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Career Overview
Senior Enterprise Level Services Software Engineer and Architect with over 15 years of development experience and an accomplished polyglot/multi-paradigm programmer, software engineer and solutions architect, with a proven track record of designing, implementing and maintaining line of business software solutions
Technical Skills
Skills Experience Total Years Last Used
Microsoft .NET Framework (C# 2.0 - 7.0) Expert 14 2019
Typescript Expert 1 2019
Microsoft MVC Framework Expert 10 2019
Azure Cloud Platform Intermediate 4 2019
NodeJs Expert 3 2019
Angular Web Framework intermediate 4 2019
Microsoft SQL Server/TSQL Expert 10 2019
Postgres Database Advanced 2 2015
MySql Database Expert 5 2017
SOLR Text Search Engine Advanced 3 2013
Messaging Frameworks (RabittMQ, JMS, Kafka,MSMQ) Expert 10 2019
Javascript Expert 15 2019
Java/JEE Expert 15 2017
Work Experience
Independent Contractor/Senior Software Consultant Sep 2017 to Nov 2017
SnapNurse Atlanta, GA

Full stack on an agile team tasked with building an Uber like on-demand booking application used to book nurses for jobs at hospitals.

  • Event sourced backend built using with Azure Service Fabric.
  • Microservices implemented with stateful services 
  • Gateway implemented with stateless services
  • Azure message bus used for inter-domain communication between services (RabbitMq used for local development).
  • SQL Server used as the event store
  • Reliable collections used as the write store in the user sub-domain.
  • Angular and Nativescript used for web and mobile client.
Independent Contractor/Senior Software Developer Feb 2017 to Sep 2017
Zynergyst Alpharetta, GA

Full stack developer on an agile team tasked with building PathwayRE, a web based real estate agent CRM tool.

  • Based on Node.js and deployed to AWS
  • PathwayRE application consists of Microservices ( based on the Seneca framework)
  • Services exposed to client applications via an HTTP gateway (based on the HAPI server framework) 
  • Web client built on Angular 4 and Bootstrap
  • Data is persisted in MYSQL with the use of Sequelize ORM.
Solutions Architect Apr 2013 to Feb 2017
Premier Logic Alpharetta, GA

Subcontractor on numerous projects for a variety of organizations engaged in industries ranging from online gaming to payment systems.

  • Currently placed with Priority Payment Systems (PPS) as a senior analyst/developer
  • Part of a team which maintains and enhances the payment processing software system which is a highly performant set of loosely coupled micro-services, built on the .NET platform and deployed in a load balanced environment
  • Also part of the team at PPS which is responsible for the migration of of the payment processing system to the ELK stack (Elastic Search, Logstash & Kibana)
  • Placed as the lead developer/architect at Compliant Gaming on a team to maintain and enhance Compliant's online GameBlade system which is a highly distributed system using Java micro-services with replicated MySql databases all deployed in a VSphere virtualized data center on Linux virtual machines
  • Currently, work at Compliant Gaming includes implementing a log mining system using Logstash to provide analytic data on gaming habits and trends, enhancing and adding to the existing set of micro-services using Spring and migrating the front end administrating GUI to Angular JS
  • Placed as a senior full stack developer on a team to design and build a Time and Attendance system, a cloud based highly distributed service oriented architected system using the .NET stack (C#/UNITY DI Container/WCF services) for PeopleNet Inc.
  • Work on the PeopleSoft included coding business logic in commands and queries in a distributed business service layer and code and creating the UI layer and corresponding Presentation Layer logic in Javascript using Angular JS
  • Technologies used on the PeopleNet project include Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Unity Dependency Injection framework, Entity framework (ORM), Windows Communication Framework, Twitter Bootstrap (responsive web development) and Angular JS
  • Placed as Lead Developer on the Concurrent Computer Corp's Asset data mart project. Designed and implemented a business intelligence data warehouse solution to enable one of Concurrent's largest customers to gain valuable business insight into its video on demand business. Technologies used include Java Spring Integration, PostgreSQL PGSQL, and Oracle PLSQL.
  • Architect and lead developer on the JWC project which entailed the development of a responsive web based sales survey application for the water treatment equipment industry.Technologies used include: Ninject dependency injection framework, Subsonic ORM, Twitter Bootstrap, Angular JS, Underscore JS.
  • Senior Developer on the Joyce Meyer Project, ported an IOS mobile application to Android. Technologies used Android Developer Tool Kit, JDK 7.
  • Lead developer on the Concurrent Carousel project which entailed enhancing Concurrent's Carousel server product for Time Warner Cable.Technologies used include Glassfish JEE 5, JAXB, Jersey Restful web services client library.
Independent Consultant Feb 2012 to Apr 2013
Veredus Corp Atlanta, GA

