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Senior Payroll Coordinator skilled at streamlining processes and documentation with areas of expertise include benefits, payroll processing and employee relations.
  • Ultipro Software
  • ADP
  • Ceridian Web
  • Heartland Web
  • Paychex
  • Stromberg Time and Attendance
  • Multi-State and Local Taxation
  • Attention to Detail
  • Customer Service Oriented
  • Kronos
  • Lawson Payroll System
Bachelor of Arts David N Myers University Cleveland, Ohio Information Technology
Associate of Arts Bryant And Stratton College Parma, Ohio Administrative Assistant
Accel Schools Senior Payroll Administrator | Independence, OH 10/2019 to Current
  • Administrate biweekly payroll for 19 schools for all hourly and salary employees on Ultipro software.
  • Audit all hourly time cards and verify for accuracy and then enter time into import spreadsheet to import for payroll processing.
  • Audit all request paid time off requests and enter into spreadsheet to be uploaded for payroll processing.
  • Audit all new hire information for rate/salary, status, position, and etc to ensure first check is accurate.
  • Audit and finalize all salary final payments for terminations or resignations.
  • Responsible for auditing all PTO carry over and PTO payout at the end of the year.
  • Responsible for end of year payroll processing for fiscal year end reporting.
  • Responsible for tracking benefits in the arrears for employees who go out on a leave of absence and needs to make up payments for.
  • Responsible for the coding of G/L information for multiple jobs worked during the week per employee.
  • Organized and maintained payroll information by entering data, deleting errors, calculating and collecting information.
  • Tracked and applied tax liens, child support and other types of wage garnishments to paychecks.
  • Constructed leave pay schedules, and worked closely with Human Resources to pay out bonuses, severances, stipends, and quarterly bonus payments.
  • Managed files and payroll for over 19 schools.
Olympic Steel Inc. Senior Payroll Administrator | Bedford Heights, OH 01/2018 to 10/2019
  • Processed payroll for 1,355 employees (hourly, salary, union and nonunion) weekly.
  • Tracked and applied tax liens, child support and other types of wage garnishments to paychecks.
  • Submitted child support payments online.
  • Prepared garnishments payments to submit to A/P for processing of checks.
  • Made rate changes (hourly/salary), department changes, supervisor changes, shift changes, G/L coding, and other HR information in Lawson payroll system.
  • Entered all new hires and terminations in Lawson payroll system.
  • Processed termination (severance payments and vacation payment)
  • Resolved vacation and floating holiday accrual plan issues
  • Entered all union dues as well as processed billing payments for all union dues and reconciled any issues.
  • Reduced payroll accrual processing time 10% by using payroll reports and cheat sheets to handle union employees hours in Kronos time keeping system.
  • Handled all manual checks and initiated direct deposits for employees as needed.
  • Activated Bank of America prepaid cards online with bank.
  • Print and ship all live checks.
  • Upload ACH file to bank
  • Handled positive pay for live checks with bank
  • Process payments for safety bonus monthly and quarterly
  • Process sales incentive payments quarterly.
Real Alloy Payroll Coordinator | Beachwood, Ohio 12/2015 to 01/2018
  • Process weekly and semi-monthly hourly/salary payrolls
  • Business Locations in Illinois, Michigan, West Virginia, Arizona, Tennessee, Kentucky, Idaho, Oklahoma, Indiana, Ontario Canada, Alabama, and Indiana
  • Real alloy has 18 salary payroll groups, 18 weekly pay groups, and 1 biweekly pay group. Responsible for cross training of all payroll processing procedures for all pay groups. Responsible for 8 salary pay groups and 7 weekly pay groups
  • Reconcile and Audit all payroll processed
  • Complete Funding Reports for Funding of payroll to Bank to cover cost of checks, direct deposits, taxes, and wage attachments
  • Run/Generate/Reconcile G/L report and reporting to make sure G/L matches Funding and Payroll Processing
  • Enter Garnishments and audit that garnishments taken were paid by third party
  • Reconcile each payroll so that when it is time to file quarterly reports our reconciliation of payroll per pay period matches our quarterly filing reports
  • Back up person to upload positive pay files and ACH files for payroll into Corporate bank once payroll is finished to pay employees
  • Verify all print vendor files are accurate and send over thru a secure data base so that all paychecks get printed in a timely fashion and out for delivery on time.
