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Skillful Outside Machinist resume

Carey Miller
Professional Summary
I am highly skilled resourceful professional who is proficient with problem solving, resource management and devising safety regulations. I bring a very enthusiastic and open perspective  to any position appointed to. I take direction well, self starter that can work well independently in addition to being a great team player.
  • Team leadership
  • Strong verbal communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Process implementation
  • Community Service 
  • Ability to assess and evaluate individual player's and team's performance
  • Excellent basketball playing and coaching experience
Work History
Outside Machinist, 05/2018 to Current
Propulsion Control Engineering San Diego, CA
  • Maintained inventory of temporary and permanent hardware and various shop materials. 
  • Removed, repaired, overhauled, installed and aligned main [Type] machinery and associated equipment and components. 
  • Used various portable and fixed machine tools such as boring bars, milling machines, facing machines and drill presses. 
  • Installed, adjusted, set, and repaired or replaced various regulating or safety devices such as meters, gauges, valves, governors and automatic alarms. 
  • Tested and inspected installed machinery and equipment during trials.
  • Adjusted alignment  of drills, cutters, dies, guides, and holding devices.
  • Tested products or subassemblies for functionality or quality.
  • Collated components for assembly.
  • Responsible for achieving production requirements.
  • Organized work to meet demanding production goals.
Head Basketball Coach, 10/2018 to Current
Herbert Hoover High School San Diego, CA
  • Promoted lifelong skills such as discipline and good sportsmanship.
  • Administered budget and documented expenses.
  • Increased player strength, agility and game skills through successful practices.
  • Developed strong framework and policies for an effective [Level] basketball program.
  • Upheld safety standards at all practices, games and events.
  • Exhibited excellent teamwork and a strong work ethic by promoting camaraderie.
  • Introduced games and drills, which helped students to better develop their skill levels.
  • Contributed articles to a monthly newsletter for student-athletes.
  • Promoted proper stretching, warmups and conditioning exercises to prevent sports injuries.
  • Established clear benchmarks for performance and monitored individual and team progress.
  • Managed time effectively while traveling for games, attending practice and going to classes.
  • Encouraged everyone to cultivate a strong work ethic by demonstrating diligence, patience and respect for others.
  • Instilled discipline and the principles of good sportsmanship in all players.
Campus Ambassador, 11/2016 to 03/2018
Academy of Our Lady of Peace San Diego, CA
  • Greeted arriving campus visitors.
  • Answered inquiries and addressed, resolved or escalated issues to management personnel to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Corresponded with clients through email, telephone or postal mail.
  • Coordinated travel accommodations for students and out-of-town visitors, including vouchers, agendas, and transportation.
  • Monitored and screened visitors to verify accessibility to inter-office personnel.
  • Interacted with vendors, contractors, and professional services personnel to receive orders, direct activities and communicate management instruction.
  • Oversee inventory activities, including materials monitoring, ordering or requisition, and supply stocking or re-stocking.
  • Attended special events, acting as a representative of Academy of Our Lady of Peace and making new contacts with possible donors.
  • Maintained the organization's social media accounts and websites, adding new, exciting content on a consistent basis.
Security Professional, 04/2014 to 10/2017
San Diego Housing Commission/Allied Universal San Diego , California
  • Oversaw a team of up to 8 security officers and managed administrative duties, including scheduling and performance evaluations.
  • Supervised grounds, employee entrances and exits and security officers on duty.
  • Recorded incident reports with detailed accounts of occurrences.
  • Monitored property and investigated any areas of suspicion.
  • Developed improved training methods with a focus on public safety and officer awareness.
  • Demonstrated a commitment to public safety by patrolling events and well-populated establishments.
Basketball Coach / Development, 08/2010 to Current
Elite Basketball Organization (Lady EBO) San Diego , California
Analyze players and specific physical training plans such as for execution. ie Hard skills are acquired through intentional focus on  fundamentals and repetition such as shooting , learning the nuances to react ball handling and offensive skills.  Triple threat position, form shooting, defensive stance, pivoting, passing, ball handing, rebounding and defense.
Personal Training of a mental plan working on confidence, personal faith, and mental toughness.
Implement qualities on and off the court resulting in mentorship and  provide accountability to goals
Head Varsity Basketball Coach , 04/2009 to 03/2018
Academy of Our Lady of Peace San Diego, CA

Plan, organize, advertise, and conduct tryouts for the basketball program; inform Athletic Department and participants of final selections. Maintain the integrity of the selection process

Provide information regarding rules for the season ( sports schedule, camp schedule, clinic schedule, try-out criteria, etc.).
Instructs and demonstrates skill sets and techniques necessary for individual and team development.