Web based collaboration and asset management tools

  • Placed as a senior developer on the titles asset tracking and contract application project at Turner Broadcasting.
  • Requirements included expert knowledge of C#, the .NET MVC framework, SQL/TSQL,JavaScript.
  • N-Tier application architecture, built using the .NET MVC 4.0 framework and Entity Framework 5.0, with functionality exposed as restful service endpoints (.NET Web API) and the client implemented as a single page application (SPA) using JQuery (and plugins) and Twitter Bootstrap (for view construction) and Knockout.js (MVVM).
  • Advanced text search capabilities implemented using Solr.
  • Responsibilities included:
    Writing client side code in JavaScript using JavaScript librariessuch as knockout.js, underscore.js, backbone.js.
    Implementing business logic in C# (data access and manipulation using LINQ).
    Writing unit tests using nMock.
    Writing stored procedures in SQLServer 2008 for data access (whenever data manipulation involved set operations not efficiently handled by the ORM).
    Configuring, extending and maintaining the Solr text search server to provide users with "google-like" search capability across a wide range of domain object attributes
Independent Consultant Mar 2011 to Sep 2011
Efrdata LLC Alpharetta, GA

SAP Web Interface/Data dashboard

  • BlackWatch Data Project EFR Data Atlanta GA Periodically performed role of .NET contractor for EFR data on an enterprise data quality management web (ASP .NET )application, built by EFR Data for BlackWatch data, which interfaced with legacy ERP systems (such as SAP).
  • Web based ASP .NET RIA, using Telerik for the UI, SQL Server for data storage and ERPConnect for communication with legacy ERP systems (primarily SAP).
  • Implemented the BlackWatch data management and relation functionality interface as WebPart components on a 2010 SharePoint internal website for McKesson and Sage Industries as part of each company's internal portal.
  • Implemented a security system using WIF (Windows Identity Foundation) which granted authenticated users controlled access to system functionality based on role and/or credentials.Implemented web-based business entity relationship visualization functionality using JavaScript based graphing software and a document oriented database (Mongo) which kept state information about the relationships (in the form of a di-graph).
  • Redesigned and implemented an approval based workflow system, replete with alerts and notifications, which declaratively defined by whom and when units of work could be performed on sensitive enterprise data.
Senior Solutions Architect Jan 2009 to Jul 2011
Northrop Grumman At The CDC Atlanta, GA

Large scale HIV disease data collection/data Integration application

  • Senior Solutions Architect on the Program Evaluation and Monitoring team at the CDC, reported directly to the project manager.
  • Roles and responsibilities included directing the architectural activities surrounding there-design of several applications in the PEMS suite.
  • Aligned the design effort in PEMS to concur with the architectural goals set by the CDC Enterprise Architecture.
  • Architect, team lead and developer on the .NET team in PEMS as well as architect on and developer on the Java team.
  • Acted as liaison between business analysts and stake holders and the development team using such techniques as model storming and standardized modeling notation (UML 2.0 and Object Relational Modeling)
  • Assisted the project manager to gradually implement a more agile style of development at PEMS on the CTScan development effort which led to a near zero defectrelease of the product.
  • Designed and implemented a client server replacement solution for the CTScan (Counseling& Testing Scanning)application.
  • Replacement solution addressed multiple deficiencies such as concurrent usage, scalability and throughput while simultaneously providing enhanced functionality such as multiple levels of user set, data validation stringency.
  • Technologies used included; .NET 3.5, LINQ (language Integrated Query) and WPF MVVM(Model View View-Model Pattern).
  • Led a development team consisting of 3 .NET developers and 2 database developers in an agile environment.
  • Analyzed and designed a solution for the CPEMS kick out problem which manifested itself as a seemingly unwarranted client session expiration causing data loss.
  • Solution corrected the problem being experienced by all CPEMS users across the country.Part of the development team, comprised of a Senior Software Engineer, Senior Data Analyst and myself (Solution Architect) which was responsible for architecting and implementing the XPEMS schema definition which defined a method for HIV disease data exchange between the CDC and health departments throughout the United States.
  • Led the design effort of the DPEMS (Distributed Program Evaluation and Monitoring System) application which is a distributed version of CPEMS created to address the shortcomings of the CPEMS system and to provide a more comprehensive data.
Senior Engineer/Team Lead Feb 2008 to Jan 2009
ISTA North America Roswell, GA
  • Initially part of a team lead by a senior architect which handled the printing and distribution of utility bills for multiple clients.
  • Assumed the lead a team of developers responsible for designing and implementing an N-Tier, Rich Internet Application which functioned as a utility billing system for one of ISTA'slargest clients.
  • Technologies used included ASP .NET Webforms, JQuery POSTSharp (Aspect Oriented Programming) used to implement cross cutting concerns (such as audit-logging).
  • Assumed team lead of the pod maintaining the application (at the request of the client).
  • Extensive use of TSQL for ETL and for analysis of large data-sets (set operations).
Senior Engineer/Team Lead/Project Manager Dec 2006 to Feb 2008
Coalition America Inc Atlanta, GA