GCA Services Group Payroll Specialist | Cleveland, OH 10/2011 to 12/2015
  • Process weekly/biweekly payroll in multiple states (MT, ND, ID, WY, NV, UT, CO, SD, NE, KS, OK, MN, IA, MO, AR, LA, MS, WI, IL, MI, IN, and OH.
  • Maintain and process Federal and State W2 forms.
  • Enter direct deposits Complete verifications for Federal, State, Local agencies, banks, and apartment leasing.
  • Respond to all inquires on payroll matters by phone or email.
  • Manual check issued - retro pay, bonus, terminations, new hires, and transfers.
Heartland Payment Systems Payroll Processor | North Olmsted, OH 05/2010 to 07/2011
  • Processed payroll for 260 clients.
  • Process payroll for weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly clients.
  • Handled and logged all tax notifications with the tax department.
  • Received clients payroll by either email, fax, call in, call out, or web.
  • Responsible for entering new hires, terminations, pay changes for all clients except for web based clients.
  • My day to day position was all about processing payroll.
Flight Opions, LLC Payroll Administrator | Richmond Heights, OH 05/2006 to 04/2009
  • Processed payroll for 1500+ employees paid hourly and salary.
  • Payroll was processed semi-monthly prior to 4/1/2007 and then bi-weekly after 4/1/2007.
  • Used Ceridian 550/Ceridian Web based payroll system prior to 4/1/2007 and Paychex System along with Stromberg Time and Attendance System after 4/1/2007.
  • Responsible for payment and compliance for short term disability, workers compensation, military, and FMLA leave.
  • Responsible for pilot/flight attendants overtime and PTO pay.

GSNEO - Girl Scouts of North East ohio

Girl Scout Leader

  • Created Standard Operation Procedures for Lawson Payroll System as follows:
  • 1st - detailed notes on how to run every step of the payroll process
  • 2nd- detailed notes on how to enter a new hire
  • 3rd- detailed notes on how to process a termination
  • 4th- detailed notes on how to enter payroll adjustments on an employees check
  • 5th - detailed notes on how to handle union hourly payroll
  • 6th - detailed notes on how to issue a manual check
Movies, Hiking, Swimming, and spending time with friends and family
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Knowledgeable and skilled Hospitality professional successful at balancing guest and business needs. Well-organized in managing check-in and checkout procedures, as well as coordinating services with diverse team members. Good multitasking, planning and communication skills.

  • Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) designation 
  • Proficiency with MS Office, with an aptitude for learning various computer systems
  • Strong data entry skills, combined with a strong attention to detail
  •  Ability to handle deadlines with a high level of accuracy
  • Demonstrated ability to keep confidential information secure
  • Organization and time-management skills
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills
Office Manager|S.S.P. Welding And Repair LTD - Delta, BC|01/2016 - 06/2017
  • Reviewed credit records to evaluate customer histories
  • Analyzed financial statements and income statements to review the company's financial performance
  • Prepared month end closing entries for detailed reporting and recordkeeping
  • Supplied detailed tax documentation needed to submit accurate corporate returns
Hotel Front Desk Receptionist|Hamptons Inn - Delta, BC|06/2016 - 08/2018
  • Monitored reservations to track incoming parties and special events
  • Monitored office expenditures and managed office contracts, keeping meticulous records on all transactions
  • Handled payment processing duties and provided customers with receipts and proper bills and change
  • Set and optimized employee schedules to secure proper coverage for all shifts
  • Coordinated front desk operations and diligently helped all in-person visitors and callers with knowledgeable assistance
Hotel Front Desk Receptionist|Okanagan Royal Park Inn - Vernon, British Columbia|08/2018 - 05/2019
  • Educated patrons on entertainment and sporting events in nearby areas and made reservations to establishments, boosting local tourism
  • Posted room charges such as food, liquor and telephone calls based on individual customer actions
  • Received all incoming calls and coordinated with hotel staff to fulfill requests and resolve issues
  • Provided property details to patrons, including dining areas, pool, spa and fitness center
  • Balanced accounts and conducted nightly audits to keep bookkeeping current
  • Arranged special accommodations for guests, including restaurant reservations and tours
Cashier|Shoppers - Vancouver, British Columbia|07/2016 - 08/2018
  • Trained new team members in cash register operation, stock procedures and customer service.