Assistant Coach Girls' Varsity Basketball (Special Head Coach) 
Responsible for practice Equipment set up and clean up Assist with any Junior  Varsity game as deemed necessary

Arrange and schedule transportation with the Assistant Athletic Director. Ability to drive school van/vehicle to travel to away games and other basketball events. Will travel with student athletes on the team bus both to and from competitions.

Ensures that proper forms (insurance, attendance, medical) are obtained and current and that all student athletes are academically eligible.

Creates a safe environment conducive to learning and appropriate for the physical, social, and emotional development of students.

Checks and secures all office, storage room, outside doors, locker rooms and all lights after last player leaves after games and practices. 

Maintains Strong Interpersonal Skills: Works well with other from diverse backgrounds. Focuses on solving conflict, maintaining confidentiality, listening to others, keeping emotions under control, remaining open to others' ideas and contributing to building a positive team spirit.

Works directly with school athletic trainer in reporting injuries, teaching precautions and procedures to ensure staff/student safety and help students prevent injuries. Completes Accident and or Incident report for any student injured within 24 hours even if student athlete does not see physician.

Model good sportsmanship behavior and appropriate conduct towards opposing team, fans, parents, officials, spectators and community.

Ensures that team rules and regulations regarding conduct and eligibility of the athletes are clearly communicated and followed
Follows and upholds the policies and mission statement of Academy of Our Lady of Peace

Security Officer, 05/2008 to 03/2014
Summit Security San Diego, CA
  • Monitored and authorized entrance and departure of employees and visitors.
  • Wrote reports on property damage, theft, presence of unauthorized persons and unusual occurrences.
  • Operated detecting devices to screen individuals and prevent passage of prohibited articles into restricted areas.
  • Screened all passengers, crew members and employees for weapons and contraband.
  • Monitored central alarm system for fire, intrusion, and duress alarms and responded when needed.
  • Monitored and reported suspicious activities to local authorities.
  • Warned offenders about rule infractions and violations and verbally evicted violators from premises.
  • Secured all doors in the office and main building after hours.
  • Processed and logged accurate and detailed incident reports.
  • Monitored alarm systems to detect any unauthorized entries into protected areas.
Assistant Basketball Coach, 08/2006 to 04/2008
West Virginia University Institute Of Technology Montgomery, WV
  • Developed strong framework and policies for an effective basketball program.
  • Upheld safety standards at all practices, games and events.
  • Managed and scheduled local and national  competitions.
  • Attended all practices, meetings and workouts on time.
  • Effectively communicated with a diverse group of athletes, coaches and game officials.
  • Instilled discipline and the principles of good sportsmanship in all players.
  • Introduced games and drills, which helped students to better develop their skill levels.
  • Exhibited excellent teamwork and a strong work ethic by promoting camaraderie.
  • Promoted lifelong skills such as discipline and good sportsmanship.
Bachelor of Arts: Physical Education, 2008
West Virginia University Institute of Technology - Montgomery, West Virginia
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Job-winning Outside Machinist resume

Casey Pollard
Professional Summary

Hard-working Marine Mechanic with 10+ years' experience in A4W Nuclear Refueling and naval ship repair fields. Highly-versed precision measuring instruments and procedural navigation applications. Exploring opportunities to leverage expertise in the installation and overhauling of marine machinery. Dedicated to supporting quality of all work under the Naval umbrella, including strict cleanliness, radio-logical and technical requirements established by the United States Navy.

Core Qualifications
  • Precision measuring tools
  • Mechanical proficiency
  • Graphic design programs
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Maintain,Secret Security Clearance
  • Crane rigging
  • Skilled Draftsman
  • Technical specifications knowledgeable
  • Process improvements
  • Crane Operator
Outside Machinist 10/2006 to 09/2008 Newport News Shipbuilding Newport News, Virginia
  • Overhauled and reinstalled snorkel mast, periscopes, diesel exhaust valves and various U.S.S Toledo Sail and U.S.S. Toledo Control components while ensuring compliance with Sub-Safe standard.
  • Contributed to shipyard and navy team's projects, including hydrostatically and hydraulically testing all overhauling sail and control room components.
  • Verified proper functionality of all mechanical components to ensure effectiveness and reliability of submarine to its crew and fleet.
Nuclear Refueler Newport News Shipbuilding Newport News, Virginia

A pioneer in the R&D and execution of innovative row 5 Motor Tube inspection process which yielded the previously non-existent option to reuse row 5 Motor Tubes in upcoming refueling ops.

