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Skillful Bridge Engineer resume

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Bachelor of Science: Engineering, 2016
Fort Lewis College - 1000 Rim Dr, Colorado 81301

Programming Languages: MATLAB, Simulink, LabVIEW, and Alice.

Programs: AutoCAD, ArcGIS, SMS Builder,

ICAMP Tririga, FieldFLEX, Abacus, NI, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook.

Manufacturing: CNC mill, bridgeport knee mill, grizzly lathes, and general shop machines.

Operating Systems: Windows 10, and Mac OS

Circuit Development: NI myDAQ

Fabrication Skills: Experience with MIG welding, drills, oxy-acetylene torch, sawing, wiring, soldering, multimeters, oscilloscopes, fiberglass, and carbon fiber.

Certifications and License:
  • Engineer-In-Training (EIT) - Colorado, February 2017 - (Credential ID: 17-193-67)
  • American Concrete Institute (ACI) Certifications - Concrete Field, Aggregate Testing, Aggregate Base, Concrete Strength, and Concrete Laboratory Testing Technician - (Credential ID: 01399390)
  • Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Class A - Tanker and Passenger Endorsements
Work History:
Facility Assessor, Associate, 09/2019 to Current
Parsons CorporationAlbuquerque, NM
  • Assisted structural, mechanical, and electrical inventory and condition assessments, managed by IMCOM at Fort Knox using BUILDER application and methodology for their real property assets.
  • Assisted with electrical utility condition assessments and equipment inventory, managed by UCOP at the University of Los Angeles and San Fransico, utilizing ICAMP Tririga application for their real property assets.
  • Documented conditions and special features by taking detailed notes on floor plans and photographs of the interior and exterior of buildings.
  • Produced inventory and condition assessment reports using programs such as SMS BUILDER, ICAMP Tririga, and FieldFLEX.
  • Successfully communicated with all team members to navigate job duties and complete daily tasks.
Civil Engineer, Associate, 12/2018 to 09/2019
Parsons CorporationsAlbuquerque, New Mexico
  • Researched and helped create a preventative maintenance task list for the Kirtland Air Force Base utility shops.
  • Performed evaluating the condition of utility components such as water, gas, sewer, and electrical systems.
  • Documented conditions by taking detailed notes and photographs of the utility systems.
  • Utilized ArcGIS to locate GPS coordinates for utility systems.
  • Assigned the utility components to nearby main pipelines and stored this information using the Microsoft Access program.
  • Assist in writing a final preventative maintenance report.
  • Successfully communicated with all team members to navigate job duties and complete daily tasks.
Entry Level Engineer, 06/2017 to 12/2018
GeoTekLas Vegas, Nevada
  • Geotek practices geotechnical engineering, construction material testing, and special inspections for future residential and commercial land development
  • Assist in writing geotechnical exploration reports and other complex project reports
  • Performed field and laboratory test on soil, concrete, and asphalt for various clients and projects
  • Read and interpret plans and technical drawings
  • Conducted on-site field observations and recorded technical narratives
  • Scheduled field inspections and testing to technicians

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Job-winning Bridge Engineer resume

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Professional Profile
Highly analytical Full-Stack Software Engineer applying broad technical knowledge base to achieve ambitious project objectives at all phases of the software development life cycle.
  • React
  • GraphQL
  • Docker
  • Angular
  • System/Application Architecture and Design
  • Amazon Web Services 
  • CICD with Jenkins
  • NodeJS
  • Unit, Integration, End-to-End Testing
  • Cloud Architecture including Microservices
  • Relational Databases
  • Front-end Build Tools

Designed, developed, and implemented fully tested and optimized Angular application in TypeScript using Webpack to build a front-end from the ground up for servicing new Capital One product $Zelle payment architecture, nicknamed Flogent.


Refactored and Redesigned current/legacy production applications (Angular 1.x) to conform to a dedicated style guide and all around best practices for builds and deployment. In addition, added unit testing and  End 2 End testing on both live and mock data using Sauce Labs.

Created AWS Lamba Functions written in NodeJS to perform as nanoservices, which reduced costs spent on infrastructure per microservice by $148,000 per year.

Developed Spring Boot micro-services and Orchestration Layers  for Zelle using Netflix stack and other technologies, such as Spring Data and Feign.  In addition, I implemented unit, e2e, and integration tests using Mockito with wiremocks. 