High volume health claims processing system

  • Responsible for overall architecture and design of software system under development.Also performed day to day project management duties and acted as liaison between business concerns and IT.
  • Consulted with and mentored other project members concerning methodologies/standards used in the design and coding of software
  • Assumed leadership & architectural role in the company's effort to migrate from a Visual Basic 6 client server type environment to full-fledged n-tier enterprise application development using .NET
  • Designed and lead the development effort to create a parallel application, which was the lead part of a loosely coupled distributed system, to automatically process batches of incoming claims and match them to a healthcare provider based on several business defined criteria.
  • Matching algorithms used included the Levenshtein edit distance algorithm.
  • Claims were processed in parallel to dramatically improve throughput.
  • Technologies used included: NHibernate ORM, Spring .NET IOC container, NLucene indexing engine.
  • Shared Cache Data Grid Designed & developed an application to enable business users to deduplicate and clean up provider and claims databases.
  • Designed and developed an ASP .NET front office claims processing and negotiations tool used by claims negotiators.
  • Performed the role of project manager and reported directly to the Product delivery manager with status reports.
Senior Software Engineer Feb 2004 to Mar 2006
Totalis Consulting Group Alpharetta, GA
  • Assumed the role of Senior Java Application Developer and Architect at Totalis Consulting and placed as a consultant at Robins Air force base in Warner-Robins GA.
  • Lead architect/developer on a project to create a supply chain reporting tool for the Aircraft Parts and Avionics wing at Robins Data retrieved from remote Oracle databases and stored locally as views Advanced data mining achieved by running MDX (Multidimensional Analysis Expressions) queries through Mondrian Java OLAP server against an Oracle 10g database.
  • Charting implemented with CEWolf open source charting software.
  • Real time data updated on client browser through AJAX Data transformed into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets by streaming Spreadsheet Markup Language (SpreadsheetML) to client browsers Created a swing based rich client, deployed with Java Web Start, to complement the browser based client.
  • Lead architect/developer on a project to convert the existing Maintenance Work Record application (used to track F-15, C-5, C-17 and C-130 maintenance) at Robins Air Force Base from a simple, non-functional ASP based application to a web based Java enterprise application Adhered to an iterative (modified RUP/XP type) development process Application architecture based on the model view controller design pattern (JSPs/Servlets/Java Beans).
  • Used Apache AXIS (Java Web services) to expose printing of Maintenance Work Records in PDF format to clients Oracle 9i Application Server (later 10g) with Oracle 10g RDBMS Test scripts were implemented using JUnit.
  • Project planning done with Microsoft Project.
  • Source control maintained with Microsoft Source Safe.
  • The MWR application has given the Air force command a record of where money is spent for Aircraft maintenance.
  • Data from the MWR application is also used for performance analysis of aircraft.
Education and Training
Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering 2000 Southern Polytechnic State University Marietta, GA, United States Majored in Computer Engineering with a Minor in Computer Science. 
.NET 4.0, .NET, .NET 1.1, ASP .NET C# 7.0, accounting, agile, Air Force, AJAX, Apache, API, application development, Architect, AS400, ASP, billing system, Broadcasting, browsers, business intelligence, C, Cable, charts, client server, consultant, Consulting, controller, Counseling, CSS3, Client, clients, Data Analyst, data management, data mining, data validation, data warehouse, databases, database, delivery, Department of Health, designing, directing, Eclipse, edit, ERP, ETL, Forms, front office, Functional, HTML5, IBM, IDE, IIS, indexing, J2EE, Java, JSP, Java Beans, JavaScript, JQuery, leadership, team lead, Logging, logic, mentor, Access, C#, Microsoft Excel, exchange, money, Microsoft Project, SharePoint, Windows, middleware, Modeling, MVC, MVC3, MVC4, MySQL, negotiations, Enterprise, OLAP, Oracle 9, Oracle, developer, PLSQL, Page 7, page, PDF, performance analysis, PostgreSQL, Program Evaluation, coding, Programming, progress, project management, Project planning, quality management, Oracle RDBMS, RDBMS, real-time, Real time, reporting, RPG, RUP, Rational Unified Process, Sage, sales, SAP, Scanning, Servlets, scripts, software development, Software Engineer, spreadsheets, Spreadsheet, SQL, SQL Server, supply chain, swing, Phone 7, Tomcat, TSQL, type, UML 2.0, UML, video, View, Visual Basic 6, water treatment, web development, website, IBM Websphere 6.0, workflow, written
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I have a diversified set of business accomplishments that range from application development to project management. I have a strong leadership skill set that allows me to ensure focus, monitor progress, settle issues, and deliver results.​
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Self Starter
  • Solid Analytical Skill set
  • Ability to work effectively and interact with all levels of the organization.
  • Ability to design, code, and develop SQL logic to pull data that meets specifications for the end user.
Sr. Business Intelligence Developer
Clearwater Compliance, LLC May 2017 to Jun 2019
  • Led integrated BI solution project teams with developing KPI metric widgets for customer facing dashboards on Sisense platform.
  • Documented process flows and developed requirements for functional improvements and enhancements.
  • Provided and formulated routine research, analysis, and conclusive interpretation of data to maintain business needs.
  • Architected and maintained a snowflake schema cube for a multi-tenant dashboard platform.
  • Coordinated implementation and testing of Sisense platform upgrade from single node to multi-node environment for scalability, redundancy and fault tolerance.​​
Business Analyst IV/Business Intelligence Analyst
Golden Ventures/AseraCare Hospice Oct 2007 to Apr 2017
  • Served as a liaison to the business community in order to provide technical solutions to meet end-user needs.
  • Identified data needs and create SQL solutions for processing the information.
  • Provided production support and problem resolution for the projects under my supervision.
  • Ensured best practices are applied and integrity of data is maintained through security, documentation and change management. 
    Senior System Analyst/ Programmer
    USA Truck Dec 2006 to Oct 2007
    • Responsible for gathering requirements from business users and creating reports and applications.
    • Developed and shared 'best practices' within the development community.
    • Coordinated with QA testers for end-to-end unit testing and post-production testing.  
    • Assisted with streamlining and developing templates for the standard/established analysis effort.

