fit pipe and set up welder for weld to claim the pipe. grind paint off pipe for weld. heat up pipe with propane to get temperature hot enough for weld. used wrap arounds to cut pipe correctly. had all tools necessary for job at hand.  

11/2015 to 07/2016
Top pipe fitter helper Fluor Baytown, tx
Would use cumalongs to move pipe down the rack to coordinates. fit mainly 2 inch- 26 inch all carbon. clean pipe. set up welder and help with welding cables. red drawings and find correct pipe to rig up in rack.
02/2015 to 07/2015
pipe fitter helper fluor Freeport, tx learn how to read drawings. help welder and fire watch. hole watch at times. fit 2 inch - 12in. rest was help with fitter at hand. learned quickly and efficiently
High School Diploma: basics saginaw high school saginaw, tx, usa graduated a year early due to academics. attended all years. graduated wit a 3.2 gpa
basics tarrant county college saginaw, tx

completed 1.5 years worth of classes.

smaw weeks welding nederland, tx

welded all postions for smaw in structure and pipe. on carbon

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Professional Summary

Meticulous Pipefitter with 25+ years of experience, excellent at juggling multiple tasks and working under pressure . Broad industry experience includes Nuclear Power Stations, Combined Cycle Power Stations, Thermal Power Stations, Hydroelectric Power Stations, Diesel Power Stations etc..

  • Experience with ISO-9002
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong mechanical skills
  • NCCER craft Instructor
  • NCCER certified pipefitter
  • NCCER certified rigger
  • Certified silver brazer
  • Med gas certified
  • Forklift and HAZMAT certified
  • Proficiency at reading blueprints, P&ID drawings, spool drawings & shop drawings.
  • Technical school training
  • Supervisory experience
  • Industry safety equipment
Work History
03/2020 to 05/2020
Lead Pipefitter BHI Energy Jenkinsville, SC
  • Reviewed technical documentation to complete equipment maintenance and repair.
  • Evaluated production levels, quality standards and maintenance actions to identify and address operational problems.
  • Located and repaired or replaced worn and broken components to enhance system functionality and durability.
02/2020 to 03/2020
Lead Pipefitter Carver Industries North Charleston, SC
  • Located and repaired or replaced worn and broken components to enhance system functionality and durability.
  • Fabricated piping pieces and components in line with design specifications for each system.
  • Fabricated and installed screw pipe, socket weld pipe and stainless steel pipe.
11/2019 to 02/2020
Lead Pipefitter C.R Hipp Goose Creek, SC
  • Drilled holed into parts of existing structures to complete piping Intake manifolds.
  • Installed valves, hangers, supports and flanges inside piping systems.
  • Independently worked on projects,
  • Obtained precise results by performing accurate hydrotesting.
05/2018 to 11/2019
Pipefitter Foreman Saulsbury Industries Georgetown, South Carolina
  • Coordinated materials to maintain a steady flow and meet productivity objectives.
  • Verified and submitted team timesheets.
  • Maintained documentation for areas such as orders, activities, schedules and employee performance.
  • Conducted hydrostatic water testing.
  • Ensured proper installations through accurate reading of blueprints.
01/2017 to 05/2018
Pipefitter Foreman JESCO Inc. Ladson , South Carolina
  • Fabricated and installed screw pipe, socket weld pipe and stainless steel tubing.
  • Installed piping for plumbing systems for domestic and HVAC lines.
  • Threaded pipes using threading machines.
  • Coordinated the movement of materials and equipment to different work areas.
  • Fabricated, assembled, installed and maintained piping systems.
  • Consistently assumed additional responsibilities and worked extended hours to meet project deadlines.
07/2016 to 01/2017
Lead Pipefitter CB&I (VC Summers Nuclear Power Station) Jenkinsville, South Carolina
  • Select, inspect and use rigging aids such as block and tackle, chain hoist, come along etc..
  • Aligns piping against thrust blocks and secures.
  • Complies with the highest level of safety during all stages of project execution to avoid any type of incidents and or accidents. 
  •  Take reasonable care of own health and safety and that of others in the workplace
  • Worked with certified pipe welders by providing accurate pipe preparation and fitting.
08/2015 to 07/2016
Lead Pipefitter Greenwood Inc Augusta, Georgia