  • Maintained high productivity by efficiently processing cash, credit, debit and voucher program payments for customers.
  • Troubleshot and resolved issues with cash registers, card scanners and printers.
  • Rectified discrepancies between accounting records and cash drawer by researching daily transactions to pinpoint issues.
Gas Station Attendant|Shell - Vancouver , BC|05/2015 - 05/2016
  • Ensured proper age of customers for alcohol and cigarettes
  • Tracked inventory and reordered items
  • Prepared daily records of food and gas sales and balanced register drawers
  • Managed wide variety of customer service and administrative tasks to resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently
Education and Training
Sacred Heart Convent High School|| Ludhiana, Punjab||India|2013 High School Diploma Ranked in Top 5% of class
Douglas College|| New Westminster, BC||Canada|2016 Diploma : Computer Science
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Versatile Leader with action-oriented approach and over 20 years management experience. Performance-driven with strong ability to multi-task in fast-paced work environments. Combining a strong work ethic and the ability to communicate effectively in the workplace to drive results and elevate performance.
  • Operations management
  • Training and development
  • Procedure development
  • Process improvement strategies 
  • Strategic planning
  • Adaptable
  • Supply management expertise 
  • Purchasing management
  • Inventory tracking
  • Detail-oriented 
  • Results-oriented
  • Microsoft Office

Work Experience
Process Guide (PG)
Stoughton, MA
Amazon Sort Center BOS5/ Nov 2017 to Current
Supervise and guide associates in the sorting process of customer's packages. Direct associates to where they are needed determined by package volume and other business needs. Effectively communicate to associates the proper ways to perform job duties, assist them when necessary and assure proper safety measures are maintained.
  • TDR (Trailer Dock & Release) certified
  • PIT (Powered Industrial Trucks) licensed 
  • PSS (Powered Straddle Stacker) licensed
  • Jam-Pole, Ladders and Gaylord Dumper certified
  • Inbound / Outbound certified
  • Water-Spider trained
Inventory Strategy Consultant
Cranston, RI
Alliance Security/ Jun 2016 to Jan 2017
Observed and examined department processes, protocols and procedures. Advised of and spearheaded all necessary revisions and reconstructions to ensure optimal efficiency and achieve higher standards of inventory control. Worked conjointly with Strategy and Web-Development teams acting as a catalyst to facilitate the required changes for a new supply chain distribution model. 
  • Redesigned existing spreadsheets and created new ones that would better suite the departments changing needs.
  • Devised and implemented new processes and protocols and cross-trained staff as needed. 
  • Wrote new SOPs and training materials.
  • Collaborated with web-design team in India to design new inventory software that would suite our needs and integrate with our distributors software through our API (Application Programming Interface). Gave daily input, answered questions, and provided flow charts that would serve as the blueprints to the new software.
  • Worked with distributors and manufacturers to facilitate the software changes and maintain a timeline.
Inventory & Logistics Manager
Cranston, RI
Alliance Security/ Mar 2012 to Dec 2015
Took over an ineffective and lackluster process of order placing and inventory tracking for 50 plus technicians in 2012 and devised, evaluated and implemented new processes and procedures to obtain better inventory control over what would grow to be $2 million dollars of daily inventory by 2015, spread over 40 plus states and among 300 plus technicians.
  • Performed daily inventory purchasing totaling tens of thousands of dollars to be drop-shipped around the country. 
  • Created and implemented spreadsheets and processes to better track inventory resulting in exponentially more inventory control.
  • Conducted weekly audits / reconciliations with technicians to ensure accountability. 
  • Designed Flow Charts which would be used by the companies Web-Development team to create an entire website that was custom to our inventory management needs.
  • Grew the department to meet the companies growing needs, interviewing, hiring and training Inventory Control Specialists and a Shipping & Receiving team.