Built a NodeJS micro-service, in TypeScript,  which connects to Eureka discovery server and RabbitMQ queues for processing messages.

Built a React app, with state management , from scratch to deal with user registration for our external facing customer document exchange.

07/2019 to 09/2019
Senior Software Engineer - Full Stack The College Board Reston, VA
  • Redesigned the pattern for Score Stat microservices to use graphQL with Apollo Server.
  • Updated the microservices to use the latest ECMA script standards
  • Added testing frameworks for every level of the testing pyramid (Jest for Unit and integration and Newman tests for end to end)
  • Create a way to test lambdas locally, so that developers could have the feedback loop shortened, which improved development efficiency
  • Deployed lambda microservices to AWS API Gateway using serverless framework
  • Added capability to keep Lambdas warm, so that the response time appeared to be much faster
06/2018 to 07/2019
Senior Software Engineer Capital One Financial Corp (Commercial LOB) Richmond, VA
  • As a full-stack technical lead, I provide my team with guidance on designing, building, and implementing new applications as well as refactoring/rewriting legacy applications, so they become up to speed with current standards or better.
  • Using ReactJS and Mobx as a state manager for the front-end and Spring Boot for the backend, I am currently building a User Registration experience that provides the ability for the user to create a username and password with Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA) using mobile phone SMS. In addition to implementing and architecting this application from the ground up I have also provided a clean way to continuously integrate and continuously deploy to all environments as well as provided code quality gates, as to prevent unwanted code from ever being merged.
  • Took our existing RESTFul API and Database driven backend and converted it to use GraphQL API with Prisma ORM, so that we could directly query to Postgres database. In addition, migrated existing RESTFul APIs to GraphQL based endpoints.
  • Converting untested, manually deployed, and ill written legacy AngularJS applications to use ReactJS with code quality checks, (all testing paradigms, static code analysis, virus scanning, etc..) triggered by opening a pull request.
  • Leveraged Docker to containerize applications, so they could be shipped and delivered through our CICD pipelines into future environments which reside in AWS ECS.
  • Created new team processes to better provide code quality standards checks and balances. (i.e. - git flow, pull request procedures, being agile, etc ...)
05/2017 to 06/2018
Senior Software Engineer Capital One Financial Corp (Credit Card LOB) Richmond, VA
  • My time on card, I have brought nothing but sound coding/design principles and have architected and built the first microservices/microexperiences from ground up.  This pattern was eventually used for all microservices for the card LOB, which is around 50 currently.
  • Refactored/Rewrote the old design pattern to be a Spring Boot application,  this makes it easier to maintain and onboard other microservices to use the same pattern because of its inherent ability to abstract out commonalities.
  • Created Spring Boot Starter packages to be included in our microservices, so we can separate concerns, provide a more robust upgrade strategy, be able to only code them once and provide for all microservices, and use the starters in a plug and play manner. Thus, creating a more flexible pattern with small releases to each individually rather than a whole.
  • Contributed to CICD pipeline to allow us to be able to use Hashicorp vault and an in-house pipeline tool at the same time (something which no other team could do till this was merged)
  • Built a Local Environment Docker compose file to allow for easy on-boarding to run the microservice pattern. This keeps the need for external resources at a minimum for local development. This improves development lifecycle feedback and allows teams to work offline. Therefore, faster iterations on developing code.
09/2015 to 03/2017
Senior Software Engineer Capital One Financial Corp (Bank LOB) Mclean, VA
  • Primary front-end engineer for a  Person-to-Person(P2P) payment project, also know as $Zelle.  This project allowed me to work in a full-stack role where I implemented front-end UI requirements in Angular 1.x/2.x as well as backend service requirements in Spring Boot (Java)  using our own variation of the Netflix stack(Eureka, Spring Cloud, RabbitMQ, Zuul, etc..).  In addition to core application logic, I implemented Lambda functions that shut down/restore our QA AWS Aurora database clusters given time of day, thus saving company the expense of having them up on developer's off hours.
  • In addition to current P2P application, I was given the task to design and implement a new P2P agent servicing tool where I chose to use Angular, Webpack, SCSS, as well as other cutting edge frameworks and/or libraries.  Not only was this built with care and thought, I implemented a CICD pipeline in Jenkins which builds and runs quality gates  with every pull request and deployment of said code with pull request merged.
  • Having over 10 years of software engineering experience assists me in performing code peer reviews and mentoring fellow developers on common pitfalls, best practices, and code smells.  