  • fabricate and install screw pipe, socket weld pipe, stainless tubing, carbon steel weld pipe, stainless steel weld pipe; miter and fabricate all pipe; install valves; install underground pipe; install pipe hangers and supports; install steam and heat tracing.
  • Use beveling machine; basic plumbing repair; minor valve maintenance and repair; test piping systems; oxygen and acetylene cutting.
  • Basic rigging; operation of pneumatic and electric tools; and leak test tubing systems.
04/2016 to 05/2016
Lead Pipefitter Fluor Corporation Glen Rose, Texas
  • Select type and size of pipe and related materials needed for each job.
  • Inspect the work site to determine the presence of obstructions and to make sure holes cut out for pipe will not cause structural weakness.
  • Plan sequence of installation to avoid obstructions and activities of other construction workers.
  • Cut, grind, thread and bend pipe according to job specifications. Assemble and install a variety of metal and non-metal pipe and fittings.
01/2016 to 01/2016
Pipe Superintendent Industrial Piping Inc Donaldsonville, Louisiana

  • Beginning the process of assembling all pressurized piping per schematics for natural gas compressors.
  • Maintain accurate records of any or all changes to the system.
  • Consistently produces timely work within and specified quoted time period.
  • Proficiently use all welding procedures as required.
  • Conducted weekly production and operations contractor meetings, which facilitated stronger communication and the ability to resolve critical issues.
  • Worked with construction administration consultants to plan field observations on schedule.
  • Prepared and followed through on all required punch lists.
  • Oversaw the entire building turnover process, while enhancing communication between all construction management.
09/2015 to 10/2015
Lead Pipefitter RPG Tonopah, Arizona
  • interpret blueprints to determine location, quantity and size required.
  • eliminated risks by correctively identifying potential safety hazards.
  • read blueprints to determine appropriate materials and procedure for each project.
05/2015 to 09/2015
Pipefitter Foreman Lauren Engineering Donaldsonville, Louisiana
  •  Selected the type and size of piping required for each project.
  • Join pipe and secure to structure with clamps, brackets, and hangers.
  • Test piping system for leaks by increasing pressure in pipes and observing gauges.
  • Operate fire extinguisher and safety shower and other tools/equipment necessary to perform work.
  • Use basic math skills including geometry and trigonometry to make calculations for work.
  • Assembled and installed a variety of valves and fittings.
12/2014 to 05/2015
Pipefitter Foreman P.C.L Charleston, Tennessee
  • Install, modify, and repairs new and existing high-pressure piping systems and equipment such as steam heating, steam generation, and hydraulic systems, steam generators, flash and expansion tanks, condensate, vacuum, and circulating pumps, and radiators.
  • Independently worked on projects, while offering process coordination and cooperation with other teams.
12/2013 to 12/2014
Pipefitter General Foreman Talon Industries Charleston, South Carolina
  • Directed craft supervisors involved with mechanical pipe
  • Assisted in the development of inspection and commissioning plans
  • Implemented construction Lessons Learned
  • Responsible for execution of work in accordance with quality standards and required specifications for the project.
11/2013 to 12/2013
Lead Pipefitter DZ Atlantic (Surry Nuclear Power Station) Surry, Virginia
  •  Minor modifications, work within the power block. This includes routine mechanical preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, and predictive maintenance.
  •  Install and repair high-pressure and low-pressure pipe systems. They also install automatic controls used to regulate these systems. 
  • Directed operating and maintenance activities of operational nuclear power plants to ensure efficiency and conformity to safety standards.
09/2013 to 10/2013
Lead Pipefitter DZ Atlantic (North Anna Nuclear Power Station) Mineral, Virginia
  • welding and pipefitting for preventive maintenance.
  • running new pipe rerouting existing pipe and creating bypass systems for the pipe.
  • change out motors, pumps and other various types of systems in the plant.