  • Facilitated the departments move to a larger building, designing the layout for the new shipping & receiving area and stock room.
  • Managed an in-house shipping & receiving team to expedite our technicians and customers needs through daily FedEx / UPS pick-ups and deliveries.
  • Managed company supply chain relations with distributors, vendors, shipping companies and business affiliates. 
  • ​Designed and created an Inventory Training PowerPoint and held weekly Go To Meetings and conducted training through a slide-show presentation with technicians around the country.
  • Maintained e-mail communication with 300 technicians and the companies 200 plus corporate employees, including Customer Service reps, Installation and Dispatch teams, Field Service Operations, Web-Development and Strategy teams, Accounting and Executive Management 365 days per year.
Payroll Processor
Warwick, RI
Alliance Security/ Nov 2011 to Mar 2012
Performed the payroll process for 60 plus commission-based salespersons, ensuring everyone was paid accurately as well as on time. Facilitated communication between salesperson and company as to what they expected and what they were receiving, and why.
  • Analyzed each alarm installation for the week and calculated each salespersons commission based off of several contributing factors.
  • Distributed a preliminary assessment to each salesperson and gave them time to dispute or accept.
  • Handled all disputes accordingly. Listened to phone call recordings to determine what salesperson said or didn't say to customers to determine an appropriate resolution.
  • Finalized payroll and submitted to Senior Payroll Administrator by deadline.
  • Tracked all records with Microsoft Excel and used pivot tables.
Flow Team Member
Dartmouth, MA
Target/ Jul 2011 to Apr 2012
Took lead roles in the early morning daily flow process of moving product from the trucks to the sales floor.
  • Trained new team members on all job duties and responsibilities. 
  • Took active roll in quality control.
Self Employed / Small Business Owner
New England Marketing Associates Nov 2008 to Jun 2011
​Formed New England Marketing Associates as an authorized dealer for Versatile Marketing Solutions (Alliance Security), generating home security system sales and installations through both phone and door-to-door sales. 
  • ​Ran ads, hired and trained individuals for a door-to-door promotional team.
  • Put together all training materials, rewrote scripts where necessary and leased office space for daily meet-ups and training.
  • Purchased 15 passenger van for daily transport of promotional team to and from neighborhoods throughout MA and RI.
  • Tracked and managed all sales, funded sales through Versatile Marketing Solutions and paid employees.
  • Purchased lists of homeowners (leads) and conducted phone sales from home. Funded those sales through Versatile Marketing Solutions.
Providence, RI
Alliance Security (formerly Versatile Marketing Solutions)/ Dec 2003 to Oct 2008
Formed Versatile Marketing Solutions in late 2003 with 2 business partners, originally as a telemarketing office generating sales for home security system installations. The company would undergo much growth and become a full home security company, employing alarm technicians, taking on inventory and moving to a larger location three times, eventually becoming Alliance Security. Held many roles during the years here, including Closing Manager, Office Manager, Installation & Dispatch Manager and Outside Sales Manager... often performing many roles at once and generally just doing anything and everything that needed to be done.
  • ​Interviewed, hired and trained personnel for multiple positions.
  • Organized, launched and led a seasonal outdoor sales program 3 years in a row, generating a 20% increase in sales revenue. 
  • Opened and managed a satellite office to expand sales force.
  • Utilized training materials and held sales training for both inside and outside sales programs for up to 15 sales reps at a time.
  • Arranged technicians daily schedules based on customer needs and geographical ​locations. Dispatched installation jobs and coordinated all efforts to cover those jobs, resolve any arising issues and assure a proper and satisfactory customer experience.
Plant Supervisor
New Bedford, MA
GEC Durham Industries Inc/ Jan 1995 to Jan 2000
Promoted to 2nd shift Plant Supervisor when company added a 2nd shift to what then was only a one shift company which manufactured electrical transformers. Worked directly in the 'molding' department where steel molds and a 2-part fiberglass epoxy were used to mold the transformers, while also supervising all other departments and personnel throughout the building.
  • Mastered the intricacies of the process flow within each department.
  • Operated all equipment and machinery throughout manufacturing plant.