11/2011 to 09/2015
Senior Software Developer Vizuri Herndon, VA
  • Architected, designed, and implemented front and backend for a financial planning application, named Plynty, which involved advice for financial investments and retirements. This application used a full-stack JavaScript approach which focused on the MEAN (MongoDB ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS) stack pattern.
  •  I mentored and taught other developers get up to speed and follow best practices and avoid pitfalls/gotchas.
  • Designed and Implemented a Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) solution for a client whom uploads thousands of books a week. Within this project I got to work with people all around the united states to gather information before and during the designing/implementation phase.
  • Analyzed current applications to try to improve performance/code maintenance, resolve and repair any broken applications, and design and implement Service Oriented Applications(SOA) using enterprise integration patterns.
09/2009 to 11/2011
Software Developer United States Marshall Service/Altron Crystal City, VA
  • Assisted in design and development for the Marshall's Office premier multi-tier enterprise application 
  • Refactoring legacy J2EE code to MVC architecture. 
  • Lead J2EE developer on Informix to Oracle database conversion. 
  • PL/SQL stored procedures and/or functions. 
Master of Science: Information Technology Virginia Tech Falls Church, VA, USA
Bachelor of Science: Computer Information Science University of North Florida Jacksonville, FL, USA

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Experienced Bridge Engineer resume

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Over 9 years of Professional experience in software design, development and implementation of various desktop and client/server applications. 7 years of experience in developing ESRI GIS desktop and 3 years in web applications using Arcobjects,.NET ,geoprocessing tools and server object extensions. Strong understanding of Object Oriented Languages, Object Oriented Application Development (OOAD), and Database design (RDBMS) and GUI design. Good understanding of End user req. analysis and full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Self-starter
  • Proficient in .NET Technologies
  • Team player
  • Proficient in developing GIS applications
  • Good Analytical Skills
  • Improved tool workflow and processes. 
  • Improved tools performance by more than 1000% 
  • Developed modularized UI framework to create maintainable and extensible applications.
  • Developed algorithms to solve complex problems.
  • Resolved incompatibilities between Visual Studio and ArcGIS SDK so as to use the latest .NET features.
  • Developed GIS automation workflow using messaging systems.
GIS Developer 05/2018 to Current CSI IT Fort Worth, TX
Software: C#, Arc Objects, ArcGIS 10.3.1, Arc GIS Server, Server object extensions (SOE), Angular JS, Bootstrap, MahApps Metro, HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL Server, WPF
  • Developed web applications using Angular JS, HTML, CSS, Javascript and Server object Extensions.
  • Developed multiple ESRI Arcmap addins custom tools using .NET.
  • Developed multiple standalone GIS WPF applications using MahApps Metro.
  • Developed Arcmap edit capture tools and automated report generation.
  • Developed and deployed multiple Server object extensions - REST.
  • Created and hosted multiple Mapservices on Arcserver.
  • Developed a WPF panoramic viewer to view panoramic LIDAR images.
GIS Developer 06/2016 to 04/2018 Technical Resource Group Fort worth, TX
  • Software: C#, Arc Objects, ArcGIS 10.3,ArcSDE, SQL Server 2008, WPF, RabbitMQ , JSON, Arcserver, Python, Geoprocessing, NodeJS,msnodesqlv8, DOJO
  • Developed validation tools that ran 10 times faster than the previous validation tools.
  • Developed a easily scalable rules framework for validation.
  • Created rest services consumed by multiple departments at BNSF. 
  • Developed GIS server object extensions.
  • Developed database version comparision tool.
  • Developed workflow automation tool for the production editing team.
  • Developed automation using RabbitMQ messaging service.
  • Converted python scripts to c# code.
  • Improved performance of multiple tools.
  • Developed web Subdiv viewer using DOJO, and Node JS.
GIS Developer 08/2013 to 06/2016 Infosytech Solutions Fort Worth, TX
  • Software: C#, Arc Objects, ArcGIS 10.1, SQL Server 2008, Python, Earthworm ORM Framework, LINQ, PRISM, WPF, Unity Framework
  • Description: The scope of the project was to develop a common framework for all applications to support PTC system.
  • Responsibilities: Implemented applications using parallel programming and in memory processing to speed up application performance.
  • Developed a modular UI framework using PRISM,Unity and WPF.
  • Developed custom extensions for Arcmap 10.1.
  • Developed application to compare XML data with GIS data.
  • Developed addin applications for arcmap 10.1 Developed tools to generate linear events.
  • Developed applications using geoprocessing tools and python scripts.
  • Developed application framework data cccess layer using Earthworm ORM for GIS.
  • Developed data export applications from SDE to AccessDB to extend the limited SQL query functionality of arcobjects.
GIS Developer 03/2011 to 07/2013 Lancesys Inc Fort Worth, TX
  • Software: C#, ASP.NET, Arc Objects, ArcGIS 10, SQL Server 2008
  • Description: The scope of the project was to develop applications to support positive train control system for BNSF.
  • Responsibilities: Developed standalone desktop GIS applications using arcobjects.
  • Developed applications that could be run as both stand alone and arcmap addins.
  • Developed validation tool for quality checks of GIS data.
  • Developed Arcmap command, toolbars and add-ins.
  • Developed modules to perform dynamic segmentation on the linear referenced system.
  • Developed complex algorithms to resolve trackline feature vertices in the shapefiles and SDE.
  • Developed snapping module to snap features to the closest trackline.
  • Developed Z-Updator to update Z values of point features with the intersected vertex of the track.
  • Developed track elevation graph using Zedgraph Control.
  • Developed validation modules to validate table and spatial attributes of features.
  • Developed access database comparer application for comparing records in two access databases.
  • Developed an application to generate linear events.
  • Developed a web interface using ASP.NET for recording train timetable and speeds.
Software Engineer 06/2010 to 03/2011 N2 Services Inc Duluth, GA