  • Prepared technical scopes of work, correspondence, and documentation that supported effective design, development and implementation of nuclear station engineering change packages.
08/2014 to 02/2015
Pipefitter Foreman KBR Pascagoula, mississippi
  • Troubleshoot/inspect high-pressure piping systems and equipment and determines the need for modification and/or repair to ensure proper and safe operation.
  • Provided studies and cost/benefit analysis of solutions and determined appropriate procurement specifications for services and equipment associated with the construction industry.
  • Directed operating and maintenance activities of operational  plants to ensure efficiency and conformity to safety standards.
06/2013 to 07/2013
Pipefitter Foreman Crowder Pascagoula, Mississippi
  • Read and interpret' blueprints, ISO's field installations, material takeoffs, field sketches, and ability to understand specifications also Utilizes safety practices and procedures following established safety rules and regulations and maintains safe and clean work environment.
  • Reviewed plans and specs during the schematic design of pre-construction.
  • Worked with construction administration consultants to plan field observations on schedule.
06/2013 to 08/2014
Pipefitter Foreman JV Industrial Freeport, Texas
  •  Supervise the installation, maintenance and repair of heating, cooling, gas and process piping and equipment in accordance with recognized procedures and techniques common to the trade of Pipefitter.
  • Inspect the work site to determine methods of repair: supplies tools and the level of manpower needed to successfully complete the work.
  • Assigns Pipefitters to specific tasks and supervises these activities, assisting in layout, fabrication and assembly problems as required.
  • Order  materials including tools necessary to complete the work.
  • Coordinates the activities of the Pipefitters to coincide with those of other crafts as required in the pursuit of the work.
03/2013 to 05/2013
Lead pipefitter CBI (Honeywell Nuclear Power Station) Metropolis, Illinios
  • Provided safety kits to all construction personnel, which complied with safety protocols for the job site.
  • Reported the quality of performance on site to all site construction managers.
  • Supported construction management in emergency repair and restoration at the nuclear facility.
  • Coordinated utility service providers according to project schedules.
04/2012 to 03/2013
Lead Pipefitter DZ Atlantic (Wolf Creek Nuclear Power Station) Burlington, Kansas
  • Implemented systems to improve process efficiency and reduce the project duration.
  • Conducted routine quality audits to ensure that work was progressing per the specifications and initiated corrective actions.
  • Directed operating and maintenance activities of operational nuclear power plants to ensure efficiency and conformity to safety standards.
01/2012 to 04/2012
Pipefitter Carolina Energy Romoland, California
  • Plans Layout, fabricate, assemble, installation, repair and maintain piping according to the specifications of templates, diagrams, prints or the particular project requirements. also Cut and thread,  to specifications, using tools such as saws, cutting torches, pipe threaders, and benders. 
  • ​Worked with construction Management to plan field observations on schedule.​
  • Avoided construction delays by efficiently following through with all site inspections in a timely manner.
10/2011 to 12/2011
Pipefitter Foreman Portable Machining Harrisburg, Virginia
  • Process gas lines, vacuum forelines, vacuum pump exhaust lines, stainless steel tubing-0.035″ – 0.065″ Wall Thickness, 1/4″ – 4″ OD, Complete Analytical Testing, Gas Detection Installations with Audible and Visual Alarms, CGA Compliant Gas Line Labels and Markings, End of Line Indicating Pressure Switches.
  • Developed standard operation procedures and quality or safety standards for High purity piping.
04/2010 to 09/2011
Pipefitter Shaw Group Eden, North Carolina
  • Clean, bevel, prepare and install pipe with various fittings and weld joints.
  • Install pipe hangers and supports.
  • Test pipe installation, bend pipe, and install valves, traps or strainers. 
  • Perform layout, rigging, and transportation of pipe, valves and fittings.
  • Interpret sketches and blueprints. 
  • Perform craft related math.
11/2009 to 03/2010