  • Gave prospective applicants a tour and explanation of the facility.
  • Interviewed, hired, trained and terminated employees as necessary.
  • Established and adjusted work procedures to meet production schedules.
  • Supervised production schedules, production quality and on time delivery.
  • Developed and maintained strong, clear communication and rapport with plant personnel.
  • Enforced a culture of lean manufacturing and continuous improvement while providing operational leadership.
  • Key holder and alarm code responsibilities for nightly lock-up.
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To obtain a full time position in an Administrative and or an Accounting role.
  • Administrative Professional
  • Accounts payable/Accounts Receivable professional
  • General ledger accounting aptitude
  • Fiscal budgeting knowledge
  • Strong communication skills
  • Expert in customer relations
  • Microsoft Office proficiency
  • Excel vlookup, pivot tables, ten key data entry
  • Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Quickbooks
  • 60 wpm 
January 2018 to June 2018
John Henry Foster Eagan, MN
  • Reconciled accounts payable documents, including invoices to facilitate payments.
  • Maintained a streamlined invoice processing procedure resulting in more timely payments. 
  • Entered purchasing data into company systems, including packing lists and purchase orders.
  • Provided front office support by greeting visitors, answering busy switchboard on an as needed basis.
June 2017 to December 2017
Logistics Planning Services Woodbury, MN
  • Performed systematic accounting functions including tracking, verification of billing and end of month closing. 
  • Uploaded data for accounts payable and accounts receivable on a daily basis by utilizing in house software.
  • Maintained up to date account receivable account files and records by accessing multiple systems and resolved issues as they arose.
  • Created and maintained spreadsheet to track aging of customer accounts and tracked collections.
December 2014 to May 2017
LTK Engineering Minneapolis, MN
  • Greeted clients and supported staff of busy civil engineering firm.
  • Ordered supplies weekly and maintained budget for office equipment.
  • Successfully created and documented critical EMI data for rail testing and compiled data for regulatory use.
  • Proofread and composed letters for project work for new rail designs directed to city and county officials.
  • Responsible for all webinars, meetings, catering and party planning.
  • Coordinated annual training for CPR/AED certification of all employees.
May 2012 to December 2014
Associated Bank Eagan, MN
  • Balanced daily cash deposits and bank vault inventory with a zero error rate.
  • Assembled in-store marketing displays.
  • Trained employees on cash drawer operation.
  • Adhered to Associated Bank security and audit procedures.
  • Received regional branch recognition award for outstanding customer service.
  • Researched and resolved customer issues on personal savings, checking and lines of credit accounts.
  • Maintained confidentiality of bank records and client information.
  • Delivered prompt, accurate and excellent customer service.
September 2000 to May 2009
Saint Ambrose of Woodbury Catholic Church Woodbury, MN
  • Managed over 500 volunteers monthly, including training and scheduling of all ministries. 
  • Funeral planning, weekend liturgy preparation, accompanist for school liturgies.
  • Responsible for tracking and maintaining liturgy budget as well as reporting to the finance committee monthly.
May 1996 to August 1997
Gresser Concrete Masonry Eagan, MN
  • Processed large volume of field employee time cards for payroll weekly.
  • Researched and resolved billing and invoice discrepancies.
  • Conducted month-end balance sheet reviews and reconciled any variances. 
  • Coordinated approval processes of all accounts payable invoices.
  • Coded the general ledger and processed vendor invoice payments.
January 1992 to May 1996
Public Radio International Minneapolis, MN
  • Coordinated approval processes of all accounts payable invoices.
  • Conducted month-end balance sheet reviews and reconciled any variances.
  • Rectified escalated accounts payable issues.
  • Researched and resolved billing and invoice problems.
  • Issued checks weekly.
  • Prepared annually 1099 reports and distributed to vendors.
  • Collected, tracked and disseminated in-kind values of public radio programs to stations.
  • Receptionist as needed. 
Education and Training
Associate of Arts : Music Performance University of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN, USA

Organ performance

Activities and Honors
Accompanist/Organist Saint Ambrose Catholic ChurchPrivate piano instructorNotary Republic Washington County, State of Minnesota