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to get hired in 2020

When approaching a resume writing or editing already existing one, resume examples can be a great source of inspiration. Recruiters need less than ten seconds

How to use a resume builder to land a great job

A resume builder is an online tool aimed at assisting job applicants with writing a resume that will help them to get recruiter’s attention and to secure an invitation to the next stages of employee selection process. Interactive and customizable templates with content, tailored to specific job industries and positions, are available to users seeking to create a professional resume and save time. At the same time top-notch resume builders offer tips and advice of experts.

Remember, looks do matter

Picking up the right layout for your resume is the first and very important step. Your resume will create recruiter’s first impression about you. Well-organized, creative, without unnecessary distractions resume will help you to stand out among other applicants and to catch the attention. You can choose one template which will best reflect your personality, yet will be suitable for a particular industry. Colors, fonts, backgrounds, sections are all at your disposal.

Choose templates approved by recruiters

A good resume is insufficient. It is important to incorporate all the essential elements a hiring manager is looking for. All our templates include practical advice of top recruiters and leading recruiting agencies in particular.

Forget about automated resume filtering

In the process of candidate selection recruiters often use resume screening software. It is especially popular among large international companies which have to shortlist the most suitable candidates as quickly as possible. Ready-to-use templates in our resume builder are designed in a way to help you pass the automated process of first resume screening.

Discover resume writing is as easy as ABC

The times when writing a resume was a daunting, time- and energy-consuming task have already gone. Clear, easy-to-use and professional templates in our resume builder will save your time and health.

Tailor your resume to a particular industry and


Our resume builder offers a range of professional templates of different design, styles and formats appropriate for specific job industries. Our templates include phrases and business vocabulary common among professionals in each industry.

Create your resume today, get hired tomorrow

Are you postponing your job applications because the mere thought of writing a resume scares you off? Here is why we created our resume builder. There are no reasons for procrastination anymore! Write your perfect resume today. Employers look for self-driven individuals who always stay on track. The way you approach job searching says a lot about how motivated and enthusiastic you are. So, what are you waiting for?

Write your best resume in several clicks

Confusing templates and complicated software can now be forgotten. Our online resume builder is an effective solution. All you need is to choose your perfect template and to follow our step-by-step guide.

Make the most from professional tips

In each step of creating a resume you will find professional advice and tips. Simply enter basic information about yourself and rely on expert advice, while completing the rest of the document.

Design multiple resume versions

Experts advise to customize resumes for each vacancy in order to make them relevant and to increase your chances to get hired. With our help you can create, edit and save several resume versions for different positions at the same time.

Any more questions? Check our FAQs


What’s special about our resume builder?


Our main purpose is to make a resume creating stress-free, easy and quick. Resumist is intended to help different people create an outstanding resume in a short space of time. There are a lot of pre-written sections, professional advice for each section, and attractive templates


I’ve finished my resume — how can I print, email, and download?


When you are completely pleased about the resume that you have created by the use of your resume designer, just pick out “download” and decide which type of download you want. You can not only download a copy of the document but also send your resume by email or print it straight away from the instrument board.


How do I select a free resume template?


Here you can find different exclusive resume forms, developed for unfleshed novices, professionals, or experienced managers. To select the template, click “Create a Resume” and answer several questions about what you are searching for. If you want to change the design, click “Edit” on the instrument panel, and choose another one.


How can I add pre-written text?


It’s easy to add to your resume any information, just click. Choose the text you would like to use, click to include this information in your resume, if necessary you can adapt it to make your resume more personalized.


I’m looking for a job as an Engineer. Do you have a template that applies to me?


People from many career fields and at different stages of their professional development can find here a suitable template and make their resume stand out. Just answer a few questions about your education, and we will advise an appropriate option. In case you are not satisfied with that, we have a wide choice of templates, so you can choose something else at any point.


Can your resume builder help me if I’m new to the workforce?


Surely! Resumist is an impeccable resume builder for graduates and not experienced applicants. With the help of our tips, you will be able to emphasize your strong points and qualities that you obtained before. We are here to help you with the creation of a resume that will increase your chances of getting a decent job.


I can’t finish my resume right now. Will you save what I’ve done?


No worries. Our resume creator will save all changes. You just need to get back to the site to complete your resume at any moment.