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Skillful Dancer resume

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Oscar Joel Ramirez Benavidez
Professional Profile
Hard-working, entry-level tutor/teacher, looking to apply my education and experience to a job in education. Areas of proficiency include excellent class management, great communication skills, and effective teaching methods.
  • Bi-literate in Spanish and English
  • Active participation in [groups, plans, events]
  • Excellent classroom management
  • Teaching, tutoring and counseling
  • Effective works with parents 
  • Motivating students
  • Interactive teaching/learning
  • Innovative lesson planning
  • ​Creative lesson planning development
  • Differentiated instruction 
  • Parent/teaching conferences 
  • Clear public speaking skills
  • Positive atmosphere promotion 
High School Diploma 2014 Alisal High School, Salinas, CA, United States
Associate of Arts 2016 Hartnell College, Salinas, CA, United States
CA Mini-Corps Salinas, CA Tutor 10/2014 to Current Helping Migrant students in all subjects.
Salinas JR Hawks Salinas, CA Head Coach 01/2014 to Current A cheerleading program developed for the Alisal Union School district.
Tonatiuh Danzantes del Quinto Sol Salinas, CA Dancer 10/2013 to Current Semi-professional Mexican folk dance group.
MESA Jr Otters- (June 30- July 30) 2015
NASA SEMMA Program- (March 30- April 3) 2015
Hartnell College Folklorico Club President and Director- (December 2015- Current) 
Millennium Charter High School guest teacher- (November) 2016
Dance Instructor for Folklorico Club at CSUMB- (January- Current) 2017

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Job-winning Dancer resume

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Jack Yang

   Jack Yang is an International Student from China. He is a Highly motivated and an enthusiastic performer with an extensive musical background, Versatile performer with poised and charismatic performing style on stage and a dancer who quickly masters new repertoires in a broad range of musical styles. To attend UCLA Summer Session will be a tremendous recognition of Jack's profession and to gain passion in his life experience.  

​​Is a Junior in Village Christan High school in Los Angeles. ​Has a tremendous interest in Broadway shows. ​Annually participates in high school musicals. ​Interested in musical theater, psychology. ​Participates in a vast variety of extracurriculars.  ​

Skill Highlights


  • Tap dancer
  • Singer 
  • Contemporary dancer
  • Playing the Piano for 4 years
  • Latin dancer


  • Cross Country
  • Plays tennis
  • Plays badminton
  • Plays Ping-Pong
  • Swimmer



  • Nominated for J-Ray Best Male Dancer of the year as the fist international who got nominated the first time on the school history.
  • Won the Best Live Performance of the number "Step In Time" at the J-Ray Award for Mary Poppins.
  • Nominated for National Youth Art Award as Best Supporting actor of Ching Ho in Thoroughlly Modern Millie.
  • ​Champian of Heritage Choir Festival at Disneyland.
  • Section leader in Village concert choir.

Relevant Accomplishments
01/2017 to 04/2017
Ching Ho In "Thoroughly Modern Millie"
Highschool Award-Winning musical which brought multiple Award of National Youth Art and Multiple nominations of J-Ray Award.
 这是我第一年参加的音乐剧,也是头一次登台演戏,每周5天的排练每天放学都要有3小时的排练,周末5小时,最后tech-week(指表演前在舞台上的最后编排)周内放学7小时的排练,周末12小时的排练,真是所谓的痛苦并快乐的。我们每个音乐剧都为如此。最后获得了National Youth Art Award 的提名。(之前那个踢踏舞课也算是给这些音乐剧做打算的)
01/2017 to Current
Ballroom Dancer In "Cinderella"
Current Highschool musical which will compete in Award Nominations.
 这是我最近参加的一次音乐剧,《灰姑娘》,一人扮演了很多角色,比如跳华尔兹,当骑士(踢踏舞),卖猪的农民(现代舞)。参加了J-Ray award, Jerry-Herman, 和National Youth Art,最终获得3项大奖和数十个提名。因为学业原因只能舍弃饰演配角Sebastian,因为要把注意力放到学业,音乐剧耗时太多。
01/2016 to 05/2016
Chimney Sweep In "Mary Poppins"
 Highschool Award-Wining Production of "Marry Poppins" at Village Christian School which won Best Tech in Jerry-Herman Award and multiple nominations.
 这是我十年级参加的音乐剧,《欢乐满人间》,这是我们Village Christian学校自建校有史以来最震撼的一次musical production,走的是专业路线,有专门的音响师,灯光师。舞蹈老师阵容也相当强大,全都是前百老汇的舞者,有演过《猫》,《歌剧魅影》的,还有一位是迈克-杰克逊的伴舞(导演也是专业的,有写过自己的剧本,也是本校老师)。我因为是唯一的一位除主角外的男Chimney Sweep dancer(音乐剧只针对高年级学生,高中300多人90多个人audition, 在经过3轮选拔后30人入选,10人选为Chimney Sweep, 只有我一人是男生,可想入选是很艰难的)。最后因为我表现出色,在J-Ray颁奖仪式上提名为年度最佳男舞者(颁奖仪式是在洛杉矶举行,数十所学校比拼,数百名高水平艺术学校里只有5位被男生被提名这个奖项,我就是其中一位,因为个子最高的缘故总在最后跳所以较难被注意到,所以离最终获奖只有一步之遥)这个音乐剧总共获得30多项奖项和提名。
GPA : 3.8 Village Christian School Sun Valley, CA, United States
Current Courses Include:
AP Chinese
AP U.S. Goveernment and Politics
Theatre Art
English 11
Bible 11

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Experienced Dancer resume

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Diana Guerrero
  • First place in state 2017
  • First place in contemporary, military and pom dances
08/2014 to Current
Varsity Dancer Tiger Belles Drill/Dance Team Spring, Texas Clearly communicated updates and concerns to the appropriate team members and managers. Conceptualized and illustrated game assets, characters, environments, props and icons. Consistently met schedules and deadlines for all illustration projects. Designed inspiring concept art that maintained accurate scale and architectural standards. Critiqued other artists' work and gave constructive feedback. Created a series of rough sketches for review, revision and approval.