  • Software: Java, Flex, Actionscript 3.0, Webservices, Oracle
  • Description: The scope of the project was to develop a LDAP utility search application for the University of Alaska.
  • Responsibilities: Developed user interfaces using Flex Developed remote Java objects in apache server for communicating with the LDAP server.
  • Developed the search utility function for browsing the LDAP student and staff directory.
  • Used webservices to retrieve data from Oracle to Flex.​


  • Software: Oracle, Plsql, Java
  • Description: The scope of the project was to develop university student management system for the WGU.
  • Responsibilities: Onsite requirements gathering and offshore coordination.
  • Created custom tables.
  • Created packages, stored procedures and functions using PLSQL developer.


  • Software: Oracle, Plsql, CastIron
  • Description: The scope of the project was to develop an integration system using castiron for the North Eastern University.
  • Responsibilities: Developed orchestrations using castiron for integrating the client legacy system to the banner system.
  • Created packages, stored procedures and functions using PLSQL developer.
Software Engineer 08/2009 to 12/2009 Ecompex Inc Mclean, VA
  • Software: Java, JSP, SQL, Lucene, Omnipage OCR, XML
  • Description: The scope of the project was to develop an automatic document classification and metadata extraction application.
  • Responsibilities: Developed rule templates to extract metadata from electronic documents.
  • Developed crawling module to detect JBoss servers running in LAN.
  • Developed web application using JSP for the knowledge engineering group.Used lucene Solr API to perform indexing and returned the documents depending on the search keyword.
  • Developed configuration manager for JDOCXpt Designed and implemented algorithms for extracting metadata from structured form documents.
  • Developed a module that would convert the OCR output character map in to word maps that was later fed to ANNIE for data extraction.
  • Developed a data migration tool for migrating data from DB2 to MySQL and SQLServer 2005 Developed the project setup installation script using Lindersoft scripting language.
Software Engineer 06/2009 to 07/2009 CNRI Charlottesville, VA
  • Software: Java
  • Description: The scope of the project was to develop a handle system for their Digital Object Repository using functionsas a specialized index over a collection of digital material held in one or more repositories
  • Responsibilities: Developed a module using socket programming for creating handles for online resources
Research Assistant 01/2006 to 05/2009 ODU Research Foundation Norfolk, VA

 Project #1

  • Software: Java, XML, CVS, Eclipse 
  • Description: The scope of the project was to develop an automated process for metadata extraction for large, diverse and evolving document collections.
  • Responsibilities: Developed Post processing modules in Java.
  • Developed XML templates for the extraction of metadata.
  • Designed and implemented a self-trained validator.

