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At Resumist, we are convinced that building an effective and job-winning resume should be simple and quick. Therefore, we always create systems that are easy-to-use and give effective results.

We began our journey by creating a small web app that built online documents such as cancellation letters and basic resumes. After launching we noticed an interesting trend that most users visit our site only to build resumes.

In an effort to increase the value to our users, we decided to focus on just resume-building. We have come a long way in testing our resume-content, carefully researching job-worthy resumes, and creating resume templates that were highly praised by top HR-experts.


Thus, we discovered that building a job-worthy resume requires a serious scientific approach. We learned there is a strict structure and set of rules that make a resume stand out among thousands of applicants.

Since then, we started Resumist, which creates truly effective resumes due to the exact structure and ‘resume rules’.

Up till now, we’ve helped more than 6 million people to build professional resumes, as well as helping many others to get jobs in top companies such as PWC, BMW and T-Mobile.


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