  • Played leading role in the installation of new under gallery deck cranes on board the U.S.S Abraham Lincoln, resulting in development of new fuel installation method which increases the safety and efficiency of delicate shipyard operations.
  • Set new time standards for the removal of servicing hatch socket head cap screws, reducing process timeline from days to one shift, slashing costs and facilitating major refueling process completion ahead of schedule.
  • Operated the under gallery deck crane to install SNM on both the U.S.S Theodore Roosevelt and the U.S.S George Washington.
  • Installed and maintained all refueling service cranes and associated equipment to complete essential A4W refueling processes.
Specialized Training
Certifications Bldg 907 and Shipyard Training Newport News, Virginia, United States
  • 106.1 Contamination and Radiological Controls Operation
  • NQC Qualified and knowledgeable in cleanliness procedures related to QPL and APL.
  • M-1019 Steam Plant Cleanliness
  • Y-1078 Lockout Tagout
  • 604.1 Tags Plus
  • JLG Operator
  • Precision Measurements
High School Diploma Middlesex High School Middlesex, Virginia, United States
  • Graduated with honors

  • John Millington- (Associate, and business partner.)Work#(804)824-9790(Can be reached at this number after 3:00 pm mon-fri)
  • Mark Bertolino( Supervisor)Work#(757)327-5230 Home#(757)438-4930
  • Mark Cowling(Co-worker)Cell#(757)899-0516
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Experienced Outside Machinist resume

Tomario Taylor

Diesel Mechanic with more than 14 years of experience specializing in diesel, gasoline and other internal combustion engines, heavy duty drive line systems and hydraulic utility systems. Known for analyzing a situation and quickly implementing innovative resolutions. Looking to join the team at a growing company.

Areas of Expertise
  • Ability to service and overhaul all diesel and gasoline engines
  • Inspect engines and detect malfunctions
  • Solid understanding of using all repair tools, equipments and testing machinery
  • Maintain inventory of spare parts and placing necessary orders
  • Computer skills and diagnostic tool
  • Knowledge of OSHA safety and EPA regulations
  • Knowledge of injection valves, cyclinder heads, cylinder sleeves, pistons, rings connecting rods, gears, bearings, gaskets and crank and cam shafts
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skill
  • Good analytical and problem solving skills to find the source of problems/ malfunctions and rectify the problem
  • Ability to drive various government vehicles
Professional Experience
Outside Machinist
January 2014 to Current
ASI Norfolk, VA

Remove, repair and install hydraulic modules, rudder actuators, voids and hatches. Installed ship machinery, such as propelling machinery, auxiliary motors, pumps, ventilating equipment and steering gear working from blueprints and using hand tools, calipers, mulitmeters and micrometers. Installed below-deck auxiliaries, such as evaporators, stills, heaters, pumps, condensers and boilers and connected them to steampipe systems.

Diesel Mechanic/HVAC Technician
October 2001 to October 2014
U. S. Navy VA
  • Ability to repair all diesel, gasoline and internal combustion engines
  • Corrected vehicle deficiencies by removing, repairing, adjusting, overhauling, assembling, disassembling and replacing major assemblies, components, parts or systems such as power and drive trains, electrical, air conditioning, fuel, emission, brake, steering, hydraulics, and compressed air.
  • Complete machine shop operations, making adjustments and alignments including bearing loads, gear tooth contact, valve mechanisms, governors, oil systems, control linkages, clutches, and traction units.
  • Rebuilt engines after lifetime is over
  • Maintained vehicle records by annotating services and repairs
  • Contained costs by using warranty; evaluating service and parts options
  • Complied with federal and state vehicle requirements by testing engine, safety and combustion control standards
  • Knowledge of repairing heavy duty machinery such as catepillars, inline 6, gas fueling trucks, tractor trucks, cranes.
  • Knowledge of the lastest developments in diesel engine technology
  • Kept shop equipment operational by following operating instructions, troubleshooting breakdowns, maintaining supplies. performing preventive maintenance
Certifications : Automotive/High Performance engines/Diesel with CDL, 2015 ATI Norfolk, VA

AC 608, 609 certification

Automotive certification

High Performance and tuning gasoline engine Certification

Diesel Mechanic Certification

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning systems Training

Valve Maintenance Training

OSHA safety training

Gas and electrical forklift certification

Manlift Certification

Mobile Crane Certification

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