Project #2

  • Software: Java, JSP XML, HTML, XSL .
  • Description: The scope of the project was to develop an automated process for the conversion of metadata from marc format to marcxml format
  • Responsibilities: Developed a web interface using JSP and CSS for converting metadata from the marc record format to marcxml

Project #3

  • Software: ASP.Net, C#.Net.
  • Description: The scope of the project was to develop a Retail Supply chain system.
  • Responsibilities: Developed the complete website using c# and ASP.NET.
  • Developed web services.
  • Developed crystal reports.

Project #4

  • Software: Yahoopipes, Dreamweaver.
  • Description: The scope of the project was to develop a mashup website using the RSS feeds of craigslist.
  • Responsibilities: Developed a mashup website for finding out housing within 5 miles of any location.
Software Engineer 06/2005 to 12/2006 Infotech Enterprises Ltd Hyderabad, AndhraPradesh

Project #1

  • Software: C#.NET, ArcSDE, ArcGIS 9.1, Arc Objects
  • Description: The objective of the project was to develop a consolidated GIS system to store and display the spatial representation of the Thames water network assets and property data.
  • Responsibilities: Developed Lateral point creation tool.
  • Developed Oracle vs.PGDB comparision tool.
  • Developed crystal reports.
  • Created a visual editor similar to ArcEditor capable of connecting and displaying spatial data from two different data sources with full set of editing functionalities and tools for feature by feature comparison.

Project #2

  • Software: VB 6.0, VB.Net, ArcSDE, ArcGIS 9.1, Arc Objects, ARC FM
  • Description: This project dealt with the migration of Saudi Aramco UFIDS-FRAMME data andapplications into ArcFM using ESRI's powerful ArcSDE.
  • Responsibilities: Developed zoom to scale tool.
  • Developed custom identify tool.
  • Developed leak trace tool.
  • Developed data conversion tools using VB.NET to migrate data from MSAccess toOracle.

Project #3

  • Software: C#.NET, Arc Objects, ArcGIS 9.1, ArcSDE, SQL Server 2008.
  • Description:The scope of the project was to develop an application to synchronize the clients existing database with the new geodatabase.
  • Responsibilities: Developed web application for presenting map services on the webpage using Javascript.
  • Developed a calibration module.
  • Developed Equipment Search Tool for locating network elements on map.
  • Used Arcobjects and C# to develop application tools that were later integrated in ArcMap.
  • Wrote the technical help guide for the project.
GIS Developer 09/2019 to Current City of Fort Worth Zipper Building Fort Worth, TX
Python, C#, Survey123, Arcgis Online, ArcPro, Arcmap 10.6.1, ArcGIS Server, Arcgis Portal, Arcgis Collector, Active Directory
Migrated and optimized 10.3 python scripts to 10.6.1Streamlined scripts workflow.Improved scripts performanceDeveloped Survey123 forms for collecting Trinity river streams data.Developed geoprocessing services to generate uniqueID's for Survey123 formsUpgraded database and arcgis server to 10.6.1 and developed scripts to automate the migration process.Developed automated scripts to load adjoining counties parcels data.Developed automated script to load Tarrant County streets data.Developed AGOL webmaps, apps and Portal webmaps.Provide support services for all the GIS departments for the city in creating and deploying feature & map services, creating tables, feature classes, domains and other database objects, assigning active directory and database permissions.Developed compression, network builder scripts.Developed scripts to generate citizens utilities data.Developed arcmap addins to update streeet centerlines data.
Education and Training
Master of Science: Computer Science 2010 Old Dominion University Norfolk, VA, USA Computer Science 3.6
Bachelor of Science: Electronics and Communication 2005 Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad USA Hyderabad, Andhrapradesh, India Electronics and Communication 3.75
Technical Skills
Programming: .NET, ASP.Net, VB.NET, Python,C#.NET,VB 6.0, Java, Angular, HTML 5, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, XML, JSP , XSL, WPF, PRISM, Unity, MvvmLight,crystal reports,Actionscript 3.0,MVC
GIS: Arcobjects, Arcgis Server, Geoprocessing,Server object extensions, Arccatalog, Arcmap, ArcSde, Python
Databases:DB2, MSAccess,  SQLServer, MySQL, Oracle, developer, PLSQL, SQL Server
Editors:Eclipse, Visual studio, Visual Studio Code
Others:RabbitMQ, OCR, Dreamweaver, apache server, IIS,CVS,TFS, data conversion, data migration,meta data extraction,JBoss, LDAP, Node JS