Pipefitter Jacobs Applied Technology Goose Creek, South Carolina
  • Performed major mechanical work and routine equipment maintenance.
  • Implemented process changes.
  • Made appropriate repair recommendations for process equipment.
  • Retrieved and performed required tests for quality and integrity on plant systems.
09/2009 to 10/2009
Lead Pipefitter DZ Atlantic Crystal River, Florida
  • Layout, assemble, install and maintain piping systems, pipe supports and related hydraulic and pneumatic equipment for steam and hot water heating and cooling systems.
  • assembles and dissembles of piping systems by ways of welding, cutting, and fitting.
  •  constructs JSA for everyday job tasks. Document and record. completion of piping valves, gaskets, and blinds for production.
06/2008 to 09/2009
Lead Pipefitter Shaw Group Dickerson, Maryland
  • Worked closely with equipment maintenance engineers and technicians.
  • Instructed team members on maintenance policies and procedures.
  • Followed a routine maintenance checklist.
06/2006 to 05/2008
Pipefitter Turner Industries Billings, Montana
  • Plan pipe system layout, installation, or repair according to specifications 
  • Select pipe sizes and types and related materials, such as supports, hangers, and hydraulic cylinders, according to specifications.
  • Cut and bore holes in structures, such as bulkheads, decks, walls, and mains, prior to pipe installation, using hand and power tools.
01/2006 to 06/2006
Pipefitter Foreman JV Piping Freeport , Texas
  • Supervised the work of team members, offering constructive feedback on their work performance.
  • Defined clear targets and objectives and communicated them to other team members.
  • Monitored timelines and flagged potential issues to be addressed.
  • Directed quality assurance efforts to maximize production and minimize rework on piping systems.
05/2004 to 12/2005
Pipefitter Foreman HB Zachary Front Royal, Virginia
  • Plans and lays out installation, repair, and/or modification of high-pressure piping systems and equipment applying and interpreting information in blueprints, charts, and sketches.
  • Avoided construction delays by efficiently following through with all site inspections in a timely manner.
  • Supported construction management in emergency repair and restoration of both oil and natural gas pipeline systems.
04/2003 to 04/2004
Structural Welder Tidewater Construction Holly Hill, South Carolina
  • Removed rough spots from workpieces with portable grinders, hand files and scrapers.
  • Clamped, held, tack-welded, heat-bent, ground and bolted component parts to achieve required configurations and positions.
  • Skilled with gas metal arc, flux-cored arc, plasma arc, and shielded metal arc.
  • Set up and operated hand and power tools, including shielded metal arc and gas metal arc welding equipment.
  • Fabricated shop parts directly from blueprints.
  • Assembled structural forms such as boiler parts and pressure vessels.
04/2002 to 04/2003
Pipefitter Foreman Westinghouse (Calvert Cliff Nuclear Power Station) Lusby, Maryand
  • work on nuclear equipment such as reactor cores, radiation shielding and associated instrumentation and control mechanisms.
  • Comply with standard operation procedures and quality or safety standards for solar installation work.
  • Directed operating and maintenance activities of operational nuclear power plants to ensure efficiency and conformity to safety standards.
01/2001 to 03/2002
Pipefitter Lauren Engineering Goose Creek, South Carolina
  • Assemble, fabricate, test, maintain, and repair pipelines that carry water, steam, fuel, or chemicals for heating, cooling, lubricating, or other processes.
  • inspect, examine and test installed systems.
  • select pipe size, types and or related material, such as supports, hangers or hydraulic cylinders according to specifications.
  • Measure and mark pipe for cutting and threading.
  • Attach pipe to walls, structures, fixtures, such as tanks and vessels.
  • Remove and replace worn components, install automatic control valves and regulators.
01/1999 to 12/2000
Pipefitter Foreman Foster Wheeler Jacksonville, Florida
  • Install piping systems to support alternative energy fuel systems, such as geothermal heat and cooling system. 
  • Cut or bore holes in the structure such as bulkhead condensers and heat exchangers