    Information Technology Administrator
    TEC Staffing Services Sep 2006 to Dec 2006
    • Responsibilities included troubleshooting network issues, installing operating systems and programs, ordering new equipment and the daily operational functions essential to keeping the network up and running.
    Associate of Science: Information Systems Univ. of Arkansas Information Systems
    Associate of Science: Accounting Univ. of Arkansas Accounting
    B.A: Business Administration Univ. of Arkansas Business Administration
    Technical Skills
    Skills Proficiency Total Years Last Used
    Mariadb 10.3.10 Intermediate 2 2019
    SQL Server 2008, 2012 Advanced 10 2017
    Sisense Intermediate 2 2019
    Tableau Beginner 2 2017
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    Professional Summary
    • Skilled Software Developer with 5+ years of experience in software industry.
    • Analytical , detail-oriented and creative individual.
    • Aspiring student of Masters of Arts in English Literature.
    • Programming or Software development
    • Process implementation
    • Self-motivated
    • Project management
    • Data management
    • Troubleshooting 
    • Meeting deadlines
    Work History
    Mid level Software Engineer 12/2012 to Current
    Cerner Corporation Kansas City, MO (or can be remote)

    Software Developer 09/2011 to 11/2012
    CashCall Inc Anaheim , California (now it's in Orange, California)

    R&D Technical Associate 10/2007 to 11/2008
    BMC Software Pune, India

    Master of Science: Computer Science 2011 California State University , Los Angeles - Los Angeles
    Bachelor of Science: Computer Engineering 2007 University of Pune - MIT College of Engineering,Pune, India
    Skills and aspirations
    • Aspiring student of Sanskrit and English literature
    • Interested to work in art and media or entertainment industry
    • Experience in video editing
    • Experience in screenwriting from a story
    • Learning the camera work
    • Inspired to learn about different spoken languages and their impact on society and vice-versa
    • Eight years of a learning experience in singing Indian classical music
    Additional Information
    • Winner of Cerner Connect Excellence award in Quarter 4 of the year 2014 in Cerner Corporation.
    • Winner of Client ping award and Lifesaver Award in Cerner Corporation.
    • Completed ITIL V3 Foundations Certification while working in BMC Software.
    • In the process of completing Toastmasters International's communication certification
    • A participant of several technical and non-technical conferences/meetups as an attendee and volunteer.