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Skillful Software Engineer Intern resume

Tommy Tianyu Zhu
Professional Summary

Versatile software engineer experienced in Android and iOS mobile application development. Great team player who also works well independently. Quick learner of new technologies.

  • Highly experienced in C++, C, Java, Python, Objective-C, Kotlin
  • Experienced with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, Bash Script, Node.js, Hadoop, Apache Hive, MongoDB
  • Skilled in mobile and web app development, RESTful API, OOP, and database
  • Adept with Git and Perforce version control
07/2018 to Current
Software Enginner II Sonos Inc. Boston, MA

- Developing and maintaining the Sonos app controller on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows

- Design, documentation, and implementation of new app features and algorithms.
- Writing clean, maintainable code in C++, Java, Objective-C, Swift, Kotlin, Python, and C#.
- Collaborating with User Experience designers to implement new user interfaces.
- Collaborating with Product Managers to define and clarify business requirements.
- Fixing bugs and other faults in our software products.
- Writing new unit tests to automate software testing.
- Implementing the support for new languages in our mobile applications.
- Deploying mobile applications using XCode and Android Studio.
- Using Perforce and Git version control systems to manage source code.
- Helping onboard and mentor new junior developers and interns.

06/2017 to 11/2017
Software Engineer Intern Voatz Boston, MA
  • Building the Voatz Android App using Kotlin and Java.
  • Implemented HTTP networking methods with Retrofit and RxJava.
  • Built secure functionaliries with the Conceal Encryption Library
  • Implemented unit tests with JUnit and Mockito. 
05/2015 to 07/2016
Software Engineer Intern (Summer 2015 and 2016) Baidu, Inc. Beijing, China
  • Enhanced the performance of Weekly Report System by 50% with Bash script.
  • Optimized Apache Hive databases for featured search result pages. 
  • Created an algorithm with PHP to collect user behaviors statistics that helped product managers determine web page layout and advertisement placement.
Bachelor of Science: Computer Science Tufts University Somerville, MA
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Job-winning Software Engineer Intern resume

James Daniel
Skill Highlights
  • Experience with Java
  • Experience with C++
  • Experience with Python
  • Experience with SharePoint
  • Experience with Android Development
  • Experience with MVC 4
  • Slight experience with Linux
  • Slight experience with Eclipse
  • Slight Experience with VBA
Job Experience
Software Engineer Intern
January 2014 to August 2015
SAIC Huntsville, AL

Working at SAIC, I worked in three different areas. In the first area, using SharePoint, I built web pages and maintained the preexisting site. Also, with VBA and python, I developed a tool that ran analytical reports for the website, as well as tool that searched documents and created new documents with the findings. In the second area, I developed, tested, and helped design tools using MVC 4. In the third area, I worked as systems engineer and made work flows and SysML diagrams.

SWEN Auburn Auburn, AL, United States

Graduation Date: December, 2016

3.09 GPA

  • Fishing
  • Puzzles
  • Reading
  • Hunting
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Top Software Engineer Intern skills

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Experienced Software Engineer Intern resume

Vishesh Jain
Software Engineer Aug 2015 to Current
Intel Corp. Santa Clara, CA

Benchmark Processing Pipeline for Mobile Devices

  • Design and development of the automation pipeline 
  • Added Multi-threaded support with thread pools to support parallel processing
  • Packaged the framework in a jar for other teams to create custom test cases
  • Reduced the overall runtime by 79.8% 
  • Exposed REST API which facilitated the development of User Interface

Score Graph Visualizer

  • Designed a tool to compare each benchmark score for each processor CPU
  • Used Elastic search, Logstash, and Kibana for data ingestion and data visualization
  • Exposed REST API to be used by other teams for creating custom tools
Software Engineer Intern Oct 2014 to May 2015
Intel Corp. Santa Clara, CA

Content Delivery Validator 

  • Development of new validation tool to check result files 
  • Added multithreaded support to process large chunk of result files
  • Occurrence of incorrect files reduced by 96.2%

Hardware Pipeline Monitor

  • Monitor the status of result generating hardware pipelines every day
  • Added the database support with PostgresSQL to compare historical data
  • Exposed REST API which facilitated User Interface
Software Engineer Intern Jun 2014 to Sep 2014
OnTheGo Platforms Portland, OR

 Hands free Browser

  • Developed android web browser to reflect the best possible use cases of the company's augmented reality hand gesture API. 
  • Added support for scrolling up and down with open and closed hand gestures 
  • Applications featured on company's website
Academic Projects
Relational Database Implementation 
  • Implemented buffer manager and heap manager layer for a database called mini-base.
  • Added features to add, delete, update and look-up a record. 
All Purpose Pocket app
  • Android app implementation to show latest news, calendar events, alarms and traffic information.
  • Implementation of calendar widget in the app and features to add, edit and delete the events
Master of Science, Computer Science 2015 Portland State University Portland, OR, USA GPA 3.43/4
Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering 2013 Bharathi Vidyapeeth University Pune, Maharashtra, India Finished "First class with Distinction"
  • 4 years of JAVA, JUnit
  • 3 years of Python, unittest 
  • 6 months of Javascript & JQuery 
  •  Experienced in  REST Architecture, Elastic Search, Spring Boot, Mobile Automation, UIAutomator, Flask, Plotly Graph Library, Unit Testing, ADB
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