  • Fabricate and install piping systems per isometric drawings and PNID'S. 
  • Demo and repair cooling towers including related piping systems. 
  • Exercise safety and housekeeping procedures.
  • Supervise personnel write and review work orders assign tasks to personnel and verify the quality of work performed.
03/1996 to 12/1998
Maintenance Mechanic TIC Maintenance & Construction Miami, Florida
  • Ensure proper techniques and procedures, follow the schedule and maintain all record of all preventive and corrective maintenance activities.
  • Maintenance tracking software produces the  parts necessary to complete repairs.
  • Follow all safety policies and procedures. 
  • ensure all proper operations of all working systems together as an integrated unit.
  • Annalyze system failures and direct repairs.
  • Maintain 90% uptime on 5 systems throughout 3 extended deployments (7 months, 8 months, and 9 months)
07/1995 to 02/1996
Top Pipefitter Helper Rust Construction Augusta, Georgia
  •  Assists PIPE FITTER to assemble and install piping for air, ammonia, gas, and water systems:
  • Cuts or drills holes in walls to permit passage of pipes, using a pneumatic drill. 
  • Selects specified type and size of pipe.
  • Mounts pipe hangers and brackets on walls and ceiling to hold pipe
  •  Assists PIPE FITTER to install valves, couplings, and other fittings.
  • May disassemble and remove damaged or worn pipe.
  • May assist in the installation of high-pressure piping and be designated Steam-Fitter Helper.
  • May assist in the installation of the gas burner to convert furnaces from wood, coal, or oil and be designated, Furnace Installer Helper.
04/1994 to 06/1995
Structual Welder Fluor Corporation Charleston, South Carolina
  • Clamped, held, tack-welded, heat-bent, ground and bolted component parts to achieve required configurations and positions.
  • Skilled with gas metal arc, flux-cored arc, plasma arc, shielded metal arc welding.
  • Set up and operated hand and power tools, including shielded metal arc and gas metal arc welding equipment.
  • Bolted, clamped and tack-welded parts to secure components prior to welding.
  • Blew out machines, checked welding leads and wiring and changed filters for preventative maintenance.
  • Interpreted verbal and written instructions from work orders and welding blueprints.
  • Welded in flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead positions.
  • Removed and repaired unacceptable welds with an air arc and grinder to meet quality guidelines.
  • Chipped off excess weld, slag, and spatter using hand tools.
  • Inspected welds and checked that critical measurements met specifications upon completion.
03/1990 to 02/1994
Pipefitter Helper CF McCrary Piping & Plumbing Charleston, South Carolina
  • Install pipes and fittings
  • Study blueprints
  •  Examine and test installed pipe systems and pipelines
  •  Conclude the quantity of material and type of tools needed
  • Replace damaged parts
  • Troubleshoot and fix systems that are not working
  • Repairs plumbing/ piping systems, components, and equipment.
High School Diploma
Goose Creek High School - Goose Creek

Plumbing/ Piping Certificate: Plumbing/Piping Oakley Vocational School - Moncks Corner

Structural Welding Certificate: Welding
Trident Technical College - North Charleston
Additional Information
Experience in the following facilities: Coal power plants, Gas turbine power plants, Pulp and paper division, Petroleum plant, Oil refinery plant, Pharmaceutical plant, Various hospitals, Schools, Cement plants, Bridges, Wastewater treatment plant, Aluminum plant, and various Nuclear Power Plants.

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Experienced Structural Welder resume

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Professional Summary
Well Trained In All Fields Of Welding

Work History
Welding/Fabricator, 07/2015 to Current
Therma-Tron-X Inc Sturgeon Bay, WI
Welding/fabricating (structural, watertight enclosures), as well as installing industrial conveyor and paint lines.
Structural Welder, 01/2015 to 07/2015
Fincantieri Marine Goup Sturgeon Bay, WI
Structural welding on Ship Vessels to Strict Coast Guard Standards.
Structural Welder, 10/2012 to 09/2014
Niagara Fabrication Niagara, WI
Structural Welding On Trailers For Wire Puller Trucks.
High School Diploma: 2010
Kingsford High School - Kingsford, MI